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There are some things you can do prior to installing that I sometimes recommend. Many of these things are not guaranteed to work (and some people actually say will do more harm than good). I, for one, don’t see an issue with the basics that some […] Read more »

While the world was clamoring for Apple to add the Beatles to its offerings on iTunes, another classic digital music holdout, Led Zeppelin, has extended its Stairway to Heaven to Apple in an exclusive box set offering announced this morning. (iTunes: Led Zeppelin) On November 13th, […] Read more »

LifeBoat, from Martian Technologies, is a really cool idea. Automatically back up particular files to USB drives whenever I plug them in? Oh yes, please! However, in execution – well, it was a bit problematic. Let me talk, first, about what it does, and does well. […] Read more »

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There are generally 3 types of eBay users. Those who list and buy everything they can get their hands on who constantly have atleast a dozen auctions going, those who have never used eBay, and those who go in spurts of being the first type. I […] Read more »

As you may know, Apple has posted a guided tour of Leopard to the company’s Web site, giving us the most in-depth preview so far of the latest operating system upgrade, which hits stores this Friday. After taking the 20+ minutes to watch the video in […] Read more »

Mac printing to Windows XP shared USB printer iPhoto ’08 – Events vs. Folders? Getting away from the mouse? AEBS + Air Disk + Time Machine = Wicked Backup Strategy? Quick photo review, edit and storage transfer Read more »

The Problem About a month ago my right shoulder started feeling really sore. But I kept blogging, typing, programming away. And that night the pain was so bad I couldn’t sleep. My doctor diagnosed bursitis (Dictionary: “Bursitis: inflammation of a bursa, typically one in the knee, […] Read more »

From the mouth of Steve Jobs himself, Apple wants third party native applications on the iPhone and is developing an SDK for Developers, to debut in February, 2008. Steve notes, in a post on Apple’s Hot News site, that the company is both trying to enable […] Read more »

Iyaz Akhtar wrote earlier about some of the new features in Leopard, set to debut in nine days. The full list spans over 300 new features — some of them niftier than others. This is my first major OS X upgrade since I switched (back) to […] Read more »

Today SmileOnMyMac released version 2.0 of the previously covered keystroke saving TextExpander. The new release offers a nice handful of new features/improvements, including: Snippet groups (much needed) Snippet group .Mac syncing Snippet printing Application targetting – Set certain snippets to only be active for certain apps […] Read more »

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With the announcement of Leopard’s release date, there were plenty of comments that the Leopard upgrade is nothing but a few bells and whistles added to Tiger. Some think that there is no reason to upgrade from Tiger to Leopard. After all, Tiger is a very […] Read more »

Today Apple officially announced that their next version of OSX, Leopard, will go on sale at 6 P.M. on October 26. Leopard is also available for pre-order with a guaranteed delivery date of October 26. Taking the usual jab at Microsoft, Steve Jobs made the following […] Read more »

It appears that we may be hearing from Apple in a few hours, on the topic of DRM-Free digital music downloads. Details seem to indicate that the EMI tracks that have historically been available for $1.29 without any copy protection, will drop to the normal $.99 […] Read more »

Could a Canon “PC-only” printer/scanner work? iPod nano or shuffle? iPhone Recovery Software Sync and Automator G4 compatible Movie software? Read more »

I saw a post on the homepage of MSN today for the top design disasters of the tech world. Guess what made the list? Our friend the brown Zune. Good to see Microsoft has some humor in itself, even if it is a stretch from one […] Read more »

Thanks to this week’s sponsors for keeping the hamsters fed and the wheels turning: CDW CoreCases Crucial Etymotic OWC PowerMax Qdea ResQ Systems SmallDog Read more »

As the company has with its Dashboard widgets page on, Apple introduced a new directory for Web applications compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch, announced through the company’s Hot News page (deemed by many to be Apple’s quasi-blog). As anticipated by AppleInsider and others, […] Read more »

There’s something a little messed up when the most anticipated and intriguing application I’ve used on my new Intel-based MacBook Pro is one that lets me run Microsoft Windows, but it’s an absolute fact. 24 hours into my VMWare Fusion experience, I can easily say I’ve […] Read more »

Amazon recently launched a really great effort in the digital music arena called Amazon MP3. I’ve been a hardcore iTunes Store customer since it’s debut and haven’t really been tempted by other digital music stores. That is, until Amazon MP3 made its debut. Read more »

I have a major pet peeve with people who constantly refer to Apple’s stock as “APPL” instead of its true stock ticker, “AAPL”. While it just might make more sense for it to be APPL, the truth is that it’s not. So when I see news […] Read more »

