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The browser is arguably the most used application on anyone’s computer and with the onslaught of hundreds (if not thousands) of new web applications, the time spent in said browsers will only increase. Back in college in my various graphic design classes, one thing that I […] Read more »

So there’s buzz that Apple may charge for Boot Camp functionality in 10.5/Leopard. I’ll be slightly surprised if this turns out to be true. Mainly because it’s currently an option that’s freely available which makes Apple Computers fly higher than their beige-box brethren in being the […] Read more »

Today I wanted to give a little tip for making regular arguments in the Terminal, a little easier to access. OS X offers the ability to create aliases of anything in the Finder – files, folders, applications – for quick access outside their typical location. Aliases […] Read more »

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Whether you’re writing a simple article for a blog, piecing together the next blockbuster hit, or penning a 500 page romance novel, there are quite a few options for helping you get all of that information organized and drafted. There really are enough to chose from […] Read more »

The nail may just be in the coffin. Those of you who were paying attention last week may have seen the many screenshots of Office 2008 for Mac floating around. While it’s tough to gauge an application package as big as Microsoft Office on just a […] Read more »

The gaping hole in the MacWorld Keynote a couple weeks ago has left me – and I’m sure many of you too – starving for details on Apple’s next OS release, 10.5/Leopard. Apple Insider (who is renowned for being dead on with everything they post…) has […] Read more »

As the Web continues to evolve, with thousands of new sites and blogs springing up every day, the mountain of information to claw through grows ever higher. More sites are bookmarked, and more RSS feeds are added. Inevitably, with this data glut comes new approaches to […] Read more »

Got another screencast for ya’all this week. I wanted to take a step back from some of the more advanced features and tricks. Today I focus on something that doesn’t require special settings, plugins, or any interaction with the preferences screen whatsoever. Loading items into Quicksilver […] Read more »

Lifehacker Chief, Gina Trapani has been documenting the steps she took in order to turn her popular blog into a book in print. Can you imagine trying to organize and edit 5,000 blog posts worth of information for book format? Yeah, me either. But Gina explains […] Read more »

A couple years back I was a huge fan of ThumbScrew. But the updates seemed to die off and then when I moved to my MacBook, things didn’t seem to really work well for me under Rosetta. So I’d left it in my past. But TUAW […] Read more »

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Reader Wieger van der Burgt wrote in with a nice list of Unix goodies. Some of the tips expand on things I’ve written about before, while others may be new to you. (Especially if you’ve only been following along here at The Apple Blog for Unix […] Read more »

I picked up this post citing a supposedly validated email response from CEO Steve Jobs (the headers weren’t displayed for review) explaining that SOX is the reason for Apple charing to enable the 802.11n functions in customer’s products. The good thing about this is that Apple […] Read more »

Everyone inside the United States is crazy jazzed about the forthcoming (4 months and 13 days till June) Apple iPhone. Those outside the States are less than excited, because what do they get?? Well in February most of the rest of the world will be getting […] Read more »

Problems with Windows continues to be the number one complaint among computer users, according to the second annual RESCUECOM Top Five Computer Problems Report, an annual study determining the most frequently identified computer problems of home and business users. Hardware problems, slow computer, Internet connectivity problems […] Read more »

During Apple’s conference call today to discuss financial results for First Quarter 2007, one of the analysts asked about the absence of an iLife update during Macworld. After being reminded that Apple does not comment on its future plans and products, he was told “but stay […] Read more »

I’m still happy that the iPhone sports multi-touch technology. If for nothing else, that’s a huge reason I want to get my hands on (even, all over) an iPhone in June. The way Tom Cruise manages that futuristic computer in Minority Report gets me every single […] Read more »

Prior to Macworld Expo, Conan O’Brien had some funny segments about the video iPod. Now that the iPhone has been announced, Late Night with Conan O’Brien ran a hilarious fake advertisement, touting all its features: camera, movie player, remote control, electric razor… YouTube – Conan – […] Read more »

One of the cool things about Macworld Expo is that just about every hardware and software developer is there and they often use that opportunity to meet up with one another to discuss future plans. One such meeting occurred between Keyspan, and Rogue Amoeba. Keyspan makes […] Read more »

David Pogue, New York Times technology columnist and creator of The Missing Manuals book series, returned to Macworld last week to host “Macworld Live! With David Pogue,” where he treated the crowd to a batch of funny videos that he claims will likely never see the […] Read more »

