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If you’ve been playing with Hazel at all, you’ll probably be interested to hear that a 2.0 alpha has been released. From the Developer’s blog: I have stopped using launchd in favor of a homebrew scheduler. As a result, those of you hitting the “Hazel stops […] Read more »

Adobe was secretly planning to announce the release date and features of Creative Suite 3 at a special event on March 27. But that information got loose and rather than deny it, Adobe has chosen to confirm the announce date publicly. A post at the Adobe […] Read more »

While the iPhone will undoubtedly change my life in untold ways (note sarcasm), I already have a smart phone and the NEED for the iPhone isn’t nearly as clear as the DESIRE. However the bit of the iPhone that would provide the most utility to me […] Read more »

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If you have not already been notified by your software, you may want to take note. Such applications as TextMate, Default Folder X, and Virtue Desktops have received updates in recent days. TextMate brings Obj-C and PHP bundles to the already formidable text editor, so if […] Read more »

San Francisco is home to one of the largest Apple retail stores, an extremely high concentration of iPod users and BART – the Bay Area Rapid Transit system. But riders of BART are now being warned by transit officials about iPod thefts. A flyer now available […] Read more »

Actress Helen Mirren, who won an Academy Award Sunday for her lead performance in “The Queen,” was one of the visitors at the Oscars Gift Suite and, according to ezGear, was particularly impressed with their products for the Apple iPod. Helen said she had to see […] Read more »

At work, my primary workstation is an aging, but completely effective Macintosh G4. I also carry around a Blackberry handheld for remote e-mail, calendar and Web. On weekends and in the evening, the ratio of spam messages to “known good” e-mails is tremendous. I often had […] Read more »

Swiss researchers recently demonstrated robots that artificially evolve ways to communicate with one another. In their experiments, the robots were set loose in an area containing two types of objects – one classified as “food” and another designated “poison.” The “poison” object was marked with a […] Read more »

Many an analyst or Mac watcher has tried to quantify the “iPod Halo effect” around Windows-using iPod buyers who were so entranced with the iPod and iTunes experience that they gave Macintosh a try. While most now believe that the iPod is playing a significant role […] Read more »

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Recently LifeHacker posed the question to readers, Mac or PC for Business? It’s been a somewhat common theme in recent months as Apple gains more and more momentum. Execs are being seen (and heard-of) toting MacBook Pro laptops around, in meetings, etc. It surely seems like […] Read more »

Apologies for a rather quick and dirty screencast this week. I’m headed out of town and wanted to make sure to get something out. So today’s is a quickie, but something you can easily build on to become more efficient with Quicksilver. Watch the screencast, and […] Read more »

If you’re a fan of Quicksilver or Launchbar, undoubtedly you’ve had the debate over which is king. If this has ever been the case, you may be interested to check out the blog dedicated to Quicksilver or Launchbar being the better launcher apps for OS X. […] Read more »

Today I came across an article with a few ‘tools’ for web design and frankly, I thought it pretty lame and unexciting. There were 2 things on there that I felt were actually good information, Color Schemer and Typetester. The other, information was either lame (a […] Read more »

With Apple’s latest incarnation of OSX on the horizon, Think Secret has posted a new gallery of screenshots (mirror) from build 9A343. This new batch of screenshots reveals new screensavers, one of which will snap pictures from your iSight when movement is detected. Also shown are […] Read more »

Backups are something that in my experience, most don’t worry about until they’ve been caught without one. Luckily I guess I’m paranoid enough that I’ve never found myself in a situation without my important files appropriately backed-up. But I think we can always do a little […] Read more »

Digg points to a nice write-up of the things you can expect when switching to a Macintosh computer. The list is compiled from an Apple users of a few years, but the items on the list are observations that have been made in that time. It’s […] Read more »

Those of us long in the Apple Camp are familiar with the trend of Windows platform entities copying our friends in Cupertino. (And yes, I know, the copying goes both ways. Always has. Relax.) The one most will argue about – regardless the stance you take […] Read more »

I endured the Oscars last night, mainly waiting for the ad for Apple’s iPhone. I did my normal 20-30 second skip ahead during commercials, looking for something Apple-esque as I skimmed. I went almost the entire show without seeing a commercial. It seemed odd. The first […] Read more »

