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Remember when computers didn’t have internet access? When it was fun to say “five and a quarter” or brag about having a hard drive. One of the things I remember most was staying up into the night, fascinated with the thick manuals that came with the […] Read more »

When The Apple Blog first launched 3 years ago we did not offer full-text RSS feeds. That decision wasn’t really based so much on wanting people to visit the site more, but rather we just didn’t realize people wanted full-text so badly. Within the first year […] Read more »

Being iPhone-less (I know, my life must be awful beyond comprehension) I can’t speak directly about the iPhone update, but TUAW’s Erica Sadun has everything you could possibly want to know about it. Some highlights: Looks as if Safari is the main target of this update. […] Read more »

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I’ve got two iPods, an 80GB 5G and a 1GB 2G Shuffle. When I’m really crankin’, I’ll walk around my office with my 5G while I grab coffee, water or my lunch. But today as I made my coffee run with the 5G in my pocket, […] Read more »

Just a quick reminder that our first monthly Game Showdown: Tetris is ending tonight around midnight! You’ve still got time to win the $25 gift certificate! Full details… Read more »

Crunchgear points out PCWorld’s article stating that a bug in Samba may open OS X up to hackers. Samba is the open source file and print sharing software that OS X employs to make those tasks easier for users to setup. Most notably found in the […] Read more »

Steve Jobs is on the cover of USA Today with the text “Most influential business leaders” over his shoulder. USA Today ranked the “25 Most noteworthy in business” and Steve Jobs ranked third, only beaten by Bill Gates at first and Alan Greenspan in the number […] Read more »

Though the site in later years turned into a mockery of itself, at one time MacOSRumors, authored by Ryan Meader, was the go-to site for Apple gossip and innuendo. (Wikipedia) In the late 1990s, Meader’s site led the way in leaks around Oracle’s Larry Ellison’s potentially […] Read more »

I had a broken Apple Pro keyboard to deal with at work today, and so, in accordance with one of my favorite mottoes – when in doubt, take something apart – I took it apart. This turned out to be a bit harder than I expected, […] Read more »

Yes, I realize I brought up this topic before, but I wanted to revisit it, now that the beloved iPhone has landed. My hope is that some people can answer a couple of questions I have: 1. M3/M4 Hearing-aid compatibility? – This is a quick one: […] Read more »

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I have recently found myself traveling to new locations that I have never been to before. For these treks, I usually take my Garmin Nuvi 360 GPS which I hook up using my tape adapter. However, this knocks out my normal use of my iPod for […] Read more »

I have read that Apple is shrinking its 85W Power Adapter for the MacBook Pro to a more manageable size.  I remember first getting my MacBook Pro, an upgrade from a TiBook, and noting the size of the power brick.  I thought it was laughable that […] Read more »

I went into Apple’s Leopard Server site and noticed a feature that seems out of place — something that should belong in the non-server version of Leopard. Apple calls it “Podcast Producer.” So far, I have not seen the program in action.  Apple’s site presents an […] Read more »

Macs having the reputation they do for creative endeavors, there are as many (or more) video and audio encoding tools for OS X as their are file formats in which to encode your media. Some of the tools available are free and open-source, but many of […] Read more »

I’ve decided to start doing a monthly “Game Showdown” in our lovely community. Each month I’ll pick a specific game and then everybody will have 7 days to play the game. Whoever has the highest score at the end of the 7 days will get a […] Read more »

There’s no debate that the iTunes Store has been a tremendous success. It’s rapidly rising through the charts of music retail outlets, recently passing up Much of the credit can be given to the wide array of offerings available, to be sure, but I believe […] Read more »

Nothing more than a terrific [and FUN] waste of time, Tilt SCREAM Pong takes full advantage of your MacBook’s sensory input devices. By tilting your Mac notebook, you can move your paddle from side to side. Screaming at the mic on your MacBook will aid you […] Read more »

I’ve been a bit light on Quicksilver love lately, and for the fans out there, I apologize. (Though from some of the comments I’ve seen, there are those who appreciate this, so there ya go.) But this morning there’s a great tip that Merlin points out, […] Read more »

I doubt this is legitimate footage of the next interface we’ll see on forthcoming iPods, but in the interest of helping you waste a little time, you can see the video below. It definitely looks like Apple’s style, but the functionality of the interface itself seems […] Read more »