As mentioned by Michael Clark in his post Finder Security Bug or Feature?, the freeware application WhatSize is a quick and easy tool for measuring the size of a given folder and all subfolders and files within it. But WhatSize can only measure based on the […] Read more »

It’s not too surprising that Steve Jobs dissed the Zune during the Macworld Expo keynote last week. But even some of its proponents are having trouble defending the device. Case in point: Jerry Holkins, writer of the popular webcomic Penny Arcade, whose cartoon alter ego is […] Read more »

(Posted this earlier, but it double posted. I removed what I thought was one of them, and then found both gone. Here’s the post again, hopefully in singular.) If you’re sporting a Core 2 Duo Macintosh, you’re probably in luck if you want to use the […] Read more »

During the San Francisco Keynote, Mr Jobs played some Beatles music for us. As I was taking notes I wondered if this was fore-shadowing to an announcement of iTunes adding the Beatles catalog to their offerings. Obviously nothing else was announced that day, or that week. […] Read more »

A Mac mini is more than double the price of an Apple TV – is it worth the money? Here’s a handy table comparing the two products (information on the Apple TV was found at Ars Technica citing AppleInsider).   Apple TV Mac mini Price $299 […] Read more »

iPhone – UNIX Functionality? MacBook Pro – The Saga External HDD Enclosures & NAS Is there anything you would bring into OSX from other OS’s? Accessing the iSight Read more »

With the lawsuit against Apple by Cisco over the iPhone trademark, the Apple iPhone name is not etched in metal, literally. The back of the iPhone is branded with the Apple logo only. The iMac has “iMac” written on the back of it, the iPod has […] Read more »

Apple has unveiled yet another overpriced product into a saturated market. It should sell like crazy. Like many people, I had my doubts about Apple entering the already cluttered phone market. With so many major players making so many great handsets already, is there room for […] Read more »

I’m at a complete loss. Steve said at the Keynote that Yahoo would be providing a free push email account with every iPhone. But I don’t understand. Why is push email better than simply automatically checking the server every five seconds? Or, for that matter, every […] Read more »

I hate transparency. Only recently, though. I used to love it. And Mac OS X is littered with it. It’s everywhere – in the Dock, in Terminal, in Dashboard, etc. At one point, you could see about 5 layers of transparency at once on my screen, […] Read more »

My fourth day on the Macworld show floor was really interesting. I got some answers that I was definitely looking for. First off, I went to the AppZapper / Disco booth, to find out why people couldn’t see Disco’s smoke without burning a disc by launching […] Read more »

Ever wish you could have an application on your computer that would tell you when the latest movies, DVDs, and games were coming out? Or an easy way to add holidays to your iCal calendars? Probably not, but if I haven’t succeeded in piquing your interest […] Read more »

Apple has quietly rolled out a bit of a facelift to the OS X Downloads area. It’s a much lighter tone with a lot of additional whitespace over the previous design. Could this be any hint of where a possible redesign might go? Tip: Piotr […] Read more »

If you’re like me, that is, if you’re an Apple fanboy who gets his cell service from Verizon, the iPhone announcement has posed a dilemma for you. One one hand, in June you’ll be able to get your hands on what very well might be a […] Read more »

One of my new year’s resolutions was to try to do a screencast per week here on The Apple Blog. Second week into the year and I nearly blew that one! It’s just been a busy week, I emerge triumphant. (at least until I run out […] Read more »

Previously viewable via a pair of QuickTime streams, Steve Jobs’ keynote address at Macworld Expo 2007 can now be downloaded as a freevideo podcast from the iTunes Store. Clocking in at 1:45:25, this MPEG-4 video file will require a high-speed Internet connection and 1.2GB of spare […] Read more »

Recently Google has announced a release of FUSE for OSX. For those not familiar with FUSE, it means Filesystem in User Space. FUSE allows someone to implement a filesystem using the built-in API instead of having to write complex software to achieve the same goal. This […] Read more »

Day three was good, but, I must say, not quite as interesting as day two. I talked to an Apple representative who was standing near the iPhone that was on display, and I asked a couple of quesitons. She confirmed that the iPhone’s battery is not […] Read more »

I’ve been waiting for this week with as much anticipation as the next mac geek, but I’ve probably been more nervous than most since this was my first time attending the MacWorld Expo. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Was I going to be laughed […] Read more »

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