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MacWorld 2008 Predictions Rotatable Displays MacHeist Bundle – are YOU taking the plunge? Memory chip in 17″ Powerbook G4 Parallels Read more »

I have a confession to make: I have not always been a Mac person. For the period of time between the retirement of System 9 and Panther (yes, it took Apple showing a real commitment to Unix for me to give them a shot again), I […] Read more »

Since upgrading to Leopard (and thus upgrading to the newest version of Safari), I’ve had the unfortunate problem of Safari throwing all my cookies right out the window. Every 4-6 weeks I’d fire up Safari only to realize that all logins to various sites were lost, […] Read more »

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ArpSpyX has just been updated to version 1.2 which adds full support for Intel Macs. If you’re not familiar with ArpSpyX you should give this utility at least a quick look if you care at all about the security or contents of your local network. The […] Read more »

I recently attended a workshop about Final Cut Pro at the Apple Store SoHo.  To my surprise, immediately following the workshop was a meeting of a a local Apple User Group called the Metropolitan New York Macintosh Alliance or “MetroMac” for short.  I stuck around for […] Read more »

InformationWeek is reporting that an Italian security researcher has posted a exploit for a zero-day vulnerability in QuickTime 7.3.1 that impacts both OS X and Windows versions of the software. This exploit will allow an attacker to execute malicious code on the target system. The “researcher”, Luigi Auriemma, describes […] Read more »

For those of you who have far too many sites to log into and far too short of a memory to remember them all, this program will save your life. 1Password is a simple, elegant system that incorporates itself into most browsers and like Keychain, will […] Read more »

I have a two-year-old grandson who loves to touch my MacBook screen. And he is NOT into washing his hands (okay with me, he’s my grandson, he can do anything). So I had to find a non-abrasive but effective way to clean my screen. The best […] Read more »

Tip to Colin from The Uber Geeks for the news that NewsGator has now made 4 of it’s products free. NetNewsWire, FeedDemon, NewsGator Inbox, and NewsGator Go! are all available for download now for free. If you purchased any of those apps after December 9, 2007 […] Read more »

Back in November, FileMaker released a preview of their soon-to-be-released personal database app, Bento. Yesterday they officially released the gold version of Bento. The design in functionality of Bento is such that you’d think it was just another iWork application. It meshes extremely well with Apple’s […] Read more »

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Sigh. One of my favorite add-ons for Safari, Inquisitor, has unfortunately been removed from my computer. As reported by TUAW, Inquisitor alters search results to insert the developers affiliate links higher up in the rankings. According to the developer, the affiliate links will gradually move further […] Read more »

I wrote recently about my headaches using Subversion with iWork documents (“iWork hates Subversion”). The consensus from the comments was that I needed to ditch Subversion for a more modern version control system. Both Mercurial and Git were popular among commenters. (I decided on Git, incidentally. […] Read more »

My engineering sources say to look for an announcement of a new Xserve sporting Intel’s Tulsa processor at MacWorld Expo next week. After all, Apple is due to release another server. At last year’s Macworld, Apple suggested that Intel’s Tulsa could find its way into future […] Read more »

Valuing Macs Video Conversion Google Maps for the iPod Touch How to delete a file in memory stick? Future abilities of the AirPort Express and Apple TV Read more »

Being a minimalist I quickly became captivated by Apple’s ability to streamline multiple functions into single, easy to use applications. OS X is a clear example of this consistency, every bar, every window and every feature all reflect an over arching goal of practicality and use. […] Read more »

It’s fairly well accepted by most commenters at this point that Time Machine may be one of the biggest features to be part of Leopard. Even those users who managed their own backup solutions – and many still do, including myself – applaud it for making […] Read more »

Or does Subversion hate iWork? I was just hit with the iWork/SVN bug that seems to be infamous among those using the two products concurrently. The problem, essentially, is the way that iWork—Pages, Numbers, and Keynote—and Subversion store their files. It’s well-known that, for some time, […] Read more »

Rogue Amoeba – makers of some stellar audio software – are gearing up for another Macworld Expo in San Francisco, and have added a new twist to the goodies they’ll be offering. In years past they (like many attending developers) have handed out CDs loaded with […] Read more »