Where high profiles and high profits exist, so do the scum of the earth. First, Dongmei Li sues Apple for $1 million for chopping $200 off the iPhone. Apparently the $200 she “lost” when Apple dropped the price is now worth 5,000 times what it was […] Read more »

iMac Crashing Redownloading an incomplete podcast Does iSquint work for iPod Touch? Apple iTunes Ringtone General Cocoa Read more »

What Roxio says Popcorn 3 does: Copy DVDs (non-encrypted) DVD-Video Compression TiVoToGo (which only works with a TiVo Series 2) Convert video for lots of devices: iPod, iPhone, PS3, PSP, XBox 360 Supports Turbo.264 Disc labels Create DVD menus Create compilation DVDs with 4 hours of […] Read more »

Based on my time spent playing with the iPhone interface, I present to you my new term which represents a very serious condition facing geeks today. Scroligo | skro-li-go | noun The vertigo-like sensation induced by switching back and forth between the inverted scrolling orientation on […] Read more »

According to ThinkSecret, Leopard is still on track for its delayed release estimate of October. This gives Apple a matter of a few weeks to declare a Gold Master, produce a significant number of copies and get them to retail stores. It’s a time crunch for […] Read more »

Is it possible the AirPort Extreme base station isn’t catching all the malicious traffic bound for my home network? I just opened Console to check on an issue I was having with lookupd, but I was distracted when the ipfw.log firewall log file popped up with […] Read more »

Spire, makers of fine laptop bags, have just released an update to their line of laptop bags. The new bags are definitely a bit more stylish and not quite as cold and business looking as the previous line. Prices start at $80 for the smaller bag […] Read more »

Dan at UneasySilence points out that if you’ve upgraded your iPhone to the latest version (1.1.1) the email viewer application now supports wav and mp3 files in your email. This is surprising to me that it wasn’t inherently in the iPhone to begin with… Dan points […] Read more »

Not that it will be delivered, but I just sent an email to Steve Jobs: Steve (or his assistant, secretary, mail reader, etc.), I have been a devout Apple fanatic for years. I was just about to give up on Apple when you came back. I […] Read more »

After much anticipation, my new MacBook Pro arrived this weekend. Following an evening of migrating files, applications and settings to the new laptop, I was extremely pleased with its speed, responsiveness, and all the little things that make it an excellent Apple laptop. But this morning, […] Read more »

MacBook Battery Life (After 1-year) Wait for Leopard? Does/Can a Mac synch with a Blackberry? IPA phonetic alphabet font(s) for Mac? Why are Canadians paying more for Apple products in Canada? Read more »

The iPhone does a great job of displaying any website with its Safari web browser and high-resolution display. With the easy touch controls on the iPhone, navigating just about any website is a breeze. Still, websites developed specifically for the iPhone are optimal because they utilize […] Read more »

iLife ’08 users, check for updates! Apple has unleashed a grand total of 9 updates for iLife ’08. They did sneak in a firmware update for my MacBook Pro as well. Here’s the list: Keynote 4.0.1 Pages 3.0.1 Numbers 1.0.1 iDVD 7.0.1 iMovie 7.1 GarageBand 4.1 […] Read more »

I’ve come to the conclusion that there is a room at 1 Infinite loop few know about. The entrance is guarded by laser beams and ninja trained monkeys. The employees that work in the room are completely self contained and sequestered from the the outside world. […] Read more », 9 May 1998 [via] Noted blogger and podcaster Daniel Eran Dilger writes today at Roughly Drafted on Leopard and the History and Future of Mac OS X on PowerPC. For those of you, like our own Stephanie Guertin, who are running on older PPC systems, […] Read more »

Apple has officially announced the 2007 Insomnia Film Festival. On Saturday, October 13 at promptly 9:00 a.m. (Eastern Time), Apple will open the floodgates for all high school and college students to create a 3-minute film (using some parameters provided by Apple). The kicker? You have […] Read more »

As I believe is useful from time to time, LifeHacker is calling for your menubar submissions. Take a screenshot of your menubar, explain all the apps you’ve got running there, and submit to the good folks at LifeHacker. My suggestion would be to keep track of […] Read more »

Thanks to this week’s sponsors for keeping the hamsters fed and the wheels turning: CDW CoreCases Crucial Etymotic OWC PowerMax Qdea ResQ Systems SmallDog Read more »

It appears that Apple may have been telling the truth about unlocked iPhones and the software update not playing nice together. Jonathan Seff over at iPhone Central shares his tale – in which even a new SIM card couldn’t resurrect is iBrick. Even though some Apple […] Read more »

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