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As silly as it sounds, I still keep track of macZOT! deals. The site has definitely seemed to fizzle in excitement since its inception, but there are still the occasionally attractive deals being offered. In today’s case, you can get 30% off St Clair Soft’s Default […] Read more »

Though the Apple TV has only been available for a few days, a few folks have already pulled it apart and successfully swapped out the default 40GB hard drive for a more spacious one. Now TechRestore is offering to do the work for Apple TV owners […] Read more »

By merging Macromedia’s old product line with its own applications, creating an Extended version of Photoshop and reviving long-dead video and audio applications for Intel Macs, Adobe’s new Creative Suite 3 has become the largest software rollout in the company’s history. Available in the Second and […] Read more »

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Remember how I said “I Want My Apple TV”? Well, it came. And I’ve been trying it out all weekend. After a false start on Friday, where I had tried to connect an HDMI cable from the Apple TV device to my TV set, only to […] Read more »

In case you’re not a fan of the delayed eject functionality that 10.4.9 brings to your system, here’s a quick tip on getting around it. If you want to eject your disc, and not be bothered to wait, hit the Eject key, and then quickly follow […] Read more »

Those of us who enjoyed the Apple TV this weekend know that one of the first things the Apple TV does is link to a master iTunes Library on the same wireless network and offer to sync the data between your computer and its hard drive. […] Read more »

OS X has all sorts of little tweaks that can be made to it via the Terminal. These are usually items that aren’t available via the operating system GUI. In many cases, developers have made little utilities that allow you to make these changes outside the […] Read more »

A study published Sunday at a meeting of the American College of Cardiology showed that a doctor’s ability to detect a heart problem was doubled after listening to heart sounds on an iPod. Nearly 150 medical students listened to the five most frequent heart murmurs on […] Read more »

Currently on display at the Vertexlist gallery in Brooklyn through April 22 is the “Random Access Poetics” exhibition, which includes a series of iPod sculptures by the artist [dNASAb]. According to the gallery’s write-up, the sculptures are “continuously looping, wall hanging, painted audio/video sculptures. The sculpture […] Read more »

Apple has denied the rumors of Leopard being delayed until sometime in October, according to Jupiter Research Analyst Michael Gartenberg. Just spoke with Apple who confirmed the reports are wrong and Leopard is still scheduled to ship in this spring as they previously announced. The rumor […] Read more »

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If you’ve ever used the Genius Bar at your local Apple Store, you’ve used their Concierge Service. You can sign up from from anywhere (not just within the store itself) for a convenient time that day and then head on in at your leisure. Works […] Read more »

The people over at Mvix, makers of the Mvix MX-760HD (a Linux-based wireless media center), have done a comparison of their product and the gadget of the moment, the Apple TV. For those of you looking for a media center or media center extender device, the […] Read more »

Reviews of the Apple TV are starting to show up in major media outlets now, and while BusinessWeek’s Stephen H. Wildstrom considers the new device “handsome” and that it “works very well,” he notes that it can’t do for video what the iPod did for music […] Read more »

The just-released Apple TV will be available from more than 800 Best Buy retail stores starting next Tuesday, March 27, according to’s Erica Ogg. Apple computers are typically not sold at computer electronics stores (especially now that CompUSA is closing a large number of its […] Read more »

The new Apple TV is shipping and you really, really want one. You think this is perfect for your old television, but then you realize you don’t have an HDMI or component input. But you really, really want one. How do you make this work? Fear […] Read more »

Note: This article is part one of a series I’m starting about various UI annoyances in Safari, OS X’s default browser. Don’t feel ripped off if this series isn’t too long — Safari is a pretty great browser. Safari has been frustrating me recently. I use […] Read more »

For years, whether it was owned by Connectix or Microsoft, Virtual PC was the most popular (but certainly not speedy) way to run Windows on a Mac. But after Apple started using Intel processors, Microsoft ended development on the product. Now has extended its offer […] Read more »

Scott Stevenson at Thecacao (also of CocoaBlogs) puts down some great thoughts about that thing that makes Apple developers and their apps stand apart from their Windows counterparts. The main point is that we prefer the user experience over a boat-load of features. Windows apps are […] Read more »

The Filter, an ‘instant playlist generator plugin for iTunes’, just launched today. This little plugin, backed by Peter Gabriel, is a great way to build playlists of music on the fly. You can create playlists in a number of ways, but what seems the most intuitive […] Read more »

