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Apple will be including Ruby on Rails in the next version of OS X (Leopard), both server and client. I’m a big fan of RoR and since the version of Ruby that shipped with my Mac was a little botched, I’m excited to hear that they’re […] Read more »

WWDC 2006 ended today at noon, and I’m heading home tomorrow. I learned a lot about where Apple’s going with 10.5, most sadly covered by an NDA so I can’t share, but I’m really excited about what I’ve seen with the new iCal server and Time […] Read more »

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According to this AP story, “A film industry group is set to remove some of the procedural hurdles that prevented the legal recording of movies onto blank DVDs in a further sign that Hollywood studios are preparing to expand what consumers can do with downloadable movies.” […] Read more »

I don’t watch a lot of television, so for me, the iTunes music store’s growing list of shows available for commercial-free download is great. If this keeps up, I might be able to do away with the cable company all together. Oh, what a wonderful day […] Read more »

From about a year and a half of using Tiger as well as changing some focus on the sort of things I work on (doing more development than I was back then), I’ve got all sorts of files spread all over the place and really want […] Read more »

When Mac OS X Tiger was announced, it was on these pages that I lamented the ethnocentrism of the VoiceOver functionality in that OS. Whilst it was, I allowed, impressive, and presumably responded to the perception, whether real or otherwise, that Mac OS X was not […] Read more »

My old iBook’s power adapter has been the unfortunate victim of my feline friend’s wire-chewing habits, which I cannot figure out how to stop. Of course, this was after the original Apple-designed adapter was replaced with a much less expensive one. The Apple adapter suffered the […] Read more »

While I am not sure how many there are, one thing is for certain – there are far more FTP clients than one person needs. This is a classic problem when looking for a piece of software. There are dozens of offerings, but which one is […] Read more »

skEdit is the web developers text editor. While not nearly as feature packed as some other text editors in the Mac software market, I’ve been using it for two weeks and in that time it has easily saved me three months worth of work. Read more »

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When the Leopard Sneak Peek pages went live on Monday, the 64-bit section touted Leopard’s universal nature (no separate Intel- and PowerPC- based versions) with the following sentence: “From G3 to Xeon, from MacBook to Xserve, there is just one Leopard.” Obviously the inclusion of […] Read more »

Microsoft’s MacBU has released the Office 2004 for Mac 11.2.6 Update. The 6MB update “fixes vulnerabilities in Office 2004 that an attacker can use to overwrite the contents of your computer’s memory with malicious code.” Office 2004 users can apply the update by selecting ‘Check for […] Read more »

There has been a lot of complaining about the lack of new features in The WWDC keynote yesterday. I guess Apple geeks get very excited at the prospect of a new OS. I know I was queueing with everybody else for the Tiger launch. But there […] Read more »

After the introduction yesterday of the Mac Pro, they’ve been on display at WWDC and I was able to get some pictures of the inside and out of the new Mac. Mac Pro with side off. See below the jump for more pictures. Read more »

Apple and Microsoft have always had quite a rivalry. And up until now it seemed to be in good taste. Steve would make small comments here and there during various keynotes poking fun at Microsoft and Bill…well Bill never really had anything to poke fun at. […] Read more »

According to a report, Microsoft stated that pressure from competitors has forced them to forgo an Intel version of the application. “It would be like releasing version 1.0″ Maybe that would be a good thing Microsoft? I realize you’re having problems with Vista, but the […] Read more »

Boot Camp is one of the main elements that is expected to be released properly at WWDC later today and even though I’ve currently given up on Boot Camp in preference for Parallels, there are those who will prefer the Boot Camp approach for the performance improvements it provides – particularly if you want to play any games on your Intel Mac under Windows. Read more »

I don’t consider myself a design guru, but I do like to dabble in CSS, PHP, and Javascript — at least enough to make my blog look nice. I’m a relative purist when it comes to web design, so I rarely step outside of the text […] Read more »

