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A few months ago I started to mess around with a .htaccess file in connection with one of my websites. When I transferred the file from my web server to my desktop via FTP, the file never showed up. I tried again and again, but that […] Read more »

I read that Mozy, an online backup service, introduced a beta for Mac users over at I figured I’d backup a couple of things on Mozy because off-site backup is a good idea in general. I wanted to backup 90MB worth of documents (Mozy gives […] Read more »

To use CFO Peter Oppenheimer’s own words, any stockholder of Apple should be “surprised and delighted” at its Q2 results. Without going into numbers… Apple made a ton of money, and did even better than they expected themselves. After listening to the Q2 Results Call again, […] Read more »

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A Product Manager at Symantec Corporation posted a query Wednesday on the Entourage mailing list. I was curious if anyone knew the names of a few dev shops that focus on creating custom extensions for Entourage. Although the mailing list is unofficial, and not run by […] Read more »

I consider myself pretty savvy on the Mac. But as the saying goes, you learn something new every day, right? Enter OS X Hacker. A Trackpad setting in the System Preferences that I never paid any attention to before. Hold down your control key and push […] Read more »

 It looks like our favorite computer hardware maker is hiring a “Sr. Manager, Web 2.0 Development“. Would could Apple possibly be up to? Myspace comes to iTunes? Facebook on your iPhone? iPhoto to make better friends with Flickr? iMovie goes YouTube? Very interesting. Let the speculation […] Read more »

With screencasts seeming to be all the rage – and having done a handful myself – I thought it might be useful to run down some of the high points of putting together a screencast that conveys a point in a clean and concise manner. It […] Read more »

TUAW posted a neat link about combining Quicksilver and YubNub for extremely customizable searches. I briefly played with this and found it to be pretty cool actually. Having not previously heard of YubNub, this was a learning experience for me. The highlight being that you can […] Read more »

The much talked about Apple TV has been around for a while and is being carried by major retailers, and has been hacked over and over again. After catching yet another Apple TV review, I put together this list (with explanations) of stuff I hope Apple […] Read more »

As I was in the supermarket, I noticed Consumer Reports magazine sporting an iMac (amongst other things) on its cover.  This issue of Consumer Reports featured the most and least reliable brands according to surveys.  While no laptop manufacturer stood out as reliable or repair-prone, “only […] Read more »

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Sign me up for 2 of these…Just wish my MacBook could handle them. Maybe my wallet too. So by stacking ram modules on top of one another, Samsung has developed faster, more reliable RAM chips. Really all I have to say – being a devoted OS […] Read more »

Ars points out that if you’ve been rocking the CS3 beta of Photoshop, a simple Drag/Drop uninstall or copy of the Full version over top may not do the trick. Adobe offers a script that you should run before installing the official (not-free) version on your […] Read more »

Fountains of Wayne performed a free mini-show at New York’s Apple Store SoHo last Friday and Entertainment Weekly’s Simon Vozick-Levinson wrote a mini-review for the magazine’s blog. He notes that although it was billed as an acoustic set “that didn’t stop three out of the band’s […] Read more »

Short of being a network geek, you probably haven’t ever considered toying with the DNS settings in yout Network Preference Pane. But OpenDNS has given everyone a reason to take another look. DNS stands for Domain Name System, and it’s employed all over our beloved Internets. […] Read more »

A couple of months ago I made the transition from a PowerMac G5 to a 17″ MacBook Pro. Up until then I had never used a laptop in a stationary work environment and was a bit green to what sort of things would really make that […] Read more »

Spire has always been a favorite of ours. They make solid bags that are lightweight yet still extremely functional. I’ve been using the Endo XL for a few weeks now and it really has just about everything I could need. What makes it so great is […] Read more »

The other day, a friend of mine was showing me something on his laptop.  He handed his Lenovo ThinkPad over to me. I prepared my hand for the expected heat and was pleasantly surprised by a physically cool laptop. This brings me to my gripe. Why can’t Apple laptops […] Read more »

Earlier this week, after arriving in San Diego for a tradeshow, I was struck with the real horror that my 60 GB iPod Photo had died. It had frozen up, and when I manually reset it, I was greeted with a “Sad iPod” icon, and a […] Read more »

I know people are itching to get content on their iPods and AppleTVs, that’s why there’s HandBrake.  HandBrake can convert DVDs to MPEG-4 and is open source.HandBrake 0.8.5b1 was just released on Friday.  There have been more bug fixes and now HandBrake supports the AppleTV and […] Read more »

