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Lately I’ve been trying to weed out the over-grown garden that is my account. Going back to some of the original things I posted (from 2004!) I found one in particular that I thought may be of use to some of the readers of The […] Read more »

MacAppADay – in my estimation – gave away some decent software for free throughout the month of December. I found some apps that I probably wouldn’t have tried otherwise, and this was really the ultimate goal for the developers. So it worked out pretty well for […] Read more »

Wired News is summarizing 2006 as Steve Jobs’ Best Year Ever. Leander Kahney points out highlights for Apple from each month in 2006. It has been an incredible year, with highs like the Intel Macs, Boot Camp, and new iPods; and lows like the accounting scandal. […] Read more »

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My Father in Law has been telling me about Crossover (from Codeweavers) for a couple months now. I haven’t had the opportunity to check it out until last night when I downloaded it for the first time. Apparently it’s a good time, as I saw today […] Read more »

As has been reported in a few places, iTunes seemed to be a hot item destination this Holiday season. The iTunes Store got hit pretty heavily from what was presumably a load of gift cards and new iPod users looking for songs to stock up on. […] Read more »

I’m not a huge – read: knowledgeable – user of Apple’s Mail program. I use it minimally but haven’t dug too deep into its nooks and crannies. So I’m reaching out to the readers of The Apple Blog for some assistance. I have 3 accounts setup […] Read more »

After sitting down after a wonderful day of family, feasts and fun, I checked my email. While it was downloading, I opened up my favorite time-waster game, MacIago. Imagine my surprise when Santa appeared superimposed on the board. Has anyone else stumbled across any other hidden […] Read more »

When Apple shocked the world by introducing the Bondi Blue iMac in 1998, the PC market was caught with its figurative pants down. The collective thought was that PCs were supposed to be a neutral beige, with laptops being black. It was that way because the […] Read more »

Hak.5, the excellent video podcast/Internet television show, normally covers hacking with Windows, Linux, and occasionally Macs. I contacted the good people over at Hak.5 to see if they would consider doing more Mac-based segments and found out that they are going to dive into more Mac […] Read more »

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I hope everyone’s holidays have been full of family and fun! My wife and I are currently making the rounds here in the Dirty South (Mississippi). We initially were supposed to fly out of Denver but a small blizzard (ie. 6 feet of snow) cancelled that […] Read more »

My Powerbook’s hard drive was filling up. So I used the WhatSize tool to see which directories were using my disk space. I discovered that I could see how much disk space was being used by another user on the computer. My laptop has three users: […] Read more »

I believe 2007 will be yet another exciting year for fans of Apple. Undoubtedly we’ll see a handful of new hardware specs announced that will set our mouths-a-salivating, and our wallets-a-weeping. I’m guessing the iPod roll-out schedule will stay on par with 2006 (so what’s that, […] Read more »

Apple’s been riding high for so long, they had to be knocked-down a peg sooner or later. News from Forbes is that some former Execs from Apple may have forged documents that would effect the stock options pay-out. While Apple is cooperating with the SEC, Steve […] Read more »

A few weeks ago I mentioned my reservations about Xslimmer, which I got for free from the MacAppADay promotion. Several people chimed-in with the same fears, so I definitely was not alone in my paranoia. But I backed my system up, launched Xslimmer, and dove in […] Read more »

Have you ever been in an audio chat (whether with iChat, or Skype, etc, etc) and had the speaker output from your mac picked-up by the built-in mic? Those who haven’t taken the plunge to get an external microphone, or headset are sure to be all […] Read more »

It’s been 3 months since Apple updated OS X.4, and now there’s news that 10.4.9 is about to be seeded to developers. Obviously this will be the last update to Apple’s operating system before Leopard drops sometime in 2007. So what can be read from this? […] Read more »

Apple has officially released Dashcode, an application for developing Dashboard Widgets. It’s in beta, but from what I can tell from using it, it seems to be pretty feature complete, and very stable. This application is really cool, I must say. It allows anyone, even someone […] Read more »

For years, the realm of personal finance on the Mac has been ripe for a small, independent kick-butt developer to come in and win everyone over. Anyone who is a mac fan and has ever launched Quicken can attest to that fact. And so, in 2003, […] Read more »

Dear Apple, Thank you. I had pretty much written off what happened as a silly mistake and although I didn’t feel very good about it, I had decided there wasn’t much I could do. You did the right thing, and proved to me again you are […] Read more »

iTunes 7 separates files into Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts and Audiobooks, whereas previously you could view all of your Library files in a single window and see what the total playtime and size was. In a comment on, Doug Adams, who manages Doug’s AppleScripts […] Read more »

