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While I’m certain most of us would love to put that Mac/Book Pro on our wishlists this holiday season, they’re probably not the most realistic choices. Accessories for your Mac however, are much more realistic and can hugely enhance your computing experience. Obviously there are a […] Read more »

Over the past couple of years of running The Apple Blog, I’ve tried out literally thousands of applications. A lot have been great apps that I still use today, but infinitely more have just been plain bad. I know I’m not the only one who’s experienced […] Read more »

There are two things that the day after Thanksgiving is famous for: leftovers and shopping. I don’t know about you, but I look forward to the leftovers more than the 4am shopping sprees; however, I will be heading over to my local Apple store today to […] Read more »

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Just a quick reminder. Don’t forget about Apple’s special one-day shopping event with tons of killer deals and free shipping for all good boys and girls. I know I won’t even think about stepping foot near any retail store on Friday, but I might make use […] Read more »

I do quite a bit of design and development with my company. To keep things streamlined I’ve setup my machine as a local development server to avoid the obvious hassle of having to FTP files every time I make a change that I want to see. […] Read more »

Apple have posted a snazzy new commercial for the new iPod shuffle. It features Who’s Gonna Sing? by the Prototypes. This particular commercial seems to be a small departure from the usual fast-paced, high-energy feel of previous iPod commercials with nothing more than a dull green […] Read more »

It’s that time again. We’re looking for more writers for TAB. If you’re interested, we want to talk to you. A few things before you take the time to contact us: You MUST have either a blog or have previous experience with writing for a publication […] Read more »

Years ago, I was a technician for an office that distributed important information via sneaker net. Meaning, of course, that this was before we linked everything with cables, and information was passed around via floppy disk (remember those!). Without fail, once a week or so, someone […] Read more »

At the 2004 Macworld San Francisco keynote, while recounting the success of the iTunes Music Store since its inception nine months ago, Steve Jobs noted that the top spender on iTunes had spent $29,500. While reaction probably ranged from shock (‘Surely some kid just accidentally hit […] Read more »

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Each day I’m more and more baffled by how stupid big label executives are. I’m really starting to believe they want to go out of business. In a recent news article on there was a blurb about how Microsoft has agreed to share revenue from […] Read more »

Walt Mossberg posted some interesting observations on the design of the Zune compared next to the iPod 30GB. It seems Microsoft is ashamed to admit they are behind the product. Nowhere in the Zune ecosystem is a mention of the company. The back of the unit […] Read more »

Idiotic though the name may be, Apple’s iPod nano (Product) RED appears to have been something of a success. Certainly in the short time the 4GB version has been available, it has demonstrated its popularity sufficient to warrant the release of an 8GB version, and, as […] Read more »

Pzizz is the perfect example of the kind of applications I love to see on my Mac. No wait, it’s the perfect example of applications I expect to see on my Mac. Aside from having a cool trendy name full of ‘z’ that even a french […] Read more »

Review So I’ve never really been much of a fan of the Shuffle. It’s always just seemed like yet another iPod Apple put out. So, while I do think there is a market for it, this second time around for the Shuffle doesn’t change my mind. […] Read more »

Yesterday I picked the new iPod nano (PRODUCT) RED and thought I’d drop some photo’s of it here. Note that I think the actual full name of this iPod is absurd and in my mind doesn’t follow Apple’s standards for simplicity. It’s the most confusing product […] Read more »

Well Sid, you did it again. Once again you have created something that will keep people awake for hours on end – living out their fantasies as George Washington or Genghis Kahn. I mean, haven’t we all wondered what would have happened if Alexander the Great […] Read more »

This may not be the freshest tip for the Quicksilver-inclined, but I find it infinitely more useful than constellation menus and I think it’s something every Quicksilver user should know about. Using a handy Quicksilver plugin, you can access every menu item in the currently active […] Read more »

Google is famous for updating its logo to celebrate certain events and I was pleasantly surprised to see that they are not the only ones. TextMate, a famous text and source code editor for Mac OS X, celebrates Halloween in a rather pleasant way. First, it […] Read more »

John Gruber is a genius. The OSX-savvy writer and producer of the well-known Daring Fireball pointed out today that autocompletion is available in all OSX Cocoa-based applications. Straight from the horses mouth: The Cocoa text system has a built-in auto-complete feature that is tied to the […] Read more »

