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iTunes has been around for quite some time (if my calculations are correct it’s about 6 years). It’s been my favorite music/video organizer I’ve ever used (both Mac and PC) and the launch of the iTunes Store in 2003 quickly made it the go-to place for […] Read more »

Pixelmator has been pretty tight-fisted about letting their image-editor-in-progress see the light of day. There have only been 1 or 2 screencasts released by the developers, and what few beta testers were out there weren’t too loud about it. But today you can go download Pixelmator […] Read more »

Today Amazon launched its public beta of Amazon MP3. Amazon MP3 is’s foray into the digital music scene…and a it’s an extremely solid effort to say the least. Pricing per song is between 89 and 99 cents and albums between $4.99 and $9.99. The Top […] Read more »

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By default, OS X has full keyboard access disabled allowing you to only tab through a limited number of items in various dialog boxes. In this Quick Tip I cover how to enable full keyboard access to help save you a few mouse clicks throughout your […] Read more »

Today Apple released a statement in regards to the various hacks that unlock the iPhone from being tied to AT&T. Apple has discovered that many of the unauthorized iPhone unlocking programs available on the Internet cause irreparable damage to the iPhone’s software, which will likely result […] Read more »

Microsoft had their chance at defining a market. They pushed for the creation of the Ultramobile PCs (“UMPCs”). The Windows-based mini-tablets have not found their market. However, the Apple iPhone (and now the iPod touch) is actually the UMPC done right. The Windows-based UMPCs tried to […] Read more »

With September ending, and Leopard effectively promised for October, the 10.4.11 ‘fix list’ keeps piling up. That I know of right now, it supposedly should cover: CUPS, VPN and L2TP, audio bugs (Core Audio and .m4a), AFP server issues, USB devices, networking fixes (again), BSD and […] Read more »

I’m not all that picky when it comes to alarm clocks. Essentially it passes my rigorous test if the display doesn’t light up my room while I sleep, and the default buzzer doesn’t stop my heart when it goes off in the morning. But I suppose […] Read more »

In case you’re hoping for an invite to the Social, Woot’s got the 30gb Zune for $129 today. The funny part is that they were selling it for $169 just a few weeks ago. So there’s an “Emergency Open Letter” to all Woot Customers which addresses […] Read more »

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My temptation to plunk down the cash for an iPhone grows almost daily, especially after the recent price drop. But now rumors are surfacing that Apple will update the device to 3G network compatible chipsets (not to mention an addition of GPS) by very early 2008. […] Read more »

Well anyone who complained about the iPhone being expensive here in the US can officially shut it (myself included). An ad for the 8GB iPhone in Germany (pictured above) has the phone costing a whopping 899 Euros. Do some quick currency conversions and you find that […] Read more »

Back when the Zune dropped (and kept dropping…) I was talking with a friend about the features – specifically the wifi that came built-in. While the product as a whole seemed like a brick, there was something interesting about having a media device with ad-hoc wifi […] Read more »

iPhone – just buy one, no questions asked? New EA games iLife across borders Software to track Roommate Expenses Simple Checklist? Not so Simple? Firefox Plugin Scanning Read more »

As with any new Apple product, the accessory market has exploded for the iPhone. With the new product and accessories come scores of websites, fan forums, and reviews of everything under the sun that may be related. But the resulting problem often times becomes a glut […] Read more »

Earlier this month, Apple delivered on what fans had long been asking for – a widescreen iPod video with the touch screen capabilities of the iPhone, but without the hassle of going though AT&T to gain phone service. It even debuted with a WiFi-enabled iTunes Music […] Read more »

The open thread closes at midnight PDT (UTC -0700). Be sure to get your questions in before then! Although we at The Apple Blog like to hand down our knowledge and opinions on all things AAPL (sometimes a little too self-righteously, sure, but aren’t bloggers supposed […] Read more »

I was excited to learn that Ringtones were now a part of iTunes. I thought it would be great if I could mash up some stuff in GarageBand, or shoot, even my current iTunes tracks, and easily get them on my iPhone. I hurriedly downloaded my […] Read more »

Last week after the announcement of the iPhone price drop, Steve Jobs posted an open letter to iPhone owners telling them they’d get a $100 in-store credit for being “early adopters.” Apple has now posted the full details of exactly how to get that $100 credit. […] Read more »

Thanks to this week’s sponsors for keeping the hamsters fed and the wheels turning: CDW CoreCases Crucial Etymotic OWC PowerMax Qdea ResQ Systems SmallDog Read more »

