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Pogoplug Video, announced today at CES, will allow you to make videos available to clients more easily. The device will stream HD video and images from your own external hard drive, directly to desktops and laptops, as well as to iOS, Android, and other mobile devices. Read more »

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7-eleven slurpee unity

One joke from President Obama, made two weeks ago during a press conference, has kicked off a national branded campaign led by a daily episodic web series, thanks to 7-Eleven and Happy Little Guillotine Films. Obama, however, holds the key to the show being a success. Read more »


The celebrity tweet: good or bad? For the wildly popular television show Glee! it’s been a great success, though Fox VP of Innovation Hardie Tankersley admits that companies need to tread carefully in the Twitterverse. Read more »

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election day poll closings

While the stakes for this election might not be quite as high as they were in 2008, any political junkie knows that this year’s results could have a major impact on national and local politics — and there are plenty of options for watching the action online. Read more »

lxd halloween

It’s almost Halloween, and you may be already consumed by costume parties and whatnot this weekend. But if you’re looking for a quick video fix of spooky content, here are a few options — some spooky dancing, some spooky spoilers, and some spooky zombies. Read more »

chad hurley

Five years after co-founding YouTube, long-time CEO Chad Hurley is stepping down from that position, according to TechCrunch. He’s been transitioning away from the CEO role for the last two years, ceding most day-to-day business decisions to Google’s former VP of web applications Salar Kamangar. Read more »


This is what democracy looks like: Countless fans of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert will come to the National Mall in Washington D.C. this Saturday to demonstrate for sanity and fear, respectively. Can’t be amongst them? Don’t worry, the entire spectacle will be streamed live online. Read more »

cordcutters ep 2

This week on NewTeeVee’s first original web series, Janko tests the Xbox 360’s cable-replacing abilities, Ryan talks to a San Francisco cord-cutter who doesn’t miss Comcast, and Liz gets into the Halloween spirit with the Dailymotion-exclusive horror web series Camera Obscura. Read more »


Happy Tuesday, steampunk fans! As promised earlier this month, episode 1 of the independent web series Riese relaunched today on, just one step in the process towards a potential television adaptation. Re-edited in collaboration with SyFy, the new version is narrated by Amanda Tapping. Read more »

vag magazine

Vag, a web series about a fashion magazine taken over by a team of third-wave feminists, is to Bust Magazine as Legend of Neil is to the video game Legend of Zelda — accessible even if you don’t know the source material, and so incredibly funny. Read more »


Type in the name of an artist, select a song, and you’re presented with a playlist of 150 music videos, based on music filtering algorithms from That’s the gist of a new mash-up that combines Google Instant-like search with YouTube videos and recommendations. Read more »

kutiman youtube play

YouTube’s having a party to celebrate the artistic and experimental content submitted to its YouTube Play program, and if you’re not in New York, you can still tune in thanks to a livestream, to be hosted at, tonight beginning at 8 PM ET. Read more »

conan live

Conan O’Brien is returning to the airwaves on November 8. Can’t wait? Then how about a 24 hour video marathon, streamed live from the Team CoCo headquarters? The stream is starting at 10 a.m. Pacific today, and it’s brought to you by YouTube and Conan’s stairwell. Read more »

Screen shot 2010-10-18 at 4.26.43 PM

The P.S. 22 Chorus of Staten Island, NY has risen to widespread popularity in recent years with covers of popular tunes, including (most recently) MGMT’s Kids. But their videos go unmonetized due to the tricky gray area currently occupied by cover songs on YouTube. Read more »

jon lajoie animation

It’s been almost two years since we last wrote about Jon Lajoie — whose comedy sketches and songs helped him build international fame online — but while he’s been doing pretty well for himself thanks to acting gigs and an original album, he’s still maintained his web popularity. Read more »


The Open Video Alliance is trying to jump-start the contribution of video to Wikipedia by getting educators and cultural institutions involved. The organization just published a white paper abut Wikipedia that, amongst other things, explains how exactly you get your video clips included in Wikipedia articles. Read more »


Right Wing Radio Duck captured the internet by storm earlier this week. The mash-up, which has an out-of-luck Donald Duck falling for Glenn Beck’s rhetoric, even received praise from Beck himself. But how long did it take to produce this? We decided to find out. Read more »

Sarine, in costume, performs a take for director Register.

Regular production on the classic web series Ask a Ninja, created by Kent Nichols and Doug Sarine, dropped off about ten months ago. But this week, the show returned with daily updates, special guest stars and a new creative partner in web series creator Brett Register. Read more »


Skype has made some partnerships that extend its reach beyond the desktop computer. A logical acquirer of Skype would be an Internet software company, telephony equipment maker or telecom carrier, and recent headlines suggest Cisco might be a natural fit. Read more »

kent nichols

Today we’ve got Kent Nichols, who co-created one of web video’s truly old-school series, Ask A Ninja. After a period of dormancy, Ninja is beginning daily updates on Monday, Oct. 4; here, Nichols discusses “buzzlingo,” fear of change, scalable content and the Olson Twins. Read more »

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