SuperDuper is fast becoming everyone’s favorite backup utility. I have been using it on a constant basis for the last few months, and it has definitely earned its place in my must-have apps list. The most impressive feature of SuperDuper is the ease-of-use that is evident […] Read more »

If you want to keep track of your web browsing history, consider Smile on my Mac’s BrowseBack. But be prepared for the memory, processor and disk space resources it will require. BrowseBack is a $30 application which will search the history of your web browsers and […] Read more »

Why would a Mac user need a PDF application when does a great job of displaying and printing PDF files? is a good basic application, but for those who need advanced PDF features, such as creating a PDF form or reordering pages, there’s PDFpenPro […] Read more »

Today I check my Mac news as I always do, and I see four reports of the Apple Store going down for maintenance. Then it birthed the new Macbook Pro’s! Us macheads have got it all wrong though. We get excited when the store has that […] Read more »

More often than not when Quicksilver is blogged, the topic focuses on simply launching apps or some other pretty basic use. But here on TAB, I’ve tried to show some of the more advanced features of this amazing program. Recently David at TUAW got down with […] Read more »

Overflow, from Stunt Software, is another addition to the expanding line up of file and application launcher options on the mac. Everyone has their own preference as to how they like to access their most used items as quickly as possible, whether that be folders and […] Read more »

The guys that created AppZapper haven’t been resting on their laurels. Creating one simple, clear, concise app wasn’t enough for them. After delivering us the “Uninstaller that Apple forgot”, they have been busy redefining how we burn CDs, and create disk images. The fruits of their […] Read more »

This will be a new thread where I’ll show a tip or trick for Cocoa programmers, and why it’s imporant to everyone. These articles will be geared towards everyone – not just programmers. I’ll hide the code so you don’t have to look at it if […] Read more »

Flickr (owned by yahoo!) is one of the most widely used “web 2.0” online applications. If you have never heard of flickr, it’s a photo sharing/social networking application and was one of the first applications to use “tags” (or folksonomy as it’s technically called). Flickr is […] Read more »

Griffin Technology’s iTrip Auto ($69.99, ~£35) is a fairly recent addition to the ever expanding line of iTrip radio transmitters, originally for the iPod and now branching into other devices such as the PSP too. Griffin, from memory, were fairly early to the market with fairly […] Read more »

A while back I had the opportunity to try the LapWorks Mac Feet. The stick-on little feet for my PowerBook were excellent. But alas, as durable as they were, they didn’t stand up to the destructive power of my 2 and 4 year old boys…plus, I’ve […] Read more »

Tangerine from Potion Factory is a very cool companion application to iTunes. Basically it runs through your itunes music library and analyzes the beat patterns of the music you listen to. If you’re like me your music tastes are quite eclectic. Tangerine is perfect for my […] Read more »

Analyst firm Gartner suggests Apple quit hardware business and sell software to its hardware competitors. Gartner’s anaylst suggest as Apple adds volume, higher component costs will decrease their margins. Somehow they seem to suggest that Intel is doing business with Apple ‘just because’. “Apple’s margins for […] Read more »

In today’s world of Google Maps, Skype, and iChat, it seems as though is being used less and less. I suppose it seems silly to keep your friends’ emails written down when all you have to do is shoot them a quick IM or give […] Read more »

After reading a recent Newsweek piece (ironically, posted on MSNBC), I couldn’t help but grin thinking about what Jobs had to say. When asked about whether or not Apple was worried about Zune, Microsoft’s new iPod killer, Jobs had a few choice words: In a word, […] Read more »

I’m working at a company, and we are currently in the works of developing our own custom CRM (Contact Resource Management) system. All the programs we’ve used have some serious setbacks, are slow, look horrible, and just suck. I’ve been touring through DayLite 3, and there […] Read more »

Put that old Mac to work! If your one of the many Mac faithful who recently upgraded to a shiny new intel mac, you may be wondering what to do with your older PowerPC system. After pondering this very question for a while, I found that […] Read more »

Before Apple disabled FrontRow with its Mac OS X 10.4.8 update, I was a happy FrontRow user on an aging PowerBook G4, courtesy of Andrew Escobar’s fine “FrontRow Enabler 1.3″. If you’re running 10.4.8 do not run FrontRow Enabler 1.3, and if you just did, do […] Read more »

My poor PowerMac G5 is literally caked with dust on the insides. What have you found to be the best way to clean out dust and keep everything nice and shiny? This would include any tools, cleaning solutions, and whatever else would be necessary to make […] Read more »

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