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Following up on part 1 of my interview with the creative minds behind, here’s what Ananth Panagariya had to say about his role in writing AppleGeeks. TAB: I’m not sure which one of you came up with the idea, but where did the idea of […] Read more »

Anyone who is into Mac shareware applications has heard of MacUpdate, for the uninitiated, it’s basically a giant catalog of every Mac app, getting updated by-the-minute with new software updates. I recently had a chance to virtually sit down with Joel Mueller, the founder and head […] Read more »

iPod vending machines aren’t new. They’ve been spotted in Japan, where just about everything (farm fresh eggs, hot ramen, etc.) can be purchased via vending machine. And since late 2005 they’ve been seen in airports, places where visitors can be trapped for hours on end looking […] Read more »

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Obsessing over all things Apple used to be a lonely place. Through the 1990s, in the “No Steve Era”, there was a seemingly small group that would discuss the benefits of CyberDog and OpenDoc, run Kaleidoscope themes to show the futuristic Copland interface, engage in live […] Read more »

While this information will currently be of no use to you, it’s still interesting/impressive – and maybe only if you’re a hacker at heart… It seems that it took some curious iPhone users only 3 days to hack an iphone firmware image and discover the encrypted […] Read more »

MacScoop claims to have the details on the status of the iLife suite. The software went curiously unmentioned in the 2 major keynotes of 2007 which has led to much speculation about when it would drop, features, and Leopard-dependance. But MacScoop is saying that the development […] Read more »

Clearly Apple has shown their affinity for putting software out there for the Windows crowd. To date Apple has produced nearly a half dozen software applications for the Windows platform. These offerings include Quicktime (and the Pro version), iTunes, Software Update, and most recently, Safari. So […] Read more »

Let’s say you’re a budding musician or a podcaster who would like to have some music for your show but you don’t want to run into any potential copyright issues. I had this situation pop up when I had to get some music for my new […] Read more »

GPS Magazine points to a German report (FOCUS automotive magazine) that Apple Inc has struck an exclusive deal with Mercedes to develop their in-car navigation systems. The Luxury car maker will have exclusivity to Apple’s design for the first 6 months, after which it wouldn’t be […] Read more »

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John Gruber just Twittered: I suddenly feel taller, younger, healthier. Convinced that my teeth are now whiter. There you have it folks. If you don’t have an iPhone, get in line now! You can see pics from his experience here on flickr. Read more »

The gadget junky in me is screaming out for an iPhone. I even gave my best pitch to my wife on why she wanted a semi-used Samsung Blackjack, but I knew, and she knew it wasn’t to be. Yet. In early January 2007 (B.i. – Before […] Read more »

Web developers have been more and more concerned with coding for mobile devices. Now that the iPhone is here, I wonder if that may change further. The iPhone – unlike most other cellular phones on the market – browses using a wide-screen web browser and the […] Read more »

If you’ve heard about Quicksilver but have been too timid to familiarize yourself with it, or to peek under the hood a bit, this screencast is for you! Perhaps too often, we (as in the collective web) focus our attention on the cutting edge features of […] Read more »

Up and running! Sorry for the delay in updates! When I tried to activate my iPhone, AT&T turned service to my Treo off, but the iPhone still wasn’t activated. I went about 2 1/2 hours without any cell coverage. When I couldn’t get a WiFi signal […] Read more »

With all the attention given the iPhone over the last few weeks, I’ve started to feel sorry for the Apple TV. While the iPhone has been seen as one of Apple’s most important announcements ever, compared with the original Mac launch, the Apple TV continues to […] Read more »

So for everyone who’s ever complained about the .Mac service, someone is finally trying to do something about it. The notMac Challenge is offering up a choice bounty (at least $10k!) for anyone who can develop a .Mac alternative that’s as easy to use as Apple’s […] Read more »

I know you should never start a blog post with a cliche, but the first time I saw an AppleGeeks comic it was love at first sight. Any comic with clever satires, lovable characters, and amazing artwork is bound to turn some heads. But a comic […] Read more »

Undoubtedly, everyone’s closed a file that hadn’t yet been saved, and gotten the dialog box asking if you’d like to save the file before closing and losing its contents. In most cases this is probably a nice reminder, but there are enough occasions where I was […] Read more »

Last week I wrote about my failure to understand why everyone and their dog seems to be churning out FTP and Text Editor applications. The discussion that was generated in the comments was a good one, and many good points were brought to my attention that […] Read more »

