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I had the first chance to use my new Samson C01U USB Studio Condenser microphone in anger for the first time the other day when recording piano and voice for a short film proposal. Appearances matter, and the rigid shrink wrap style of blister packaging the […] Read more »

The Omni Group has been working feverishly on their version of a GTD (Getting Things Done) application for the Apple platform. They’ve been letting 16,000 individuals play with their “sneaky peek” of the application and enhancing the code daily for months. Well I just heard today […] Read more »

Apple did something very evil this summer: they timed the launch of the iPhone to almost perfectly coincide with the start of our familial migration to Seattle from Pennsylvania (for a new job opportunity). Knowing that we would need to be interacting remotely quite frequently for […] Read more »

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A little hidden gem in Leopard has been discovered. It would seem Address Book holds the key to a slew of additional image filters that can be applied to user images in Address Book. From my rough guess, there are about 25+ new filters here that […] Read more »

Apple is on a roll today, releasing a new version of Final Cut Express, as well as the last update to Tiger. Now, Apple has released its first update to their newest version of OS X, Leopard. This update includes a slew of fixes mainly related […] Read more »

I’ve never really liked the Apple mice that I’ve gotten with my machines, and I usually try to get something a bit nicer, like a Logitech or even – *cough* – a Microsoft mouse. These 3rd-party devices feature more buttons with more customization, and better ease-of-use […] Read more »

Today, with the release of OS X 10.4.11, Apple’s beloved Tiger took its last breath. This update to Tiger is to be the last update to an OS that helped usher Apple in to one of its most profitable and market-share changing eras in their lifespan. […] Read more »

Today Apple announced the release of Final Cut Express 4. New features include: iMovie ’08 Importing Over 50 new FxPlug effects and filters Mixing of hi-def and standard video on the same timeline Support for AVCHD cameras What’s even more interesting with this release is that […] Read more »

After my recent painful experience of doing a fresh install of Leopard, I’m going through the paces of reinstalling and reactivating my software. I’d already gotten AppZapper, Quicktime Pro and Final Cut Studio 2 reinstalled with no hitch whatsoever. Now it was time for iWork. After […] Read more »

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The Apple nay-sayers of today offer what they think is a solid argument against the Apple consumer; that Apple’s “game” is solely based on good looks alone and, as such, Apple consumers are nothing more then superficial ego-consumers who buy the product solely for social value. […] Read more »

The makers of FileMaker have released a preview of a new application called Bento. It’s labeled as “personal database software” for managing all aspects of your life from contacts and events to inventory and expenses. It’s currently a pre-release trial version, meaning your trial will eventually […] Read more »

Its been a while, but we now have three shiny new GetAMac ads to laugh at and gloat over! Justin Long and John Hodgeman both reprise there roles as the mac and PC respectively for the new commercials Podium, Boxer and PR lady. Both “Podium” and […] Read more »

UK iPhone (nerves and) excitement! Powerbook G4 Fatal Error Leopard Guest Account File Moving Bug in Leopard (and Tiger?) mySQL on Leopard Read more »

Being a long-time Mac user (MS Word on a Mac Plus still beats anything today in terms of writing flow and productivity) and someone who usually dives in head-first on new technologies, I was faced with an agonizing decision on October 26: to install, or not […] Read more »

If you’ve previously installed the Developer Tools from the OS X installation discs, (be-it, Tiger, or now Leopard) you’ve had available to you a pretty powerful tool by the name of Quartz Composer. It’s all too possible you’ve seen the application, but have no real idea […] Read more »

Since I installed Leopard, I’ve been noticing some strange behavior with my wireless networks. When my Macbook Pro wakes from sleep, I get a window warning that none of my preferred wireless networks can be found, and offering me a choice of the various ones it […] Read more »

I never quite understood Apple’s decision to include RSS support in Safari, but not in Apple Mail. Other mail clients such as Thunderbird have offered this support for years, but I just couldn’t bring myself to use them. They had never offered the power Mail did, […] Read more »

One annoyance I have with my iPhone is the Google Search feature. I think the Google search results are by far the best results as far as relevancy goes. Unfortunately, however, when I set my iPhone to default to Google’s search engine, I am taken to […] Read more »

Back in the early days of TAB, one of our fellow writers was one, Chris Holland. Chris is a pretty smart guy, knows a little too much about too many super geeky things, many of which revolve around Apple technology. He’s since moved on from TAB, […] Read more »