At WWDC a briefly mentioned major addition to Leopard is the new Xcode 3.0. Now, many users will find no use in this important feature except for the improvement of the applications they use. For developers it is a must have, and it is quite disappointing […] Read more »

We’ll we’ve made quite a few posts about our live chat area and as most of you probably know, it just plain died about 20 minutes before the keynote. We really really hate that happened, but I guess that’s technology for you, huh? At any rate, […] Read more »

As part of registration for WWDC, Apple usually hands out a few items for the participants in addition to a map of the Moscone Center and the WWDC Sessions schedule. Normally, there’s some sort of laptop bag (backpacks in 2004 and 2005), a T-shirt and a […] Read more »

The main activity today at the Moscone Center was registering the large number of people who are attending this year’s WWDC, as well as provide the registrants with the ability to meet and talk with each other before the full schedule of sessions and keynotes start […] Read more »

After I got off the plane yesterday, it was a little early to check into my hotel and get my room. So I left my bag at the hotel and wandered down to the Moscone Center to see what I could see, and took these pictures […] Read more »

At last I can engage in my favorite flavor of distraction on my new iMac: endlessly flirting with gui and icon themes until it is, in my mind’s eye, the perfect kind of pretty. Unsanity software has finally released a public-beta version of ShapeShifter compatible with […] Read more »

update 08/07/2006 midnight: Tests went well so-far. Note to prospective relayers: i’ve worked with a couple of users to get them set-up as possible party-line relays, should the call load get too heavy for me, i can forward SIP calls to their addresses. If you’re interested […] Read more »

Hey TAB readers, I need your help. I need a PDA Cell Phone for my job, but I want to get one that will still work well with my [at-home] MacBook. I’m tied-in to Cingular, and have narrowed the field down to either the Treo 650, […] Read more »

Just to let everyone know, we will have live coverage of WWDC 2006. We’ll have a killer web chat area for everybody to hang out and talk about stuff as it’s released. Monday morning we’ll post a link to the chat area. So tune in to […] Read more »

Airport, Leopard, Boot Camp, Bonjour. These are just a sampling of the many terms that Apple has used for different pieces of technology that they offer the world. These everyday terms have a way of seeping into our consciousness that we may not realize. It’s the […] Read more »

It has been about 3 weeks since the release of the Nike+iPod sport kit, and thought it might be about time to give a brief overview of some relevant links and info regarding Apple’s attempt to get geeks off their couches and start running. One of […] Read more »

Following in Redmond’s footsteps, Apple has pushed-back the release of OS X 10.5, code named Leopard. This comes just a week prior to the popular World Wide Developer’s Conference in San Francisco, where Leopard is to be the center of discussions. Can we still expect to […] Read more »

The Smart InputManager Bundle Loader (SIMBL), developed by Mike Solomon, is a hack, and not only that, it’s a hack that allows for more hacks. In this meaning, it’s a good hack. SIMBL allows developers to write plugins for cocoa applications that would normally not allow […] Read more »

This Lifehacker post about encrypting text on your website using Javascript reminded me of some little known OS X-only software that I use on my websites. Email Encoder from Closenit Sofware is a free and brilliant little app that weighs in at all of 68k. The […] Read more »

This guy noticed something I picked up on when 10.4 server came out. If you go into Server Admin and disable port 626, OS X Server automatically re-enables it. This port is used by serialnumberd, which relies on Bonjour to look for duplicate serial numbers of […] Read more »

After reading this article by the Guardian Unlimited I’ve been thinking about Steve Jobs and his eventual departure from Apple. Is Steve Jobs the reason for Apple’s comeback and amazing success? Can Apple survive without him at the helm? After Bill Gate’s announced retirement from day-to-day […] Read more »

In case you missed it at the time, I did, early last week Apple spokeswoman Natalie Kerris was quoted in a Apple Insider) Read more »

If you grew up working on a Unix machine like I did, working in isn’t just a walk down memory lane, it’s more productive. While of my everyday computing happens within Terminal, be it server maintenance, MySQL, or file manipulation, using Alt-Tab or Expose to […] Read more »

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