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I’m a geek and a Mac fan. I admit it. I’ve read Job’s letter four times already. I’ve read countless rebuttles, analyst opinions, and blog posts about Job’s Thoughts on Music. Yesterday the solution to the problem of DRM hit me. Stop buying DRM’d music. We […] Read more »

A few days ago we heard that the reincarnation of Handbrake – the DVD ripping software with the Pineapple Cocktail icon – was released in Beta status, as MediaFork. It’s a Universal Binary and about as easy as it gets for ripping DVDs into backups or […] Read more »

Just a week ago the internet exploded with talk about the open letter Steve Jobs wrote, supporting DRM-free digital downloads. Clearly this is the way most consumers would like to see things go, as the debates over this technology have been bitter to say the least. […] Read more »

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For decades, Apple has included two Apple logo stickers with its hardware and software packages, giving customers a way to publicly display their love or appreciation of Apple products. But even Apple fanatics only have so much car exterior to plaster, leaving most of these stickers […] Read more »

It’s not much of a secret that I am taken with the possibilities that Multitouch technology offers. The iPhone will be a great push in that direction, but I really can’t wait to see stuff more like this, hopefully coming from Apple. I guess the catch […] Read more »

After months of dragging her feet, my younger sister finally ponied-up and bought a MacBook. She’s an exceptional piano player and has a Digital Yamaha Piano that she plays. I sent her the USB/Midi cable she’ll need to marry the two pieces together and allow her […] Read more »

There have been several instances in months past about people hacking OS X to run on run-of-the-mill beige-box pc hardware. So we know it can be done. Last week the news was released that Parallels (the de facto leader in virtualization on the OS X platform) […] Read more »

Apple released the announcement today that they’re adding Lionsgate Films to the iTunes store. This brings some great new choices in movie downloads from iTunes, including the likes of T2 and Reservoir Dogs. A decent announcement for a Monday morning. Think we’ll hear anything new and […] Read more »

For years, Apple has included Proof-of-Purchase Coupons in their packages, noting the specific software included. For example, if you recently purchased a Macintosh, you’ll have Software Coupons for Mac OS X 10.4 and iLife ’06. But when was the last time Apple actually accepted these coupons […] Read more »

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So a bit of shameless self promo here. I just snagged myself a brand new MacBook Pro and thus no longer have a need for my beast of a G5. Sooo, I’ve got it up on eBay for sale. Basic details are: Dual 2GHz PowerPC G5 […] Read more »

If you’re the type who has trouble keeping your Desktop organized, then my friend, I may have the solution for you. Hazel comes in the form of a preference pane for your System Preferences, and helps you to easily setup fairly powerful workflows to perform on […] Read more »

Sounds like Apple may finally be moving the big boy iPod line (those with video capabilities) to flash-based storage. The move isn’t altogether unexpected, as the nano line has already had the flash treatment. Flash-based storage solutions provide greater durability, and radically improved battery life. The […] Read more »

This one goes out to all my fellow notebook users out there. As iTunes expands to offer more and more downloadable content, the size of the (ever poorly named) Music folder on your hard drive will continue to envelope your free space. My Music folder is […] Read more »

Peter Baer Galvin has cobbled together a huge list of useful applications for the OS X platform. The best part it seems, is his commitment to keeping it updated as people comment on the thread, or apps go away, or whatever. So chances are, if you’re […] Read more »

While Steve Jobs’ call to end DRM is making the rounds in the blogosphere, I have a bigger issue regarding iTunes that can be solved immediately, without any other companies involved – that of “Purchased” songs. Apple tracks which songs in my library I’ve purchased from […] Read more »

You may have heard already that Apple released a new ‘Get a Mac Ad’ that targets Vista’s ‘security’ features. It’s funny in a sad sort of way. As a bona-fide Apple fan boy, you are probably required to give it a watch. But what I really […] Read more »

With the big news that Apple and the Beatles have come to an agreement, a new era may be dawning for Apple’s iPod and Music Distribution methods. Infinite Loop/Ars Technica tags a recent Wired article with their own idea on the concepts. Because of the previous […] Read more »

