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If you haven’t heard yet, Apple and AT&T have FINALLY announced the phone and data plans that will be available to iPhone users on Friday. And true to Apple form, they have convinced AT&T to offer plans the “Apple Way.” The available plans are: $59.99 for […] Read more »

Thank all that’s Holy and good – something other than iPhone to write about! Macrumors reports that Mac Developers have gotten a new seed of Leopard which actually reads and writes to the ZFS [file system]. Many likely don’t care or even understand what this means. […] Read more »

In school, when working on UI development and web applications, I focused greatly on users and how they would interact with the application to accomplish tasks as part of a larger workflow. One of the key things that we have to try to focus on when […] Read more »

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Clearly there’s an active Developer Community for the Apple platform. I love that my favorite apps are regularly updated – being constantly made better, feature-rich, and all that jazz. But the process of updating some of these apps can be somewhat of a drag at times. […] Read more »

Regular reader/commenter/fellow Quicksilver guru Jono emailed this great tip for Quicksilver. If you’re a regular user of Quicksilver – especially with the advanced features enabled – you know it can act up from time to time. And while Quicksilver can be used to Force Quit or […] Read more »

When Microsoft embedded Internet Explorer with Windows, it was an obvious anti-competetive move intended to thwart the growth of the Netscape browser and benefit from the company’s operating system monopoly. The tactic worked, helping to send Netscape into a death-spiral. But if you think about it, […] Read more »

Co-Founder of The IconFactory, Ged Maheux has laid-out his idea of a ‘match made in heaven’ and would love for your support in helping achieve it. With Frenzic‘s recent release as the first game to come from The IconFactory, many a Mac-user found their next Tetris. […] Read more »

These things happen all the time, but every now and then there are the software update news items that really excite me. This week I went from being out of town, to being out of town… But finally this morning I caught up on the Apple […] Read more »

The guys at Bandwagon are hooking TAB readers up with a sweet deal! The first 25 people who send an email to will get the Bandwagon iTunes backup service free for an entire year (a savings of $24). Bandwagon automatically keeps your entire iTunes collection […] Read more »

If you like being so far out on the bleeding edge such that using a newly released beta isn’t high risk enough for you, the Web geniuses behind Apple’s Safari program offer nightly builds of the WebKit engine that acts as the underlying foundation for Safari, […] Read more »

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How great would it be if Apple were to offer a Tiered Referral program on sales of their computers? We’ve all probably helped show a friend or two (or several…) the light by bringing them to the Apple platform. Now wouldn’t it be cool to get […] Read more »

This morning, Apple released a software update for Apple TV owners which added the ability to access YouTube videos, in addition to content already present in iTunes. Not one to wait around, I installed it immediately, and it works well, but I can already see limitations […] Read more »

Alumnus of The Apple Blog, Chris Holland, is back to ranting about his tech-mistress, SIP. And although the concept may sound far-fetched at the onset, the idea at the core is pure genius, and in this writer’s opinion, has Apple written all over it. Chris postulates […] Read more »

Last night, I made Safari my default Web browser in Windows. With any luck, I won’t be turning back to Internet Explorer or Firefox any time soon. But while some initial issues with the beta version of Safari 3 have been well-documented, including security and font […] Read more »

Ars reports that AT&T stores will be closing early on June 29th in order to setup and prepare for the 6pm launch of the iSecondComing, er, iPhone. There will be nice velvet ropes to que the eager techies into the stores and handle sales on a […] Read more »

Anyone who’s been using a Mac for a few months has probably noticed that there is a glut of text editors available for the OS X platform. If you’re in the web/design category, you’re undoubtedly familiar with the similar situation of too many FTP client options. […] Read more »

Well we launched the brand-spankin’ new TAB this evening. The transition was relatively flawless…which is always a plus. I’ll have a full writeup in the morning about new features and what not, so look for that. In the meantime, if you notice any bugs/browser quirks/etc, please […] Read more »

A huge thanks goes to Dan Moren at MacUser for posting this tip. I was literally looking for this method over the weekend when I right clicked on an image file and Finder took FOOOREEEVER to show my [crapton of] ‘Open With…’ options. Most commonly, as […] Read more »

At some Apple stores, like the new one at Park Meadows in Lone Tree Colorado, it’s pretty much the rule that your AT&T – and probably most other carriers – phone will get no usable service coverage. That’s the case when I wander in with my […] Read more »

Just some quick TAB news here. Tonight we’ll be pushing the new version of TAB live. We have a new design, new logo, and a few new features all ready to go. The site will be down for a few hours while we push everything live […] Read more »

