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Looking for the perfect Christmas gift? Be sure to checkout the new The Apple Blog Store! Killer prices, super fast shipping, and more Apple stuff than you can shake a stick at! Merry Christmas! Read more »

Living as a Mac island in a sea of Windows machines at the office can sometimes be a challenge. Though Apple has made advances through simply enabling Mac OS X clients to attach to Windows networks, and mount shared file servers, third party devices are often […] Read more »

JoyofTech is my regular stop for inside-jokes for the Mac crowd. The Onion is just plain funny. Yesterday however the Onion got into the Apple fun and poked some fun at the North Korea’s ban of iPods, not to mention a jab at the Zune. Good […] Read more »

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Gruber points to this awesome note-taking program for Quicktime, and I’m floored that I haven’t heard of it sooner (it was released back in Mid September). Apparently the cool folks at have created and freely released QT Movie NoteTaker to the world. On OS X […] Read more »

I love my Macbook Pro, it’s hands down the best laptop I’ve owned. It is aesthetically pleasing, it runs virtually any operating system, and causes me little grief. There is just one thing that’s annoying the crap out of me, and I’m putting a call to […] Read more »

iPhone – Predictions, Buying Plans, and other Thoughts Browser Wars continues Best task list software? How long have you been a Mac user? 10.5 Leopard Predictions Read more »

Rumor has it that a new MacBook Pro model will be unveiled soon as the successor to the 12-inch PowerBook.  It would be sub-notebook computer in size and weight. I think such a sub-notebook would be a great addition to the Apple notebook line considering Sony […] Read more »

MyDreamApp, MacHeist, MacZOT!, MacAppADay – these are all recent or current marketing plans that have originated in the world of Macintosh software. With the exception of MacZOT! (which follows something of a Woot plan of attack, offering one smokin deal a day) these ideas are all […] Read more »

As Q1 2007 is rushing towards us, so are hopes that we’ll soon see a release of Apple’s OS 10.5 – or Leopard. We’ve seen Spaces and Time Machine and Core Animation at the OS level of enhancements. We’ve been told that some features were being […] Read more »

A while back I enjoyed making a bunch of the mini iPhoto Books for family members as holiday gifts. The size was fun and portable, good for the grandparents to show off and all that. They were relatively cheap, and in typical Apple fashion, easy to […] Read more »

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I was first made aware of this information from CNet’s Buzz Out Loud Podcast (an excellent podcast, BTW) — according to a study by MetaFacts 46% of Mac users are older than 55 years of age. I thought that such a figure actually makes sense. I […] Read more »

Belkin’s SportCommand for iPod (RRP of $79.99)is one of those products that, though definitely not revolutionary, makes you wonder why it hasn’t been done before. Essentially, it’s little more than a remote control for your iPod (with dock connector), in the vein of Griffin’s Airclick, or […] Read more »

In the killer contest we’ve got going, we’ve now added one of the new iPod shuffle’s to the contest! That means we’ll be giving away almost 70 prizes to close to 50 people! There are tons of people getting involved so head on over to this […] Read more »

Amongst some discussions in the TAB Forums (get involved and possibly win some tasty prizes!) was a request for a listing of Quicksilver screencasts from around the web. Seemed like a good idea to me. You can obviously find a handful here at The Apple Blog, […] Read more »

This is more of a ‘show me yours’ type of post. Course first then, I should show you mine. While and and other similar social bookmarking services become more and more integrated into our browsers, I continue to keep certain bookmarks locally, in a […] Read more »

Both Paul Stamatiou and Ronald Heft have thrown out solid thoughts on the possibility of Parallels being bought by Apple. Boot Camp is lame, Virtual PC never made it off the starting line, and Parallels really has become a core app that Intel mac users have […] Read more »

Computerworld recently posted an advance excerpt from the newsletter of Windows expert Scot Finnie, detailing how he was making a MacBook Pro his main work and personal computer for 1-3 months. He’s testing how well it works with his necessary applications (Lotus Notes and Eudora) and […] Read more »

I’ve checked out various iTunes alarm clock programs in the past couple years. While many of them had some of the features I wanted, I found that most were lacking in ways that were deal-breakers for me. I eventually settled on a solution that involved an […] Read more »

This isn’t exactly a full review, as much as it is huge Kudos to Mark/Space for their killer software, Missing Sync. All the cell phones I’ve owned have been good enough to connect with my Macs right out of the box. Bluetooth on, and BOOM! Good […] Read more »