I got there at little after 7:15am and was greeted by this line. Then the Apple Laptops came out – great wireless signal from the store apparently. Then the Apple Team came out Whooping and Cheering. And then the party began. This was my first Apple […] Read more »

So almost a year ago to the day (ok, off by a week), I posted an early screencast which showed the setup I use for Quicksilver. The intent then – as it is now – was to show all of you exactly which items are check-marked […] Read more »

It seems my screencasts garner much interest in the rest of my system’s bling, if you will. So a quick rundown to answer some of the questions left in the comments of the Pimp Your Quicksilver screencast from last week. WALLPAPER I find my Desktop wallpaper […] Read more »

In case your Software Update hasn’t notified you already, there’s a Security Update waiting for your attention. It addresses a pretty long list of security concerns within OS X. If you’d like to go and install it now – not a bad idea – then go […] Read more »

I’ve got a lot of friends who have recently purchased their first Macs. I’m always more than happy to help them get up and running and answer questions whenever they have them – I mean, I do that here for you people and I don’t even […] Read more »

VLC Media Player 0.8.6b is now available. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years, VLC is short for Video Lan Client and is one of the most versatile media players in existence today. According to the good people over at […] Read more »

I went ahead and closed the comments on the Joost Invites post. Thanks for all the responses – I really wish I had more than 3 to pass along at this time, as the choices were difficult. I got some good laughs out of your efforts […] Read more »

Thurrott is back in action with the continuing contribution of fence riding quotes this week. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve read his articles since I was a young little geek and enjoyed them. It’s just great to see someone who’s career has focused on Microsoft’s products […] Read more »

Elgato Systems has released EyeTV 2.4, a free update which now includes one-click export for Apple TV. The feature functions in the same way as EyeTV 2’s iPod export button: select a video from the list of recordings and click the new Apple TV button in […] Read more »

When Roxio showed off the TiVo capabilities of Toast Titanium 8 at CES in January, there was a TiVo-themed menu style that could be used when burning DVDs. But when the product arrived, the menu style was not included. According to a poster on the TiVo […] Read more »

More than 100 “Great Albums” on the iTunes Store that normally sell for $9.99 or more are now selling for $7.99 each. As Apple puts it: Did the car stereo chew up your cassette of Nevermind? Is your Kind of Blue LP scratched? Have you always […] Read more »

By now I’m sure most of you have heard about Joost. It’s Tv on your mac with nothing more than an internet connection. I’ve been playing with the closed beta for a couple of weeks now and it’s got a lot going for it. Maybe not […] Read more »

I’ve discussed in the past, the use of OverFlow for replacing my Login Items within OS X. Some people really don’t like to load up their Login Items, leaving OverFlow as a nice alternative for launching those essential apps whenever they’re needed. Several people voiced their […] Read more »

If you’ve chosen Google Reader as your RSS ‘app’ then this little tidbit may be pretty interesting to you. Jon Hicks has been laboring over a sweet skin for Google Reader, making it look (and function) much more OS X-like. Read his post on it here, […] Read more »

Is it just me, or is the latest ad from Apple – Stuffed – a little hypocritical? I mean, if I’m not mistaken my MacBook came with a demo of Office and 1 or 2 other things that I don’t remember now, since removing them the […] Read more »

The process by which people deal with grief and tragedy is marked by five stages. And with Apple recently announcing the delay of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard until October, Mac users are currently going through those stages (some faster than others). Read more »

The Design and Web editions of Creative Suite 3 (both Standard and Premium) are now available from Adobe. The applications that make up those editions are also available individually and include: Photoshop CS3 Photoshop CS3 Extended InDesign CS3 Illustrator CS3 Flash CS3 Professional Dreamweaver CS3 Fireworks […] Read more »

This is a note aimed more toward the Colorado-based TAB readers. This Saturday the 21st of April marks the opening of an Apple store at Park Meadows Mall in Lone Tree, Colorado. Being that it’s just minutes from my home, I don’t think an Apple store […] Read more »

Our last giveaway was a huge success and a lot of fun…and it’s time to go at it again! This time the prizes are bigger and better and sure to make quite a few folks happy. The Prizes 1 – Apple TV from Apple 1 – […] Read more »

Today, Apple announced two new Final Cut products. First off is Final Cut Server which is priced at $999 for 10 users, $1999 for unlimited users. Apple says it is scalable and has workflow automation. It will be available this summer. Apple also announced Final Cut […] Read more »

Apple will open a retail store at The Galleria mall in Fort Lauderdale (the company’s seventh in South Florida) on Saturday, April 21, according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. The Broward County location will be Apple’s 13th retail store location in Florida, making it second only […] Read more »

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