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I wanna get your feedback here, loyal TAB readers. What are your thoughts on the new Nano? Love it? Hate it? Luke warm? Personally I’m in the hate it camp. I was really crossing my fingers that the spy photos that had previously leaked out on […] Read more »

I recently moved to New York City, so of course, I went over to the Fifth Avenue Apple Store. I wanted to see if my wife would still like her new LG Chocolate phone after playing with an iPhone. There were plenty of iPhones available to […] Read more »

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Let’s be honest, sitting in a chair or on a couch with a laptop sitting directly on your legs is just…painful. After extended periods of time the heat from the laptop just gets uncomfortable for everybody involved. Previously I’ve just ended up sitting at a table […] Read more »

NBC announced late Thursday afternoon that it will not be renewing its contract with Apple to sell NBC TV shows through iTunes. That is, unless NBC can convince Apple to enforce stricter DRM and allow NBC to charge even more for the TV shows that iTunes […] Read more »

The Mighty Mouse. Loved and hated, this little gadget looks like nothing else around. (I, personally, am firmly in the love-it camp; I’ll say that right now.) But mice are a very idiosyncratic kind of thing; unlike any other peripheral, the mouse is the one that […] Read more »

Back in March I sold my G5 tower in favor of the mobile life and have been using a 17″ MacBook Pro since then. There are a plethora of bags/totes/backpacks/etc for traveling with your laptop so there was a pretty big sea of things to chose […] Read more »

Today Panic released Transmit version 3.6. It’s been over 18 months since 3.5 was released (though there have been multiple smaller version releases between then). The biggest new feature in 3.6 is the addition of Amazon S3 support which undoubtedly has been one of the bigger […] Read more »

The Apple Blog wouldn’t exist in any form if we didn’t have all our fantastic readers. We’d now like to give back in a new way by giving away free stuff each month! We obviously can’t know about every single thing going on in the world […] Read more »

iPhone users quickly found out that the headphone jack on the iPhone is recessed several millimeters and standard headphones won’t fit in the jack. Belkin Adapter The first company to release an adapter was Belkin, but the adapter is rigid, ugly and looks like a 3″ […] Read more »

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The iPhone is consistently being used in other areas besides simple phone calling and messaging. Web-based health and fitness tracking website, Gyminee, has adapted their web application’s interface to work perfectly with the iPhone. Now when you go to the gym you can take your iPhone […] Read more »

I was teaching recently and blew a few kids’ minds by doing this. If you’re using a mouse with a scroll wheel, you can zoom in and out on the entire Finder by simply holding the control key (by default) and scrolling up and down. You […] Read more »

With Sony announcing a DVR for the PS3, what are the odds Apple will make a similar move?  Sony and Apple are very different companies. What drives Sony may not drive Apple. These days, Sony seems lost.  They missed out on the digital audio player market after […] Read more »

Over the past few weeks I’ve had to make multiple trips to my local Apple store to pick up this, that, and the other. I’m the typical guy in that I when I go shopping I don’t actually “shop.” I go in, get what I need, […] Read more »

If you haven’t heard of 37 Signals’ Highrise, it’s a web-based CRM tool and is excellent at managing relationships with clients, colleagues, vendors, etc. You can keep track of emails, notes, and tasks for people. Greatascent is a new plugin for Address Book that lets you […] Read more »

As a former die hard Konfabulator user, it took me some time to get used to Dashboard. I fumed when I couldn’t keep widgets on my desktop at all times (without a terminal hack that is), and generally resisted it. But as time has passed (and […] Read more »

My Apple TV is looking for more work to do. Yes, it’s happy to be playing songs and the occasional show from my iTunes library, and surfing YouTube, but I get the sense it’s bored. Meanwhile, next to it, my Nintendo Wii is running interactive video […] Read more »

A new entrant to the Mac rumors scene,, claims to have received insider tips on the next generation of iPod Nano portable music devices from Apple – first issuing a post on Saturday with five new colors, including new cranberry and light green shades, and […] Read more »

This obviously isn’t a regular price drop, alas, the wildly popular – and successful – iPhone just dropped on the public a month and a half ago. But there are refurbished models available on Apple’s Hot Deals site. If you act quickly, you’ll be able to […] Read more »

I’ve been a Mac user for many years now and a business owner for just as many. I’ve needed apps for everything from invoicing and time tracking to contact and money management. I’ve used literally hundreds of applications over the past few years and know how […] Read more »

