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Derik at MacUser has a very nicely written piece about the ability of MacBooks to handle 3GB or RAM. Apparently the Core 2 Duo based MacBooks (not to be confused with the first gen Core Duo MacBooks) are able to max out at 3 gigs of […] Read more »

Well our little giveaway has now come to an end. It has been a ton of fun and it has been great getting too meet some of the “new folks” to the community! Below you will find the list of winners…without a listing of prizes. “What?!?!,” […] Read more »

I’ve written at great length about using Metadata to keep track of your files, even going so far as an alternative to folder hierarchies. But amongst the barriers to entry is the difficulty in actually tagging those files and subsequently keeping track of those tags that […] Read more »

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Yup, it is indeed Tuesday friends. And being Tuesday, we’re lucky to see the release of updated MacBooks from Apple. Now the base, $1099 MacBook comes in 2Ghz speed, while the Superdrive and Black versions both come in 2.16Ghz versions. All models come standard with 1GB […] Read more »

Our huge TAB Giveaway will be ending in less than 24 hours! It’s been a massive success with hundreds of new community members and thousands of new posts! I wanted to post about how we’ll be choosing the winners this time around. This time will be […] Read more »

After bumping into the World Series of Poker (WSOP) a bajillion times on late-night sports channels, I wanted to find an easy way to hone my skills in Texas Hold ‘Em, without having to lose my shirt (and money) at Vegas or my dignity among friends […] Read more »

With Apple rumors getting spread further around than ever (and regular coverage from national news media), it’s important to remember that many (most?) tend to be either completely untrue or so premature they never come true. So here’s a look back at 10 of the worst […] Read more »

Steve Wozniak (um, inventor of the Apple computer?) will be interviewed on the main stage of the second annual Bay Area Maker Faire on Saturday, May 19. This year’s faire will be at the San Mateo Fairgrounds in northern California on May 19 & 20 and […] Read more »

As if the PC magazine world wasn’t bad enough with PC World’s 10 Reasons We Hate Apple, now PC Magazine is running reports on Apple by “ Staff.” Gee, no thanks, guys. Today’s report is about the “iPhone Launch Crisis,” and ThinkSecret’s sources “report Apple will […] Read more »

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We knew it was coming, and now there’s evidence in the form of a patent that seems to confirm things. Future iPods – hopefully meaning the next generation to be released – will be rocking the full screen display with touch controls. Although it looks as […] Read more »

Continuing with my “Why Software Companies Support OS X” series, I had a chance to ask some questions to Brian Jacquet, a spokesperson for SlingMedia. As many of you know, SlingMedia recently introduced a new beta of the SlingPlayer which is more Mac-like in appearance. I […] Read more »

Apple has a new program available through their brick & mortar stores, called ‘one to one‘. For $99 a year, you can schedule sessions with an Apple Store employee – my guess is it’ll be a Creative, who teaches the general store classes – to assist […] Read more »

Although Apple’s shareholder meeting Thursday ought to be celebratory after a record-setting quarter and Jobs general placation of its environmental adversaries, a group of activist shareholders is threatening to spoil the party with a proposal on the company’s proxy statement relating to the stock options backdating […] Read more »

CrunchGear pointed to this the other day and I’ve been daydreaming about it since. The fact that it’s a tablet mock-up does not necessarily get me excited. The part I dig is the short description of how the design would function: It [the keyboard] stays in […] Read more »

Daniel Turner has posted a nice photo of the Apple I, designed by company co-founder Steve “Woz” Wozniak, at MIT’s Technology Review. If you’re not familiar with the computer landscape of 1976, you might be shocked to see that it’s actually just a circuit board. Buyers […] Read more »

Thanks to their simplicity and effectiveness, Apple’s ‘I’m a PC. I’m a Mac.’ ads have spawned numerous parodies and homages (some better than others). This recent homemade takeoff (the first of six in the series) uses Spider-Man and Superman figures to demonstrate the differences between the […] Read more »

Those Mac developers looking forward to attending this year’s Worldwide Developers’ Conference (WWDC) just got another reason to go. Today Apple sent an e-mail to registered developers, offering them first cuts and the much-anticipated Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5) operating system. The e-mail says there will […] Read more »

Disco, the $30 CD burning application that garnered attention for its unique user interface (oooh, interactive smoke effects!) is moving from the download-only world to the retail world with the upcoming $40 Disco Deluxe Edition. The product will be released to retailers nationwide by Nova Development, […] Read more »

There are some new “Get A Mac” ads, but they’re not on television. They’re not even on Apple’s “Get A Mac” site. So what am I talking about? Apple has several flash ads which feature the standard “Get A Mac” premise. Mac and PC introduce themselves […] Read more »