Putting aside my general feelings about how annoyed I am by the constant noise of ringtones in any public place, Apple is obviously free to offer any type of product they want. What does it in for me, however, is that Apple is pushing their ringtone […] Read more »

For many users (myself included), downloading purchased songs from the iTunes store has been next to impossible. This seems to be a widespread issue as well. Covering multiple countries such as the U.S., Germany, Canada, Sweden, and others, there are people who haven’t been able to […] Read more »

For years, FTP applications have been a genre of software that has overrun itself with options. Generally I believe competition to be a good thing but there really just comes a point where another FTP application in the mix really doesn’t help anybody. As of right […] Read more »

I bought several cases for my iPhone when I got it (on June 29th) and one of my favorites was the Incase Protective Cover which is like a neoprene glove for my iPhone. Unfortunately, soon after getting the case, it started stretching and now my iPhone […] Read more »

In just over 2 and half months (10 weeks and 4 days to be exact), Apple has sold its one millionth iPhone. Apple’s goal was to sell 1 million iPhones by September and sure enough they hit their goal. Certainly the recent price drop helped push […] Read more »

There might have been a good reason, at some point, for Apple to try selling QuickTime Pro. Not that I can remember such a time. While Apple forges new ground constantly in the digital media arena with innovative hardware and software such as the iPhone, iPod, […] Read more »

If you don’t know that Apple thinks-through every minute detail of the things they do, you haven’t been a fan long enough. Take a long look at the hardware, the software, and the retail stores and your appreciation for the level of thought Apple puts into […] Read more »

Apparently today Costco has various iPods at insanely low prices while they try to liquidate their stock of them. Here are the supposed deals available: 2GB Nano: $49.97 4GB Pink Nano: $99.97 4GB Silver Nano: $99.97 8GB Black $149.97 30GB White/Black: Unsure 80GB Black/White iPod: $229.97 […] Read more »

Within a day of Apple releasing their new line of iPods, Belkin has announced the release of 3 new iPod cases/armbands to fit the new styles. The new cases start at around $20 and aren’t really anything industry revolutionizing. Though the new iPod classic armband they […] Read more »

One of the web sites I write and podcast for involves a fair amount of travel around the Washington DC region. It’s not uncommon to be in the car for eight hours a week traveling to shows. So my wife and I listen to several different […] Read more »

The big news this week is undoubtedly Apple’s announcement of the new iPod product line and the lower price of the iPhone. With new iPods comes a new version of iTunes — 7.4 in this case — but despite The Steve’s Thoughts On Music and NBC’s […] Read more »

It’s been covered here on TAB before, but not enough praise can be given to my text editor of choice, TextMate, which garners much appeal for its built-in extensibility thanks to Ruby. With that flexibility, though, comes a small feeling of overwhelming panic, like being five […] Read more »

A letter from Steve Jobs on Apple’s site not only apologizes to early iPhone adopters, it promises them $100 in credit to the Apple Store in an attempt to make amends. This will hopefully calm the fires that are burning among many of the Apple faithful […] Read more »

In case the 8GB iPhone is still just outta reach (despite yesterday’s price drop to $399) and you think you can get by on a measly 4GB of memory, you can grab a 4GB iPhone online at the Apple Store for $299. I have to say […] Read more »

If you haven’t heard already, at yesterdays event Steve Jobs announced that on top of dropping the 4GB iPhone, the price of the 8GB iPhone would be dropped by $200 to $399 (from $599…for the mathematically challenged). The iPhone was released barely 2 months ago and […] Read more »

iTunes 7.4 is now available for download on Apple’s site or in Software Update. iTunes 7.4 brings with it mainly capabilities for the new iPods that Apple announced yesterday. From Software Update: With iTunes 7.4, sync your favorite music and more with the new iPod nano […] Read more »

Since the iPod Hi-Fi was announced almost 2 years ago Apple has seemingly thrown it to the side without so much as a single mention after it’s initial public debut. It’s always been a rather odd product for Apple to have produced as it plays the […] Read more »

Only a small number of people were invited to “The Beat Goes On” keynote but Apple has quickly made the entire keynote available for streaming here. The full video is about 1 hour and 30 minutes long and covers everything from the intro of Steve Jobs […] Read more »

It will be a few weeks before Apple’s new iPod touch is available so to help feed your addiction Apple has a fairly thorough video tour of the new iPod. At around 15 minutes long, it really does cover just about everything you’d need to know […] Read more »

Today Apple announced a major addition to their iPod line called iPod touch. It bears significant similarities to the iPhone with touch screen capabilities, wide screen display, and more. There are two major new features included in the new iPod touch that have never been included […] Read more »

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