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There were many things going on at today’s Keynote, which I was lucky enough to be able to see live. So much great stuff happened, in fact, that many people may have missed something that I think was rather important. In fact, I even think Steve […] Read more »

While none of us have actually gotten our hands on the iPhone, if it lives up to the video demonstrations that Apple has released, it’s incredible. The haptic interface that many folks were expecting to see as part of the “video iPod” (which may or may […] Read more »

It seems that with all the hubbub over a certain other electronic manufacturer’s new tablet-esque device, no one noticed toady’s official unveiling of the Axiotron ModBook, the first OS X-wielding commercial tablet. We previously reported on a few of the specs, but we now know it’ll […] Read more »

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About 2 weeks ago I went spouting-off about 3 predictions for Apple in 2007. I’m claiming 2 out of 3 at this point – and that third is really up for grabs until December 31st… So naming changes. Initially I’m wrong as could be on this […] Read more »

Matching its Apple TV and Mac Mini brethren, the new Airport Extreme comes in a compact boxy shape. The big news however is that it supports the 802.11n protocol for data transfer speeds that blow 802.11g away. So you can finally order your upgrade to your […] Read more »

These are thoughts I had as it was happening. It’s pretty rough, but you get the idea. I’d like to hear what you thought of everything today as well. Wild stuff eh? ————————————————————– please turn of cell phones/other devices – don’t want competition for new item? […] Read more »

Apple Inc, Apple Tv, and an Apple phone. Mac World 07 was definitely a huge one. Yet while I can barely wait until June for the iPhone (seriously? iPhone?) to ship – gonna have to sell a child or a kidney in the meantime – but […] Read more »

Since just about everyone in the industry – not to mention the endless mac fanatics – seem to expect that Steve will finally show us some sort of mobile Apple wireless device, how would the unveiling go exactly? I’ve been trying to come up with some […] Read more »

The long-delayed TiVoToGo for Mac functionality has finally been delivered with the arrival of Roxio’s Toast 8. According to Roxio’s press release, “Toast 8 brings TiVo and the Mac together for the first time, enabling users to enjoy their favorite TV programs on their Mac, burn […] Read more »

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Here’s one for the GTD’ers amongst our readership. Page Packer makes it simple to print notes, calendars, pictures, or whatever and take them with you in a small, fold-able booklet. The beauty of Page Packer is the interface. It takes all the guess work out of […] Read more »

According to an article in the International Herald-Tribune by John Markoff, Apple “has developed the first of the next generation of devices that are closer to personal computers in pocket form, meaning that they will easily handle music, entertainment, productivity tasks and communications on cellular and […] Read more »

John Gruber points to a terrific post about Tuesday’s Keynote over at Valleywag. It’s worth a quick read for sure. The main point being that Apple is in overdrive with hyping this event. With the rumored Apple Phone being beating to death in the past few […] Read more »

With Macworld ’07 only a few days away and rumor sites incessantly churning out rumor after rumor, the last thing you probably want is a bunch of Mac geeks giving their completely uninformed opinions on what will transpire in the keynote. If that’s the case, we’ll […] Read more »

As with all major live Apple events, The Apple Blog will be having (we hope) live coverage of Macworld. The Steve Jobs Keynote will be on Tuesday, January 9 from 9:00AM to 11:00AM PST. We’ve got some of “our people” that will be there and hopefully […] Read more »

I seem to remember this game originating maybe as far back as a couple years ago, though I apologize for not remembering who’s brainchild it was. But what for the past few Keynotes has been only a printable (usually pdf) version, has been coded and made […] Read more »

This is pretty sweet for all you home brew fans out there. This guy made his Nintendo DS function like an iPod, using the lower (touch) screen as the click wheel. Not overly useful – unless you have a DS and not an iPod – but […] Read more »

There are many different word processing programs available for a Mac, ranging from fully fledged offerings such as Pages and Microsoft Word through to more basic apps, such as TextEdit and Text-Wrangler. All of these follow a similar theme and, whilst they all focus on a […] Read more »

The title that I gave the announcement (yesterday) about Adobe bringing Premiere back to the OS X platform reminded me of this video I saw one time. I apologize, but I can’t recall where I found it. So if you’re that person, or know where I […] Read more »

With all the talk going on here about the low likelihood of a tablet Mac, it’s funny to see OtherWorldComputing and Axiotron announce the ModBook, a modified MacBook in the form of a tablet, which will be officially unveiled on January 9th. Although scant few details […] Read more »