This may be the most obscure comment you’ll read in speculation leading up to the iPhone’s release, but I thought of this when testing out phones before picking my Treo 650, as well as the issues that my Mom is having with her dated Motorola StarTac […] Read more »

If you don’t want to wait until June for the iPhone, CallWave gives you the ability (sort of) to have visual voicemail now. CallWave essentially replaces the standard voicemail service your cell carrier uses, in order to provide added functionality. Among the added functions is a […] Read more »

For those of you who weren’t in attendance at RubyConf (don’t worry, I wasn’t either), you missed out on a fun little role reversal. The Ruby on Rails world is Apple-dominated. Seriously Apple-dominated. I’d wager to guess that 90% of the Rails coders out there are […] Read more »

Apple’s iPod commercials always seem to be something of a phenomenon when they are released. I almost always end up loving the music that’s chosen for these commercials…Is it because it’s just plain good music? Or maybe it’s just because it’s associated with Apple products. I’d […] Read more »

Everyone’s getting in on the ‘news‘ that Apple will supposedly be refreshing their entire line-up of Macs in this next quarter. That’s an awful tall order of things to come. But sounds interesting enough. I’m especially down with the talk of a black iMac being released. […] Read more »

In case you hadn’t already heard. Honestly, I’m disappointed. I know, it’s just a name…We seem to have collectively gotten used to the term ‘MacBook’, so maybe the same will be true of iPhone. There was just so much conjecture over the past 18 months about […] Read more »

Recently, after Vista launched, I read one article about the way Vista installs over Windows XP. Microsoft took a different approach from the past and Vista actually copies its image onto the machine, and then goes through, weeding out the old operating system to make way […] Read more »

LifeHacker links an interesting utility (that’s new to me), called Home and Away. It’s sort of a Do Something When, but based on your Mac’s IP address. You can set drives to mount automatically when the address an address is detected, but you can also set […] Read more »

We hear so much these days about writing apps that make it easier to focus by blanking everything else out. But what about apps that make digesting the written word a little easier? Most options are vertical-scrolling which takes little advantage of the prevalence of wide […] Read more »

Jamie Huskisson has written a nice article on how to lock and password protect you mac using a combination of screensavers, hot corners, and FileVault. The benefit of his method is that your computer won’t go to sleep…meaning if you’re in the middle of running some […] Read more »

The iTunes Store beefed up its Audiobook selection this week with the addition of Star Wars novels. There are a total of 67 titles available for download, from the Timothy Zahn-penned trilogy of the mid-’90s, which re-ignited interest in the Star Wars franchise, to the more […] Read more »

With the slight exception of my Halo addiction, I’m really not much into playing video games (anymore). These days I’m more apt to play something along the lines of Minesweeper, or Zuma or something. But even those tend to hold my interest only so long… But […] Read more »

The land of iPod accessories is nothing if not a very crowded space. In the speakers area alone there are a ton of companies competing for the coveted shelf space in Apple’s stores. New players in the market compete with trusted brands and things can get […] Read more »

So unless you haven’t seen the light (and use a chat client such as Adium, for your Messenger chatting needs) quite yet, you may be interested to hear that Microsoft has released version 6.0.2 of it’s OS X chat client, Messenger. It’s nice that they’re keeping […] Read more »

I don’t typically like reporting on all the rumors that abound. So much of it is just fluff created for buzz that it’s borderline annoying. But my inner-geek always likes to hope… So what’s your favorite rumor of late? The most recent that sound interesting to […] Read more »

Mike Bombich has released Carbon Copy Cloner 3.0 beta 4 for public testing. New features include: Support for backing up across the network Ability to drill down into folders to select exactly what gets copied and what doesn’t Ability to stop the clone and pick up […] Read more »

If you tinker in the Terminal (yeah I’m falling behind on weekly Unix tips, they’ll be back. Promise.) you may also be into Visor – from Blacktree – which we covered here. Apparently there is a bug in Visor that causes it to grow by a […] Read more »

A few weeks ago I covered Login Items and there was a little discussion that arose over better ways to launch some of those services. The discussion revolved mostly around the use of Overflow in place of clogging your startup process with tons of Login Items. […] Read more »

Disco is a brand new disc burning application. The coolest thing about Disco is that, when you’re burning a disc, it smokes. Literally: Many people see Disco as simply a run-of-the-mill disc burning app that has a fun little effect. I, however, dissagree. I think that, […] Read more »

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