The date for the World Wide Developer’s Conference is set. Leopard should be a pretty front and center topic this year, as pretty much all of us expect Apple to stick to a first half of 2007 release of the product. Having not yet heard anything […] Read more »

The Joy of Tech brings us yet another great commentary on the world that surrounds us. And by ‘us’, I of course mean computer geeks. And by computer geeks, I mean those of us who follow the silliness that has abounded lately with the release of […] Read more »

Back in December I voiced my feelings on the need for the iPod interface to see some upgrades. Not only were many of the generated comments in agreement with me, but several had also been hoping for the same enhancements I wrote about. Well the Keynote […] Read more »

Ok, so Apple Corps (the Beatles’ Music company) and Apple Inc have worked things out and no lawsuits remain on that subject. After Steve demo’d the iPhone with some Beatles music in last month’s Keynote, I would have expected the Beatles collection to be popping up […] Read more »

HTML developer – Fullsix NYC, New York, NY PHP Developer – Wichita, KS (Telecommute) PHP Developer – New York, NE Jr Art Director – Fullsix NYC, New York, NY Ruby on Rails Developer – Tornado Design, Phoenix, AZ (Telecommute) Read more »

Getting a MBP…any ‘must have’ accessories? Good email appilications? Tricking iTunes into thinking a Soundtrack is one album Easy Vista Install Whats in your RSS reader? Read more »

When I started Tackle Technology, Daylite was the first killer application I bought for the company. Organization is productivity, and Marketcircle did a fantastic job with Daylite 3 in helping me keep people productive when the situation could have been chaotic. Shortly after that purchase, I […] Read more »

Yesterday, Adium, a popular multi-protocol instant message client, finally hit version 1.0, and I’m very happy to say that the result of six years of hard work came out great. Wow, do I love Adium. It’s got tons of new features, and, according to this press […] Read more »

After a long development, the Adium team has released version 1.0 of the popular multi-protocol IM client. Changes include a redesigned log viewer, improved iTunes support, and the ability to let a friend sign on without needing to save their account info. A full list of […] Read more »

This week I’m covering the Abracadabra plugin for Quicksilver. It brings you the ability to create Triggers in Quicksilver, which can be activated by mouse gestures, rather than the stale, last century keystroke. Ok, so there’s nothing really wrong with Keystrokes, just sensationalizing… So go ahead […] Read more »

This week I want to share a simple tip that will only take a moment – and essentially no syntax to memorize! I’d like to tell you about Unix’ Man Pages, or rather, the manual built into the OS. You can gain insight into how to […] Read more »

The lack of 3G support for the iPhone has been a point of contention for many, since it’s announcement. While I too was disappointed, I’ve been heard to say that without the ability to access the iTunes Store directly from the iPhone, it didn’t seem to […] Read more »

I was so excited to see that after five years, 50 million lines of code, and 5 billion spent that I could finally wipe out that OS X install for a Windows Vista Ultimate Edition with Office Ultimate Edition 2007. I’ve been saving all this time […] Read more »

This is what I was alluding to in yesterday’s post. People showing up for deals on other stuff – and checking out Macs! – rather than lined up to buy Vista. Even a comparison (with photo) of the Tiger launch a couple years back. Read more »

On the Flickr blog, I found this story about the way Microsoft selected their wallpaper images that were to appear in Vista. The story is interesting enough (consider how you’d choose only a handful of images to be the defaults!) and worth a quick read. The […] Read more »

Microsoft’s Windows XP successor, Windows Vista launched today. As it seems some in the world of blogging feel, it should be driving more people than ever to the OS X platform. Sure, that’s poking some fun at Microsoft, but behind every joke there’s some truth… Anyhow, […] Read more »

This morning Apple announced the release of 4 new iPod shuffles (each of differing color). 3 of the colors are identical to colors available in the iPod nano line. They have also added a new orange color for the shuffles. Apple has also changed it’s shuffle […] Read more »

Recently a gallery of images of a basement that is part lounge and part museum surfaced on Flickr. I recently had a chance to talk to the man behind this undertaking and ask him a few questions. Could you please tell us a little about yourself? […] Read more »

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