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As I’ve been known to do, I take requests, and this screencast is an example of that practice. The question has been asked several times in the past about the look of my Quicksilver interface. There’s no special Quicksilver Foo that I’ve applied, as always, it’s […] Read more »

Apple has apparently emailed to all podcasters registered with iTunes a note encouraging them to upgrade their video podcasts to at least 640 pixels wide: Greetings from the iTunes Podcasting Team: Apple TV is here, and podcasts are making a big move into the living room. […] Read more »

GelaSkins now makes decals that you could place on your MacBook, MacBook Pro, iBook or PowerBook. The decals feature some really cool graphics; the one on the left is called “Fuzin Raizin” by Aya Kato and is my personal favorite.  There are a total of 30 […] Read more »

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First a proof-of-concept virus for the iPod is created (of note to the 10 of you who install Linux on your iPod). Then a company called NextSentry (which sells security products related to removable storage devices) calls for a workplace ban. Now Network World’s Cara Garretson […] Read more »

For the first time, a number of movies from the libraries of MGM and its subsidiaries have been added to the iTunes Store, all at the back catalog pricing tier of $9.99. The initial batch of titles includes: Across 110th Street Bananas Bulletproof Monk Chaplin Coffy […] Read more »

SanDisk has launched a Wi-Fi-enabled MP3 player, Sansa Connect, and a central player in its creation is Zing, a company co-founded by former Apple executive Tim Bucher. Using built-in Wi-Fi, the Sansa Connect can stream Internet radio from Launchcast stations, browse Flickr photo streams, and download […] Read more »

I’ve done several screencasts here on The Apple Blog – and have many more planned. Lately I’ve been taking in many other screencasts around the web and have noticed a huge variation in how people execute them. Some have very professional editing and eye candy, while […] Read more »

I’ve done a post like this before, but it’s fairly old at this point in time so here we go again. One of the best ways to find great new software for your system is by checking out what other people are running on their Macs. […] Read more »

During an episode of “How I Met Your Mother” on CBS, I caught a commercial for the Apple TV. I had never seen it before (and it’s not on Apple’s site yet), so I thought I would report on it. I’ll give you a play by […] Read more »

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I’ve mentioned Mark/Space before as providing a great product in Missing Sync, which allows me to easily connect my Windows Mobile-based BlackJack with my MacBook. They also offer Palm and now BlackBerry software as well. I’ve been quite pleased with Missing Sync, though really only use […] Read more »

There’s been much discussion lately about how to store all those crazy text strings that we get in order to license our software purchases. A cottage industry has popped-up just to service this growing need as we continue to expand our Applications folder day after day. […] Read more »

Why do software companies support the Mac? Don’t get me wrong, I love that there are so many options available for OS X. However, OS X users are a small percentage of the overall market (according to Wikipedia, Mac users are a mere 6% of the […] Read more »

Sometimes it zooms, sometimes it maximizes and sometimes it just does wacky stuff that no one can really explain. The green button in all OS X windows has been a nuisance since the public betas and it’s (long past) time Apple fixed it. Read more »

When I see the headline “How Microsoft can beat iTunes” I think of the iTunes application and its ability to purchase music to download and play within the application and on iPods. But CNET Executive Editor David Carnoy is actually referring to the iTunes Store and, […] Read more »

For those of you who followed the My Dream App competition last year, there’s news of progress! Austin Sarner (AppZapper developer) posts to the MDA Forums about the work that’s been accomplished to date on CookBook – one of the winning apps. The screenshots looks very […] Read more »

I know, it must be shocking to see that I’m doing a screencast on something other than Quicksilver. For me to not be covering Quicksilver is generally a big deal – well that’s just the case today. I’m proud to bring you a screencast preview of […] Read more »

More than two years after Google released version 1.0 of its Google Desktop Search for Windows PCs, the company today released Google Desktop for Mac OS 10.4. But a questionable choice in its creation makes me wonder if it’ll soon be unusable with this spring’s release […] Read more »

Although John C. Dvorak cited thin margins and Apple’s inability to play the fashion game fast enough in a recent MarketWatch column urging the company to pull the plug on the iPhone, he revealed far different reasons on the latest episode of This Week in Tech […] Read more »

Excellent! And why not a shiny new Apple LCD to go with that 8 core beast? Apple dropped their prices across the board on their beautiful (allbeit overpriced) LCD line. The breakdown: 30″ Cinema HD Display dropped to $1799 ($200 price cut). 23″ Cinema HD Display […] Read more »

Good Morning Apple! Thanks for the 8 Core Mac Pros! Now I just need to figure out where the money to fund one of these puppies is coming from… Read more »