I’ve been a hardcore TextMate user for over a year now and really can’t function without it. It’s an app we’ve covered a number of times. One thing I really love about TextMate is how extendible/customizable it’s themes are. I’m a visual coder and having a […] Read more »

Contrary to some belief, Macs are not just heavily used by designers, photgraphers, and other creative types, they’re heavily used by scientists as well. (As a scientist and computer tech in an all-Mac lab, I love my Macs.) If you’re a scientist – and even if […] Read more »

The Apple TV and iPod are often maligned for being proprietary. Designed to work with all the content you’ve acquired and ripped into iTunes, they work primarily with music, TV shows, and films you’ve acquired from the iTunes store, or with your iPhoto library. But step […] Read more »

One of the issues I’ve had with with Apple’s iPods is the inclusion of those annoying ear-bud headphones. From sound quality to comfort, they are without a doubt the worst part of the package. When Apple released the iPhone they did manage to enhance the wretched, […] Read more »

The upgrade to Leopard has improved more than just the OS – it made Mail, in my opinion, much more usable. One of the best features is the data detection in the mouse pointer. Running your mouse over a date produces a small drop-down arrow that […] Read more »

After months and months of Apple TV owners, including myself, decrying Apple’s lack of an iTunes movie rental strategy, which would add great value to the device, it appears the company is going to get the users what we want. According to the Financial Times, Apple […] Read more »

In just a little over 2 weeks us Mac geeks get to have second Christmas (or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or …) When Steve Jobs takes the stage to offer the first of his two major Keynotes each year. (Otherwise dubbed, ‘Stevenote’ by super Apple nerds.) There […] Read more »

Apple managed to sneak a few security updates in at the tail end of December and Security Update 2007-09 adds 41 to the CVE totals for OS X in general, with 31 for 10.4 (Tiger), and only 20 for OS X 10.5 (Leopard). This is in […] Read more »

Apple certainly did “Think Different” when they began using the white body iMacs. Soon it transcended across all Apple products and accessories. Is a new trend coming? One away from the white light? From the launch of the iPhone it became clear that Apple was reinventing […] Read more »

Apple’s Quick Look has quickly become a feature I use on a daily basis. It’s integration with Finder (and other apps) is done so well that it’s become second nature to use it. One thing that’s becoming clear is that Apple’s developers had the end user […] Read more »

As part of my Leopard switch, I set one goal for myself: run nothing but Intel native applications. That meant finding a clear alternative for Microsoft Office. Pages Sticking with the iWork ‘08 trial, I began my migration quickly and easily. All my Word documents changed […] Read more »

Here’s a simple little app which works a treat if you need to view and/or import video from a firewire DV device onto your Mac without firing-up a fully fledged FinalCut style application…it’s called Vidi. Vidi has a number of extra facilities, all relating to owners […] Read more »

People are looking for a cheap, preferably free, way of getting universal access. Question is who will achieve it first, and who will get it right? Cloud computing seems to be all the rage these days, from business collaboration tools, like Document & Spreadsheet apps, to […] Read more »

With the year rapidly coming to a close it’s time for all those year-end retrospectives to pop up across the internets (and traditional media). 2007 was an especially busy year for Apple who introduced a plethora of revolutionary new hardware and software that has given fodder […] Read more »

I have two older Macs at home, a Powerbook G4-1.5Ghz and an iMac G5-1.8Ghz (both purchased in 2004 and now out of AppleCare). When I was given the opportunity to upgrade the DVD-burner in ether of those machines with the FastMac Optical Drive Upgrade Kit ($149.95), […] Read more »

In case you haven’t seen it yet, the MacUpdate Promo only has one day left, and all but one application have already been unlocked. For those of you who haven’t already heard of the MacUpdate Promo, it started last year with a bundle of applications worth […] Read more »

The folks at Carsonified have just launched, where they showcase an incredibly exclusive collection (a total of nine in existence) of staff created MacBook Pro and iPhone sleeves. The best part is that the sleeves aren’t for sale, they’re free – for “those who really […] Read more »

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