In what I’d like to make a weekly series, I’m going to begin sharing Unix (stuff you do in the Terminal, for the uninitiated) tips for those wishing to learn more about it in the New Year. Or just learn more about it because you want […] Read more »

Since it’s not yet a category to which an award is given, Apple will have to settle for “Marketer of The Year” for 2006. I know this isn’t new news, but I thought The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs was worth a mention. A wonderful window […] Read more »

Since I unwittingly duplicated a post that Michael had already covered here, about David Sobotta, I removed that post and have reformatted the ideas I conveyed into this post. Sobotta’s insight to the way Steve does business and approaches technology is about as in-depth as I’ve […] Read more »

MacWorld tells us that today, Adobe will announce Premiere will again be offered for the Macintosh platform. The high end video editing software from Adobe dropped it’s Apple support back in 2003, most likely due to Apple’s vigorous efforts with the likes of Final Cut, After […] Read more »

Well, the time has come to announce the winners of the Community Contest! If your forum username is in this list, please use our contact form and let us know your top THREE prize choices in order of preference (here’s the list) if you’d like the […] Read more »

David Sobotta, who was Apple’s national federal sales manager in 2002, writes for The Guardian What Jobs told me on the iPhone. It is an interesting article about how Steve Jobs and Apple think through the viability of a new product line. The article boils down […] Read more »

Yesterday I posted a (apparently well known to everyone but me) tip about quickly adding items to your Login process. There was a comment asking about what I could possibly have with 12+ items starting at Login. So I figured I’d answer that here today. When […] Read more »

My post the other day about GPS in Leopard (I’m hoping, ok?) received a comment asking why it would be advantageous for Apple hardware to come equipped with GPS. To be fair, maybe it’s more useful for the MacBook line, but I think there are uses […] Read more »

Here in The Apple Blog community, there was a mention about the power of using some of the scripts that are accessible through Quicksilver. So I put together a quick screencast showing how to make sure those options are enabled and what some of the more […] Read more »

After TUAW posted about Leopard only applications the other day, Scott Stevens (of Thoecacao and CocoaBlogs, and CocoaDevCentral) addresses the issue from a developer perspective. You may want to check the TUAW post first, and then go back to Scott’s explanation of things for a full-world […] Read more »

An eagle-eyed Digg’er points out that the Keynote at next week’s MacWorld Expo will be 2 hours long. Typically it runs a little more than an hour, but not this year kids. We get a solid 120 minutes of his Steveness telling us about all the […] Read more »

While catching up on my News Feeds, I came to my friend Weldon’s blog and his excitement about GPS support for Macs. It reminded me of a post from earlier in 2006 about Spotlight. The portion of note is the idea of incorporating GPS in Macs, […] Read more »

Well our huge contest that ran the entire month of December has now come to an end. There was a FANTASTIC response and thank you everybody who got involved in the community! As a reminder, we’ll be announcing the 49 winners at exactly January 4, 2007 […] Read more »

I recently tried out the “Entertainment Dock 500” by Kensington. This device allows an iPod owner to connect their video/music player into a stereo or television to enjoy their media through speakers or on a bigger screen. That’s it in a nutshell. If you have an […] Read more »

Generally when adding a program to the list of items that starts when you log in to your Mac, you have to go through the Accounts item in System Preferences. Or some programs will give the options in their own prefs. Either way, it can be […] Read more »

Well, the new year – and another work week – has begun. I trust everyone had a fun and safe series of holidays, but it’s time to get back to business. There’s a whole new year ahead, and that of course means plenty of new resolutions, […] Read more »

Product: Belkin TuneFM for iPod nano Price: $49.99 USD I was quite optimistic when I opened the Belkin TuneFM for the iPod nano. Boasting the “best-in-class audio performance,” I expected nothing but. The TuneFM nano is a sleek little tuner. It connects directly to the nano’s […] Read more »

Often, it’s the quiet utilities you use every day that speed your workflow. Without the bells and whistles of expensive commercial software packages, and lacking hoopla, they simply are there to help your Mac work better. Apple’s Preview application, which comes bundled with Mac OS X […] Read more »

In a bit of sensationalist journalism/blogism today, I see article titles like this: “Apple Stock Options Fallout Continues” What fallout? I don’t see Jobs getting into the Pope-mobile and heading to his plane to hide in Switzerland. I called my friends at Cupertino and lunch is […] Read more »

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