Any iPod owner knows that the earbuds cable gets tangled very easily. I can’t claim ownership of this great tip, but don’t recall where I first heard it long ago. Anyhow, it’s very simple to do, essentially giving the “Rock on!” hand gesture, and looping the […] Read more »

I have a lot of Macs. I have a MacBook Pro that my work gave me, another MacBook Pro that is my personal computer and a 20″ iMac Core 2 Duo that is our family (err, my wife’s) computer. My wife also has a 12″ Powerbook […] Read more »

The more screencasts we’ve posted here on The Apple Blog, the more the question seems to surface of how to get that feed directly. Well the powers that be (Josh) have got you covered. You can now get the screencast-only feed for TAB from this linky-thing […] Read more »

Steve Jobs has claimed that the iPhone runs a true version of Mac OS X. Third party applications may be limited to web applications on Safari, but Apple can decide to put any program that works on OS X onto the iPhone. What Apple application would […] Read more »

Since Tiger was released it has seemed to me that Automator was one of the unsung heroes that shipped with the operating system. I’m guessing more people use it than we hear about, but just in case, I wanted to show off the use of Automator […] Read more »

I recently came across a cool little application by the name of Singular. The point of Singular is to examine a directory (and sub-directories) for duplicate files. You get the option to find duplicate files by filename, size, or MD5 hash – which is the most […] Read more »

We’re looking for another round of new writers for TAB. If you’ve got a love for all things Apple and an ever great love for writing about Apple, we’d like to chat with you. A few things before you take the time to contact us: You […] Read more »

If you haven’t heard yet, Apple and AT&T have FINALLY announced the phone and data plans that will be available to iPhone users on Friday. And true to Apple form, they have convinced AT&T to offer plans the “Apple Way.” The available plans are: $59.99 for […] Read more »

Thank all that’s Holy and good – something other than iPhone to write about! Macrumors reports that Mac Developers have gotten a new seed of Leopard which actually reads and writes to the ZFS [file system]. Many likely don’t care or even understand what this means. […] Read more »

In school, when working on UI development and web applications, I focused greatly on users and how they would interact with the application to accomplish tasks as part of a larger workflow. One of the key things that we have to try to focus on when […] Read more »

Clearly there’s an active Developer Community for the Apple platform. I love that my favorite apps are regularly updated – being constantly made better, feature-rich, and all that jazz. But the process of updating some of these apps can be somewhat of a drag at times. […] Read more »

Regular reader/commenter/fellow Quicksilver guru Jono emailed this great tip for Quicksilver. If you’re a regular user of Quicksilver – especially with the advanced features enabled – you know it can act up from time to time. And while Quicksilver can be used to Force Quit or […] Read more »

When Microsoft embedded Internet Explorer with Windows, it was an obvious anti-competetive move intended to thwart the growth of the Netscape browser and benefit from the company’s operating system monopoly. The tactic worked, helping to send Netscape into a death-spiral. But if you think about it, […] Read more »

Co-Founder of The IconFactory, Ged Maheux has laid-out his idea of a ‘match made in heaven’ and would love for your support in helping achieve it. With Frenzic‘s recent release as the first game to come from The IconFactory, many a Mac-user found their next Tetris. […] Read more »

These things happen all the time, but every now and then there are the software update news items that really excite me. This week I went from being out of town, to being out of town… But finally this morning I caught up on the Apple […] Read more »

The guys at Bandwagon are hooking TAB readers up with a sweet deal! The first 25 people who send an email to will get the Bandwagon iTunes backup service free for an entire year (a savings of $24). Bandwagon automatically keeps your entire iTunes collection […] Read more »

If you like being so far out on the bleeding edge such that using a newly released beta isn’t high risk enough for you, the Web geniuses behind Apple’s Safari program offer nightly builds of the WebKit engine that acts as the underlying foundation for Safari, […] Read more »

How great would it be if Apple were to offer a Tiered Referral program on sales of their computers? We’ve all probably helped show a friend or two (or several…) the light by bringing them to the Apple platform. Now wouldn’t it be cool to get […] Read more »

This morning, Apple released a software update for Apple TV owners which added the ability to access YouTube videos, in addition to content already present in iTunes. Not one to wait around, I installed it immediately, and it works well, but I can already see limitations […] Read more »

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