When entering college in 1995, I purchased my first computer that was all mine – a Performa 631CD, with screaming 33 MHz performance and a 68040LC processor. Sporting 8 MB of RAM and 500 MB of hard drive space, I was good to go. But unsurprisingly, […] Read more »

If you’re like me, you’ve had seven (or more) kinds of problems with your Airport Extreme. Maybe today’s update will fix it for you, even though Apple’s description is terse as usual, offering only “general fixes and compatibility updates.” While you’re at it, don’t forget to […] Read more »

Fans of The Beatles and John Lennon can now officially rejoice: As of today, sixteen of Lennon’s solo albums are available for the first time for immediate download from the iTunes Store. Some of those albums also contain exclusive video content for the first 30 days […] Read more »

I don’t know why it bugged me so much, but I always hated the fact that there was no easy (a.k.a. obvious) way to delete tracks from my playlist AND my library at the same time. You know the situation: you’re listening to your playlist and […] Read more »

On Tuesday, when Jobs announced the new iMac, he really made an effort to sell the new materials…aluminum and glass (which are two major components of the new iMac). Glass is significantly more durable than the current material used in the LCD screens. It’s almost completely […] Read more »

There was a mention on TUAW the other day of a version of the System Preferences icon made to look like the one from Leopard. Being both excited about Leopard and and very fond of changing my system icons, I took a look – and was […] Read more »

Joining the ranks of iPhone-specific web applications, is the web hosting company, Media Temple (mt). Their angle is to offer iPhone-toting customers, access to control panel services for their (mt) hosted websites. Buy Domains, pay bills, reboot your server, and a slew of other options await […] Read more »

Yesterday Apple announced and released its much anticipated spreadsheet application called Numbers. Numbers is described as “spreadsheets the Mac way,” with the application offering significantly more functionality past just simply charting information and numbers. It’s a solid mixture of information organization, number calculation, and page layout/design. […] Read more »

In the wake of the iPhoto announcement, especially its shiny new features and (in my mind) much more appealing interface, I thought I would take another look at Aperture. This really does make sense: I work with professional creative types, and they convinced me that I […] Read more »

“Oh, it looks like an iPhone.”  That was my wife’s opinion when she took a look at the brand new iMac.  I thought the black bezel looked out of place on a Mac.  I didn’t understand the thought behind the design.  When my wife mentioned the […] Read more »

Today Apple announced and updated a whole slew of products in both their hardware and software lines. Updates include a new iMac, new keyboard, updated iWork, updated iLife, and more. It was certainly an exciting day and arguably more exciting than the past few major WWDC […] Read more »

If you’re a fan of the San Francisco Giants and iTunes, you should know that — the official online store for the San Francisco Giants — is offering five free iTunes downloads to the first 1,000 customers to spend $75 or more on select back […] Read more »

So lets face it. Sometimes we all just need to kill a little time. It’s relaxing. Whether you’re on your lunch break at work (or not) or if you are just bored one night and can’t sleep…this list should help you cure your boredom. I’ve compiled […] Read more »

This last week, headlines were made about how Microsoft had delayed the release of Office for Mac 2008 until January of 2008, thanks to issues with product quality. But, given the pervasiveness of the Office platform, both on Mac and PC, I wonder just what features […] Read more »

It doesn’t seem all that long ago that my boss prohibited me from bringing the Mac OS X beta to work due to its lack of DVD support, or the years that followed when Mac users everywhere decried Quark’s slow progress away from Mac OS 9. […] Read more »

Mr Johnson (seriously?) got himself snipped in order to get the go ahead from The Boss (c’mon married guys, we all know it’s true) to buy himself an iPhone. Funny Story. Funnier is that just tonight my father-in-law relayed a story of his evening waiting in […] Read more »

Noodlesoft’s Paul Kim has released Hazel version 2.0 today. While this version has been in semi-private beta (you had to register in the forums) it is now feature complete and officially released for public consumption. Hazel 2.0 will cost new users $21.95 for a license, but […] Read more »

Remember when computers didn’t have internet access? When it was fun to say “five and a quarter” or brag about having a hard drive. One of the things I remember most was staying up into the night, fascinated with the thick manuals that came with the […] Read more »

When The Apple Blog first launched 3 years ago we did not offer full-text RSS feeds. That decision wasn’t really based so much on wanting people to visit the site more, but rather we just didn’t realize people wanted full-text so badly. Within the first year […] Read more »

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