While noting the analyst prediction that more than 9 million Macs will be sold in 2007, Softpedia Editor Codrut Nistor uses some ‘fuzzy math.’ In January, the Mac will be exactly 24 years old. Named after the McIntosh Apple, the original Macintosh computer was released on […] Read more »

Jeff Croft recently published a short post advocating the rebirth of Flash ala the Javascript renaissance. You can read the comments to his original post if you want to hear a few good reasons why that probably won’t happen — at least not in such a […] Read more »

Soulver is a unique calculator application for the Mac. Instead of the standard Keypad/Pseudo LCD that most programs use, Soulver takes quite a different approach to number crunching. Using Soulver is pretty much a matter of typing out what you want to know. It accepts phrases […] Read more »

I’ve had this article from Computer World sitting in my READ Bookmark folder for a few days. I finally got around to it, and there’s a few items I feel the need to comment upon. They’ve written-up “15 Things Apple Should Change in Mac OS X”, […] Read more »

Top 10 lists have been blogged practically to death. But they’re not dead yet. No sir! Perhaps, however, in an effort to push their foot an inch or two closer to the proverbial grave, I’d like to offer a top 10 list of my own. This […] Read more »

Other than some pretty sketchy interface ideas, I really don’t know what I want to see in 10.5. A single rumour I saw after WWDC speculated about Core Animation and the Finder as the prime suspects behind Jobs’s “Top Secret” gambit — and that just happened […] Read more »

Got a quick tip for Quicksilver users who also may dabble in the Terminal. If you go to the Plugins portion of the Quicksilver Preferences, there’s a plugin you can install called “Command Line Tool”. Install that, and relaunch Quicksilver if it asks you to. Now […] Read more »

Would you buy an iPhone? How much of a difference will extra RAM make? What’s the best cellphone that plays nice with OS X? What RSS Reader Do You Use? 10.5 Leopard Predictions Why Buy Anywhere But Apple? Also, don’t forget about our massive giveaway with […] Read more »

At Macworld San Francisco in 2005, Steve Jobs unveiled Apple’s iWork package, including Pages and Keynote, offering consumer-level alternatives to the Microsoft Office staples Word and PowerPoint (though Pages is admittedly more for page layout than word processing). While the initial coverage spawned questions as to […] Read more »

It’s no wonder that Headdress comes complete with a feature set that will appear to most avid graphic designers out there, at least those who dabble in the web. After all, it was designed by Twinsparc, your prototypical two-man design firm. At first glance, Headdress may […] Read more »

Ambience chasers rejoice! Softskies, a new iTunes visualizer, is a new, powerful and highly customizable program that can generate an enormous variety of preset and user-specified atmospheric and cloud effects. While far from perfect, it does what it was designed to do pretty well, and should […] Read more »

Microsoft’s “iPod Killer”, the Zune is the topic of many a conversation lately. While it doesn’t initially appear to be a huge threat to Apple’s iPod, it’s no time for Apple to rest on its laurels. Amongst the endless rumors surrounding Apple’s products, there’s the widescreen […] Read more »

I was reading a list on CrunchGear a couple days ago about “The Eight Ways The Tech Industry Tries To Screw Us”. Apple’s name appeared once, but I think they fit into a couple other spots as well. At number 2, the obvious item was DRM. […] Read more »

Here’s one for the GTD’ers out there. It’s sort of an ‘Oldie but Goodie’. Notational Velocity is a couple years old, and has received no attention seemingly since it was released on the world. Yet it’s a strong application that I have yet to have crash […] Read more »

I just got home and saw the email from Adobe – Tomorrow, Friday December 15th, Adobe will release a public beta of Photoshop CS3. That’s right, Intel-based Mac users, if you’re currently running CS2, you’ll be able to test the Universal beta out. This can’t come […] Read more »

Well, Microsoft has said it themselves, Windows Vista (due out in about a month) will be a huge nightmare to support. On the official Vista development blog, Microsoft claims a study, conducted by IDC and commissioned by Microsoft, found that Vista will create 100,000 new jobs […] Read more »

Phill Ryu’s MacHeist has just hit the $50k mark for charity which means all of the nearly 5,000 people who have purchased the software bundle so far will now be getting a NewsFire license. If MacHeist users purchase enough to raise $100k for charity (25% of […] Read more »

Bryan Veloso shot me an IM this evening asking if I was aware of this particular issue his fiancé was having with her 5G 30GB iPod. I hadn’t heard of it and it seemed no Apple technicians had either. Which also seems to mean she can’t […] Read more »

Bloomberg claims that Apple will be its own carrier for the upcoming iPhone. I think that if Bloomberg is right, it would be a really great thing for customers. Signing a contract with a wireless carrier today is a complete mess for the customer. There are […] Read more »

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