Geez, I think I’m gonna start this as a regular sort of topic here at The Apple Blog. This’ll be the 2nd example this week of a business leader in a seat of power talking about their move to Macintosh computers (here’s the other from this […] Read more »

Just today Parallels released their latest beta of their popular Virtualization software. While I haven’t had a chance to give it a try just yet, I have been testing it out as a replacement for my Windows Laptop at work. I’m crafting the piece right now, […] Read more »

So as we announced yesterday, we’re having a bit of a contest. We’re giving away all sorts of things like free apps and accessories to people. One of the companies that graciously donated stuff was Griffin Technology. We knew we were getting some cool stuff to […] Read more »

Could Apple start receiving a portion of every music download from every online music store, even Microsoft’s new Zune Marketplace? According to patent attorney Michael Starkweather, that could start happening very soon. I believe that, with this patent in hand, Apple will eventually be after every […] Read more »

Missing OS 9′s appearance themes? Longing for the ability to tear your Intel-based Mac away from the horrors of the iTunes 7 interface? Well, today’s your lucky day, because Unsanity‘s Shapeshifter has finally come out of its seven-moth beta in the quest for Intel-compatibility, and after […] Read more »

We’re having a sweetness giveaway here at TAB! We’re giving away over a dozen prizes to people for participating in the new forums! The Prizes AppZapper Disco Overflow On The Job NewsFire Acquisition Griffin Technology Products Be sure to check out the full details and then […] Read more »

I will be in the market for a new Mac in early 2007. I currently use a PowerBook G4-1.5GHz, 2GB ram, 15 inch screen; 80GB hard disk. I use this for tons of stuff, including but not limited to: podcast production (Audacity and iTunes); Office apps […] Read more »

These days, everyone seems to have an opinion on what Apple’s going to do next. It’s not surprising to see analysts base their prediction for Apple stock entirely on an upcoming product. Doing that is fine for, say, Intel, because their roadmap is available for public […] Read more »

Text editors are great if for no other reason than that you can execute a search and replace function. This little tool has saved me countless hours of tedious, mind-numbing text replacement exercises. But what happens when you need to alter several items outside of a […] Read more »

In the comments of ‘Banking on Apple‘ the discussion of Apple Hardware becoming more standard across the desks at large companies seemed to take a front seat. It’s an interesting topic that ultimately sprang – in this forum – from a not-fully-explained comment of mine. I […] Read more »

A couple days ago I began to write about this post by Zeldman. But then I saw it referenced in another place or two, and thought it not significant enough to devote my time to when a couple others already had. But this thing just keeps […] Read more »

I gone into reviewing Mouseposé with the idea of using it in the classroom where I teach introductory Mac classes. It’s a simple app in its function and design and so I thought a good approach to this review would be to discuss the scenarios where […] Read more »

How many of you Mac users out there have ever attempted to persuade someone to Get a Mac? How many of you have ever engaged in a debate or argument with a user of a certain other operating system over the virtues of your respective OS? […] Read more »

Earlier today Reuters reported that Universal Music, the largest music company in the world, may soon ask Apple for royalties on each iPod sold. One can hardly blame Universal for wanting to push this envelope, given that Microsoft opened the can of worms by offering to […] Read more »

Apple has posted three new “Get A Mac” ads: Gift Exchange shows the Mac give the PC an iPhoto book. The PC remarks that it looks like a lot of work, but then the Mac replies that it only took a few clicks in iPhoto. Then, […] Read more »

I’ll preface this post by noting that I’m the last person to ask for stock tips. I don’t have the mind for it and I don’t keep track of that stuff in a manner that’s useful to anyone but myself. You want stock tips? I’ll point […] Read more »

In the past 4 years I’ve gone from the 17″ PowerBook, to a 15″ Powerbook, to a 13″ MacBook. Each time I’ve upgraded the system, but clearly downgraded the display size. I get by because of the 20″ LCD I connect to on my desk at […] Read more »

When Apple created Mac OS X, they didn’t build on the creaky foundation of the Classic Mac operating system. So when OS X was first released, there were a number of features that long-term Mac users considered missing. Over the course of four major upgrades, Apple […] Read more »

I love the ravenous Mac community. There’s always some rumor flying around, or a contest to mock-up fake products. Simply put, the community made-up of Apple fans is devoted. Most recently on the list of rumors (again) is a Tablet form-factor unit from Apple. This one’s […] Read more »

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