Apple has already upgraded its yet-unreleased iPhone. They announced this morning a battery capable of 8 hours of talk time, and over 10 days of standby time. Additionally, the previously plastic touch-screen is now optical-quality glass for better clarity and durability. Straight from the mouth of […] Read more »

The folks at Missing Sync sent out an email over the weekend to announce some updates to their line of PDA and Smartphone syncing software. While users of Palm devices may be glad to hear that Missing Sync for Palm version 6 has been released, that […] Read more »

Services are a part of OS X that many users either don’t even know about, or forget to use. They are a powerful bunch of actions that you can apply to your workflow – mostly in cases where you’re working with text. In this Screencast, I’ll […] Read more »

UPDATE: Alright, NOW you can sign up on for an opportunity to get into the Skitch Beta program. UPDATE: I guess in my excitement, I jumped the gun a tad:My apologies! The update and goodness I wrote below is – at the moment – intended […] Read more »

A year ago I wrote that Apple should wait on iLife ’07. Here we are, and I have to wonder did it work? I mean, Steve Jobs did comment on considering the wait!* I thought I would take a minute to reevaluate this post, and reflect […] Read more »

&D.K. just sent me an email with a video he posted showing a design proposal for an eBook reader. The idea is that the hardware (which would look/feel like a book) makes use of the iPod and iTunes store for getting content. Read more »

Wow those guys work fast! No sooner did Steve announce the availability of Safari 3 beta, and there’s an update for 1Passwd to work with it! Awesome response guys! 1Passwd is a fantastic utility that saves all your passwords and unifies them across your many OS […] Read more »

Derik at MacUser points out that VMware is driving hard to the net in regards to the virtualization battle with Parallels. If you pre-order the 1.0 version now (which is expected by end of August) you get the normally $79 license for just $39. Sweet deal […] Read more »

Glenn Wolsey points out that the Design Awards have been named for WWDC 2007. You can see them by category, here. A quick rundown: Delicious Library 2 goes home with the Best Leopard Application award – can’t wait to get a look at that piece of […] Read more »

Apple shed a little light today, on the lack of ZFS appearing on the Leopard information pages. It seems that ZFS will not be the default file system in Leopard – this much we’ve already deduced. But how exactly will Apple be supporting it? is only […] Read more »

Apple is making new versions of audiobooks available in order to resolve the problem for those users who recently downloaded an Audiobook from the iTunes Store to find it unplayable on their iPod or not appearing in the Audiobooks category of their iTunes Library. Users are […] Read more »

So the argument goes that we saw a lot of eye candy from the Keynote yesterday, but there was a lack of useful features – of substance. In order from disagreement with this position, to moderate agreement, I present you the list of features. First off, […] Read more »

So I’m a fairly hardcore Backpack (aff) user. I use it heavily for both business and personal things and I’d bit a disorganized mess without it. Unfortunately, as with most web applications, when you’re disconnected from the internet (whether traveling or just having trouble finding a […] Read more »

The past few Apple events have resulted in many people griping openly about the Keynote Speeches. I’m not sure at what point everyone put their cranky pants on and decided that the Keynote had to hit an imaginary bar in order to give them happiness, but […] Read more »

The Apple Blog is at WWDC 2007 right now and will be doing our best to bring you live coverage here in this blog post. Stay tuned…. (Eddie Hargreaves is onsite, and Nick Santilli is transcribing comments) 2 minute warning: Standard pre-keynote music is playing: Gnarls […] Read more »

So obviously Leopard is on everyone’s mind with The Keynote just hours away. I know I’ve been waiting to see more of this cat for much longer than I like to admit. But as we’ve gotten closer and closer to WWDC, I’ve found more interest building […] Read more »

The worlds of downloadable music and downloadable video are two very different beasts. While downloading a track for $.99 or an album for $9.99 to keep forever from iTunes makes sense, downloading a film for $9.99 or $12.99 makes less sense, as most consumers will watch […] Read more »

Well, I promised an update to the events of this coming week in the world of Apple, and indeed a number of things have happened recently… Updated hardware Apple updated the Macbook Pro earlier than expected, with some of the key features that were rumored, so […] Read more »

When Adobe announced Creative Suite 3, GoLive was absent from the lineup. But Adobe promised to continue development of the application for a Spring 2007 release, and today they’ve kept that promise. GoLive 9 is now immediately available for for purchase as an electronic software download […] Read more »

TiVo owners who have connected their Series2 boxes to their home network have been able to play their iTunes library on their TV ever since TiVo released the Home Media Option in 2003. But it was limited to MP3 files until a hack was discovered to […] Read more »

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