Finally, one less reason to use my Windows laptop at work. Late last night, Google released the long-awaited Mac OS X version of their popular Google Desktop application, enabling Mac users to break away from Apple’s bundled Spotlight application and use the familiar Google interface to […] Read more »

When MacHeist dropped their huge software bundle late last year, it seemed to be the end of the marketing game. But there was one Briefing left untouched and not much else came from the website. But on April 1st my feed reader picked up on some […] Read more »

This isn’t a new bit of software (according to the release date, it’s coming up on it’s 1 year birthday), but it’s something I hadn’t been aware of until I caught a blip about it on LifeHacker. The iPod Shuffle Database Builder is handy in case […] Read more »

It appears I was right. DRM-free, 256kbps tracks from EMI for $1.29. You’ll still be able to buy the DRM’d 128kbps tracks for $0.99. You can upgrade tracks you already bought fro $0.30. Complete albums will still be $9.99 for the DRM-free high-quality version. This is […] Read more »

The BBC is reporting that EMI is having a media event on Monday, with Steve Jobs appearing as a special guest. Many people are saying this means the Beatles will finally sell their songs on the iTunes Music Store. However, I don’t think that warrants Steve […] Read more »

Between the Month of Apple Bugs, the ‘Hacking a MacBook in 60 seconds’ controversy and Bill Gates’ Newsweek interview where he claimed “security guys break the Mac every single day,” one could be forgiven for thinking that maybe Macs are insecure and unsafe. But InformationWeek’s Sharon […] Read more »

In his latest Byte of the Apple column for BusinessWeek, Arik Hesseldahl dissects the latest efforts by Greenpeace to “shame Apple into taking what it considers corrective action on environmental practices.” Greenpeeace has been focusing on Apple because of how the company rates on the group’s […] Read more »

But I didn’t know it was this simple! All I had to do was ask a friend for their PowerBook and I could’ve gotten one for free. Or not. Does anyone know somebody like this? I’m getting ahead of myself. In case you haven’t clicked the […] Read more »

I have been on a search for the perfect podcatcher for some time now. I watch video podcasts as an alternative to traditional television programming since I have a Mac mini connected to my television. I choose the larger versions of video files because they look […] Read more »

Belkin has a new product coming soon. It is an iPod dock that fits in a standard grommet hole in your desk. The device has a stero-out jack and of course, you can charge your iPod with it. Seems like a pretty smart idea since it […] Read more »

Jason emailed me this morning with the great idea to start a TAB Folding@Home team. I’ve participated in the Folding@Home project in years past but it had fallen off of my radar recently. If you aren’t familiar with F@H, it’s a distributed computing project that makes […] Read more »

In the “why wasn’t this already here from the very beginning?” category, today Apple debuted a new feature within iTunes that lets you purchase a full album from which you had already purchased songs, without having to repurchase those individual tracks, and getting duplicates. The service, […] Read more »

Mac followers can consider PC Magazine columnist John Dvorak a “contrarian indicator”. Often, the more frustrated and vitriolic Dvorak gets over a technology, the more likely it is to succeed. Dvorak is well-known for stirring up a hornet’s nest by slamming Apple and its users. That’s […] Read more »

Ars reports that Intel released details on Penryn, which will be the 45nanometer successor to our Macs’ beloved Core 2 Duo processors. There’s all kinds of geeky specs and details if you’re into the mechanics of computer processors. But if you’re just in it for the […] Read more »

In an effort to quell the weekly requests for how my CMD + ESC trigger works to load a selected item (or multiple selected items) into Quicksilver, I’ve done an impromptu screencast on the setup. Call it Bonus Wednesday. Anyway, I’m at work, so there’s no […] Read more »

There has been recent discussion around here about how folks keep track of the plethora of serial numbers and licenses for all their dandy applications. Everything from homegrown PHP/MySQL solutions to old fashioned email to actual applications was mentioned. Needless to say there are some creative […] Read more »

UPDATE: Sorry, screencast URL is fixed now. I’ve been stockpiling ideas of the gems I’d still like to show you in Quicksilver, and among them is the Image Manipulation plugin. However, a quick search shows that I [sort of] covered it about a year ago. I […] Read more »

As silly as it sounds, I still keep track of macZOT! deals. The site has definitely seemed to fizzle in excitement since its inception, but there are still the occasionally attractive deals being offered. In today’s case, you can get 30% off St Clair Soft’s Default […] Read more »

Though the Apple TV has only been available for a few days, a few folks have already pulled it apart and successfully swapped out the default 40GB hard drive for a more spacious one. Now TechRestore is offering to do the work for Apple TV owners […] Read more »

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