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The live-stream video market is entering an upturn in the typical hockey stick growth chart. Viewership will more than double by 2014, and as the market grows, it will support both content providers with a diverse, one-stop-shop approach and those with more specialized content and audiences. Read more »


When people mention social media and TV, often the reaction is that viewers don’t want constant status updates and tweets creating a visual mess on their screens. But yesterday at NewTeeVee Live, Robin Sloan from Twitter talked about how Twitter is changing the TV viewing experience. Read more »

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The television business is on the cusp of the biggest technological upheaval since cable TV emerged. With that in mind, we examine the leading contenders’ strategic positioning, relative strengths and weaknesses & provide the early line on their odds of success in the connected TV marketplace. Read more »


Google’s newly announced partnership with DISH will distribute Logitech’s Google TV device and allow for limited integration with the satellite TV provider’s set-tops. But the real question is whether or not Google can sell such an act to the Comcasts and Time Warners of the world. Read more »


A new patent the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office just approved was filed in 2008 by Apple and prevents users from sending and receiving “objectionable” text messages. The patent, officially called “Text-based communication control for personal communication device,” essentially prevents what’s known as “sexting.” Read more »


Google headlines this week beg the question: Would Facebook ever pursue a three-screen strategy by offering up its own TV platform to users? The answer could be yes, as the TV screen seems too big a honeypot to ignore for a company that lives on advertising dollars. Read more »


AOL has acquired video syndication specialist 5min Media to boost the amount of video it serves on its sites, while boosting distribution of its own video assets. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, although estimates place the value of the deal at around $50-$65 million. Read more »

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While there’s excitement over the supposed 99-cent TV show rentals on the new iTV, my belief is that won’t be enough to make iTV a success. There are a few other important things Apple needs to do to make this device more than just its hobby. Read more »

Zipcar’s path to the public market has become a bit more bumpy as its purchase of Streetcar, its largest rival in London, raises anti-competition concerns. The Office of Fair Trade (OFT) in the U.K. said Tuesday it couldn’t be confident that the acquisition wouldn’t stifle competition. Read more »

Do you sometimes forget to follow up on important emails, or struggle with adding follow up reminders to your calendar? FollowUp is a useful, free and easy-to-use service that you can use to automatically send yourself a reminder to follow up. Read more »

The 4G iPhone will be one of the first handsets to bring mobile video chat to the masses. A new report from our GigaOM Pro research team estimates that by 2015 video chat will grow to 30 billion calls helped by handsets like the latest iPhone. Read more »

The FCC today began the long process of building a regulatory regime for the broadband communication network during an open meeting in which it sought comments on several sweeping policy changes, including reforming the subsidy for providing rural telephone access, but questions over its authority linger. Read more »

Warner Bros. Acquires Turbine, Developer of Lord of the Rings Online; Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, the video game division of the Burbank movie studio, said it has acquired Turbine Inc., a Massachusetts developer of massively multiplayer online games. (LA Times blog) Kit Digital to Power Tribeca […] Read more »


Adoption of smartphones by consumers has pushed them to tremendous growth. In spite of the number of smartphones in the marketplace, until yesterday you could count the number of significant OSes using a few fingers. The smartphone playing field has changed, and not just a little. Read more »

When you’re drowning, you grasp at straws to try to stay afloat. Sometimes you actually convince yourself that you’re standing on dry land. That seems to be the collective response of the traditional TV industry to a recent survey from Parks Associates. Read more »

Comcast today reported fourth-quarter and 2009 earnings that showed remarkable subscriber growth in a down economy. But this year could be a turning point for Comcast, which has laid the groundwork for fast, ubiquitous broadband while also trying to avoid becoming a dumb pipe. Read more »

Cox, the nation’s third-largest cable company, today said it had successfully delivered a voice call and high-definition video streaming over a fourth-generation Long Term Evolution network, but the trial raises more questions than it answers about the cable provider’s 4G wireless plans. Read more »

This year Intel will return to the Super Bowl with two new ads for its latest line of processors as well as sponsor the post-game show. Intel helped make advertising for geeky tech components cool, and this latest marketing effort aims to keep Intel on top. Read more »

The mobile TV market has been a disappointment for years, but emerging efforts from cable companies and content providers to make entertainment available everywhere via the web may finally drive adoption. Will next year finally be the year for mobile television? Read more »

Time Warner Cable and News Corp.’s fight over retransmission fees for broadcast channels brings up hard questions on the business model of providing over-the-air television. Honest answers to those questions could lead the way for the FCC to repurpose broadcasters’ spectrum for mobile broadband. Read more »

As power shifts between content owners and cable providers, content owners are gaining ground since they have a second pipe into homes. But cable still has the audiences and cachet with advertisers. So if Time Warner Cable and News Corp. continue their fight, both will lose. Read more »

Service providers appear ready to rebel against content companies, in particular against the cost involved with providing an end subscriber 500 channels of television as part of a pay-TV package. Among them is Gustavo Prilick, CEO of the small cable provider Broadstripe. Read more »

The Wireless Gigabit Ethernet Alliance today came out with its first version of a standard designed to send video wirelessly around the home at transmission rates of 7 gigabits per second, or 10 times faster than what you can do using the fastest Wi-Fi out today. Read more »

Comcast and GE said today they plan to merge Comcast’s entertainment properties with GE’s NBC Universal to create a joint venture valued at $37.25 billion — a smart move by Comcast as it seeks to control the future of television on the web. Read more »

Here in the U.S., we’re getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving, which for many folks means a long weekend — my favorite time to tinker, especially with software. So I’ve gathered together seven free app tinkering ideas that you may get a kick out of. Read more »

Cisco said today it would up its offer to buy Tandberg to $3.4 billion — a boost of $400 million over its original bid, made last month — and said 40 percent of Tandberg’s shareholders have so far accepted the deal (Cisco needs 90 percent). About two […] Read more »

Google CEO Eric Schmidt is on a bit of a Microsoft offensive. Earlier this week, while talking to press in Boston when Schmidt was asked to comment on a statement by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, he said, “I’ve learned not to respond to quotes by Steve […] Read more »

Disney Creating New Content Licensing Technology; Keychest redefines ownership as access rights, not owning a physical object. (The Wall Street Journal) Susan Boyle’s CD Biggest Pre-Order in Amazon’s History; the viral video sensation‘s I Dreamed a Dream goes on sale Nov. 23. (The Wall Street Journal) […] Read more »

“Comcast Plans to Bring TV Shows to Your Phone,” a Reuters story trumpeted yesterday, which had many of us here at GigaOM really excited — me especially, since this is exactly the sort of thing that I’ve said the cable guys should be doing if they […] Read more »

Two weeks ago, an appeals court shot down an FCC rule that had prevented any single cable company from controlling more than 30 percent of U.S. TV subscriptions. While a few reports noted then that the decision could spur consolidation in the cable industry, the discussion […] Read more »

Having spent a day with iTunes 9 and OS 3.1 on an iPhone and iPod touch, I find that I am completely smitten with a feature I pretty much completely ignored before yesterday. I’m referring to Genius, which hadn’t lived up to its name until this […] Read more »

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