We’re looking to bring on about 5-8 new writers here at The Apple Blog. So if you’re in to writing and, more importantly, in to Apple…I’d like to hear from you. A couple of things to note: You must be able to write somewhat regularly (around […] Read more »

Quicksilver is my hands-down favorite application for OS X. (Seriously, if I were stranded on a desert island, it would be the one thing I brought with me!) However with the exception of becoming Leopard-ized, it hasn’t made many forward strides in recent months. I’d venture […] Read more »

Here’s a quick tidbit on a new feature of Safari 3 in Leopard. The RSS button in the address bar now support multiple feeds for sites that have them. Occasionally a site will have separate feeds for different sections of their site and other times they’ll […] Read more »

A couple of months ago, while burning calories on an elliptical machine, I noticed that my trusty Apple earbuds were increasingly sounding horrible. It eventually got to the point where any sound that was even remotely loud was just crackling to the point where it was […] Read more »

For the most part, I find Apple’s marketing messages to be clever, engaging and somewhat accurate. Usually, pretty imagery accompanied by a five to eight word sentence is enough to make me drool and start fumbling around for my wallet to fork over my hard earned […] Read more »

Separate from the BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death – it’s generally a Windows term, if you’re somehow unaware…) that some folks experienced after upgrading to Leopard, there’s word of a new bluish, or greenish tint that’s occurring on some user’s screens. Up until now I’ve been […] Read more »

So either no one has emailed me with a URL in the subject line since I’ve been a Mac user (a little over 3 years), or Leopards Mail 3.0 has a new “feature” (if you want to call it that). No, I don’t send emails to […] Read more »

I’ve been using multiple virtual desktops for years, in just about every operating system imaginable. Since sometime in 2004 I’ve used them in OS X, generally in the form of the now-mostly-defunct Desktop Manager. It’s a fairly good program, but lately I kept noticing an error […] Read more »

I’m not the biggest fan of Apple’s ear buds, or headphones of any kind for that matter, so when I received JLab’s MiniBlaster to review, I was pretty stoked, but, I was pretty sure I’d be disappointed. These speakers are small (about the size of 4 […] Read more »

Battery Charger?? Change backup frequency of Time Machine? So How Many Spaces do you have? Creating Custom QT Skins for website Please Help – Possible issue with browser Read more »

xScope, from the guys at IconFactory, is a suite of on-screen tools for web and creative professionals that includes Rulers, Screen overlay, Loupe, Guides, Frame, and Crosshairs. The tools are meant to assist in the design and testing process, allowing you to measure and inspect your […] Read more »

Yesterday it was announced that The Apple Blog is one of the top 10 finalists for Best Technology Blog. We have the honor of being included in the list with classic blogs like Engadget, Gizmodo, and Lifehacker. If you’ve enjoyed the content The Apple Blog has […] Read more »

I have always been a fan of the Apple iPod case that came with my 3G iPod when I bought it over 4 years (you remember, those cheap fabric cases that you just slide the ipod into). In fact, I still use the iPod and the […] Read more »

I am so insanely inundated with work that I was happy to see we had a review for a different approach to task lists and reminders. LifeShaker’s approach is to avoid the list-based approach, in favor of grids and boxes. There are color coded categories, which […] Read more »

I was one of the many loyal enthusiasts that pre-ordered Leopard and couldn’t wait to install it on all my Macs. Unfortunately for me, it didn’t work out that way. If you haven’t heard of the installation problems with Leopard yet, there are a few. It […] Read more »

MacWorld UK is reporting that Apple has quietly released updated MacBook and MacBook Pros. The new versions are available in up to Intel Core 2 Duo 2.6Ghz. The front side bus speed is now 800Mhz, from 667Mhz. MacBooks have an upgraded video card, with up to […] Read more »

I learned that the background on the Dock in Leopard is a set of 4 PNG image files, and I got the hamsters running. I made Sky and Wood for you, and here’s what they look like: Installation To ‘install’ them, go to /System/Library/CoreServices/Dock and click […] Read more »

One of the new features in Leopard’s Mail is that it includes a few dozen stationery templates for you to easily choose from to jazz up your emails. For the most part these templates are just plain ole’ fashioned HTML with a tiny bit of XML. […] Read more »

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