I’ve been eyeing a 17 inch iMac G4 for sometime now. It’s pretty expensive at around $560 at not that much less than a brand new Mac mini. I have thought about putting the 17 inch iMac in my guest room for use by any […] Read more »

iTunes features two types of playlists, the first being the standard bucket-like playlist, where you can drag and drop tunes to your heart’s content, and the second, smart playlists which fill with songs based on criteria you choose, whether they be by genre, artist, song length, […] Read more »

A while back I started Daily Feeding, which was meant to be tips on regular tasks you might need to perform on your Mac. I’ve got the wheels turning again, and am trying to re-up that segment. Today’s Daily Feeding has to do with hiding files […] Read more »

You’ve seen that stylish little white Apple Remote, but your Mac doesn’t have an infrared (“IR”) sensor. What are your options? Twisted Melon has come out with a product called Manta TR1 — an USB IR receiver which works with Apple Remotes (and other remotes if […] Read more »

We’re working on the next version of TAB and would love to have your feedback! We’ve set up a tiny form here that asks 2 questions and would really take all of about 9 seconds to do it. No personal info is collected, so don’t worry […] Read more »

Last week I pointed to LifeHacker’s great rundown of Geektool. It’s one of those tools that just blends in and you sort of forget about it. This is just what I’d done, and thus had never really covered it here on The Apple Blog. But following […] Read more »

By now most everyone’s probably heard about Twitter. Evan Williams, who started Blogger, and then Odeo, has moved on to his next project which is called Twitter. If you’ve been under a rock, it’s sort of instant messenger input meets blog-style publishing. I’m blurring the lines […] Read more »

Andrew Sims is the host and producer of MuggleCast, the most popular Harry Potter podcast in the world. I had the great opportunity recently to ask him a few questions. Tell us a bit about MuggleCast, and its history. MuggleCast started back in August 2005 when […] Read more »

Some students attending Bolton High School in Alexandria, Louisiana, will be carrying around an Apple notebook computer next school year instead of textbooks as part of the parish’s first Digital Academy. An article in The Town Talk says that “students in Bolton’s gifted program plus all […] Read more »

Shortly after Steve Jobs formally introduced the Apple TV at MacWorld San Francisco this January, I did what any good Mac aficionado would do. I plunked down my credit card and bought one, using the proceeds I had gained from playing the MacWorld hype in Apple […] Read more »

In order to prove the superior durability of its new TruePower 65-Watt AC adapter, FastMac ran over it with a truck. And in true modern fashion, they videotaped the action and posted it to YouTube. “Our new TruePower AC adapter is not only smaller than most […] Read more »

While white earbuds have been turning on thieves in larger cities for some time, now smaller cities are seeing a rise in iPod-related thefts. The Stockton Record reports that robberies of juveniles are growing faster than the rate of overall robberies and part of the reason […] Read more »

Less than two weeks after the release of iTunes 7.1, Apple has now updated its popular music application to version 7.1.1. The brief notes say the update “addresses a stability issue and minor compatibility problems in iTunes 7.1.” Perhaps the “minor compatibility problems” were with LimeWire, […] Read more »

When I was at Macworld Expo in January, I witnessed an unexpected meeting between a Miglia executive and an Apple executive, but didn’t think too much of it until this week. What happened this week is that Elgato, home of the EyeTV software that Miglia uses […] Read more »

Apparently rock stars and record companies aren’t the only ones who can renegotiate their contracts. In an article for USA Today headlined Cellphone users set their sights on Apple’s iPhone, Jefferson Graham details how many cell phone users are currently looking for ways out of their […] Read more »

Back in January I started using Calorie King’s Nutrition & Exercise Manager (NEM, from here on out) on a daily basis. I’ve never dieted before, let alone watched what I was actually putting in my body, so I wasn’t sure how I’d fair with this project. […] Read more »

I’ve used GeekTool for quite a while, and it’s become one of those things that I just take for granted on my system. It monitors everything under the sun, and sticks it right at Desktop level on your screen so you can always reference it. My […] Read more »

Roxio’s Toast 8 Titanium, the latest version of its venerable disc-burning application, has received its first update. And while the 8.0.1 number makes it seem insignificant, the number of changes it brings is not. The list of all 36 improvements includes changes to Toast’s supporting applications: […] Read more »

I’ve had a crazy couple weeks and the time to do screencasts has really not been available to me. I apologize to all 1 of you who may have felt that awful void in your life because of it. But I’m back baby. So today I’m […] Read more »

A couple weeks after it’s initial release, TagBot gets its first update. Based off of user input (I assume from the comments section of my last Metadata post, here) TagBot has gotten a couple of nice enhancements. According to one of the developers, Ryan: The new […] Read more »

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