I found something neat when I updated my Parallels install at work today – SmartSelect. For someone like me, already unable to function without Parallels’ Coherence mode, this is just a further step in this app’s takeover of the way I work. For those of you […] Read more »

UPDATE: And of course after I hit Publish, I notice that there’s an update to the story (thank goodness it’s friday!) It appears that it was actually Cisco’s issue, and it’s since been patched. No details on the cause or the fix (wonder if I’ll find […] Read more »

Yeah, sorry, I don’t really know how to title this little trick. Let me see if I can set this up so it’s clear what you’ll be looking at, before you actually look. (Or you can skip me stumbling over myself and just watch it anyway…) […] Read more »

Thanks to innovative software Simplify Media, sharing your killer iTunes library has never been easier. In the good ol’ days before DRM was such a hot topic, libraries could be shared unfettered across the Net. Simplify Media makes that possible once again by allowing users to […] Read more »

Adobe’s Captivate, the demonstration and training simulation creation software, is moving into the final development stages of it’s third version. I had the privilege of being a beta tester, and I must say that it is really cool. It really is easy (and fun) to create […] Read more »

Don’t think that just because you’ve got a new phone that cost as much as some PC’s that you are somehow above customizing the look of your phone. You know good and well you want to be in the crowd of 13-year-old teenage girls who customize […] Read more »

Single Click Downloading I was cruising around looking to spruce up my desktop and got to a page that offered many wallpapers and different screen dimensions. All of these dimensions are of course linked to a file that has to be saved somewhere. A simple click […] Read more »

Alright, so while the title of this post is more or less accurate, the polish and full suite of capabilities are not there. But Jing certainly does a nice job of combining the power of Snapz Pro X‘s video capture abilities with the simplicity of Skitch […] Read more »

LifeClever posted 17 Bookmarklets that iPhone users should be using. For the most part they are simple functionality that would be ideal to have built-in to Safari, but for now these 3rd party solutions will have to suffice. Get the ability to search a page for […] Read more »

Yes, this is The Apple Blog. However, as many of our readers cross over [to the dark side] for work, or maybe aspire to be mac owners one day, i think it’s useful to point out Dash for Windows. So who cares? Any Quicksilver users out […] Read more »

As the world of internet tv heats up, there are more and more options to keep track of. Joost has made the most noise, though YouTube has been a large internet-based presence. Well for most of the time there’s been Democracy Player, which allowed users to […] Read more »

Working on a MacBook Pro is a real joy. It’s a beautiful and amazing machine, and I don’t know how I ever got along without it. But I’m painfully aware of the pitfalls associated with working on a laptop – especially limited disk space. So when […] Read more »

For the past month or so I’ve been using Crayon Room’s Moody app almost religiously. It’s just so good. Moody lets you tag your iTunes music based on color with “upper red” being for sad-intense music and “lower green” being for happy-calm music. There’s no right […] Read more »

Apple’s much anticipated Bluetooth headset is now available to order in the Apple store. It will run you around $130 and is scheduled to ship in 2-4 weeks. The headset also includes the iPhone Dual Dock and iPhone Bluetooth Travel Cable. Thankfully there are no blinking […] Read more »

Mac software maker Market Circle has released iPhoney, an open-source iPhone simulator for web developers. See how your websites look on the iPhone in both portrait and landscape. It lacks a few iPhone features, such as pinch and zoom, but will let you test while developing […] Read more »

I currently run a small urban vinyl toy shop where we run all of the shipment processing from mac-based software. At the moment we exclusively use USPS for all shipping (both domestic and international), and lucky for us there is some software that helps streamline that […] Read more »

Here are a couple of photos with Apple related content from Flickr. I have plans of doing this type of post regularly…we’ll see how that turns out. Wake Up This is a killer angle that shows a near perfect reflection of his computer screen in his […] Read more »

Hack The iPhone has posted an in-depth walkthrough on how to get custom ringtones working on your iPhone. It requires quite a bit of hackery and, if you’re not careful, could very well kill off your iPhone altogether. I honestly don’t think I’d want to risk […] Read more »

Today Apple’s iCal application turns the rip old age of five. In case you hadn’t noticed, the iCal application ican stays a constant “July 17″ which, not surprisingly, also happens to be the day it was released to the masses (ie. its birth). iCal is currently […] Read more »

Here are some active topics in the community that might be of interest to you. External hard drive suggestions… Next Big Apple Device MacBook Battery Life (After 1-Year) (Poll) How do you organize your documents? Apple Mail Importing Workaround Read more »

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