Yesterday Best Buy put a snazzy little gift set on its shelves that could make the perfect Mother’s Day gift…if you really really like your Mom (and I do…Hi mom). The gift set included a 4GB iPod nano and a heap of chocolate all wrapped up […] Read more »

Just a quick update on our killer giveaway we’re doing here. Things are going strong and there have been thousands of posts in the community and hundreds of new people getting involved. There is just over 1 week left in the contest but it’s not to […] Read more »

In the famous “Get A Mac” series of commercials, the PC is mocked for locking up and needing the occasional reboot to get back on its feet. The Mac, in contrast, doesn’t crash, and doesn’t need a reboot. While this is on the large part true, […] Read more »

A half-page newspaper ad published Sunday announces that Apple is “hiring qualified people to join the iPhone team” in Elk Grove, Calif., at a May 16 Open House. The black-and-white ad was published in The Record, based out of Stockton—about 36 miles south of Elk Grove. […] Read more »

There are certainly plenty of financial analysts with advice about whether or not to buy stock in Apple, Inc. But have you asked your local newspaper’s business columnist? U. Scott Smith, with the Financial Planning Center at Waukegan Savings and Loan, writes for Illinois’ Lake County […] Read more »

I’m one of those people that’s completely on the iPhone pill, without having even touched one, because I know that it looks incredible from all of the demos. I’ve figured out how to do some cool stuff with my Treo, and even figured out Bluetooth and […] Read more »

When I was eight my friends and I planned to build a tank. None of us told our mothers why or how we would do this tank project, but once we had it there was no doubt we would be the kings of the neighborhood. We […] Read more »

AppleCare plans for Apple TVs aren’t the only items of interest at Circuit City. The electronics retailer is also carrying “Collector’s Edition” iTunes Gift Cards featuring the TV Shows 24, Prison Break, CSI, CSI: Miami and CSI: New York. The gift cards can be used to […] Read more »

Although he knows “it sounds way too radical to be taken seriously,” Gundeep Hora at nonetheless thinks Apple should make a strategic acquisition of processor-maker AMD. AMD is the world’s second-largest supplier of x86 based processors, after Intel, Apple’s current supplier. However, Apple could drop […] Read more »

After “overwhelming response” to the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to AppleScript Transition Guide included in the April issue of MacTech Magazine, MacTech has decided to release the 150-page book online for free on the web and also give options to download it as a PDF […] Read more »

Despite a large advertisement in the entrance of my local Circuit City, I was unable to find an Apple TV on display or for sale. However, I did notice they are stocking the boxed AppleCare Protection Plan for Apple TV. Like Macs and iPods before it, […] Read more »

This morning, in a lengthy blog-like post to the company’s Hot News page, Apple CEO Steve Jobs takes on Greenpeace and other organizations who claim the computer and consumer electronics company isn’t doing its part to protect the environment. The piece, “A Greener Apple”, says “It […] Read more »

My main computer is an Apple Intel Core Duo MacBook Pro. It is a beautifully designed piece of technology. Since I spend so much time on my notebook (remember, it’s not a laptop), I have plenty of gripes.  I’ve already mentioned my annoyance with the notebook’s […] Read more »

Just got an e-mail from the Apple Developer Connection about WWDC 2007. Here’s the important part of the e-mail: “Still haven’t registered? You’re in luck—early registration has been extended to May 11. So reserve your spot today and see what makes Cocoa sweeter than ever.” The […] Read more »

You can probably file this in the ‘And who reads those anyway?’ category, but Apple has updated the boilerplate on its press releases to include the iPhone — a clear indication of how important they consider the upcoming device. If you’ve ever had the pleasure to […] Read more »

According to the results of a recent web poll survey of 25,000 respondents, 43 percent of iPod owners want the next model to include an FM tuner. And who conducted this survey? Jacobs Media, “the largest Rock radio consulting firm in America” who also “created the […] Read more »

By adding new features to the iPod over time (notes, photos, videos, etc.), Apple has given owners of previous models plenty of reasons to lust after the latest and greatest models. But Apple hasn’t just been adding features to the iPod, it’s also been taking some […] Read more »

A few months ago I started to mess around with a .htaccess file in connection with one of my websites. When I transferred the file from my web server to my desktop via FTP, the file never showed up. I tried again and again, but that […] Read more »

I read that Mozy, an online backup service, introduced a beta for Mac users over at I figured I’d backup a couple of things on Mozy because off-site backup is a good idea in general. I wanted to backup 90MB worth of documents (Mozy gives […] Read more »

To use CFO Peter Oppenheimer’s own words, any stockholder of Apple should be “surprised and delighted” at its Q2 results. Without going into numbers… Apple made a ton of money, and did even better than they expected themselves. After listening to the Q2 Results Call again, […] Read more »

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