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It’s an unconfirmed rumor (but we have it on very good sources) that FCC chairman Kevin Martin was in Mountain View Wednesday, touring the Googleplex and no doubt chowing down on the famous free food. Makes sense, since Martin is scheduled to speak in Silicon Valley […] Read more »

One of my favorite people in Silicon Valley is changing course. Jeff Nolan,  is leaving Teqlo, after a short stint. He left SAP Ventures to do something else at SAP and then joined Teqlo, a mash-up company. I wrote about the company and still think they […] Read more »

Carphone Warehouse, UK-based mobile phone retail chain, which has made (and lost some of its) name as Talk Talk, a free broadband provider, in the UK is looking to cross the pond and come to the US, to open…. a chain of cell phone stores. The […] Read more »

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You either love it or you hate it. The New Yahoo Mail that is. Check out this interesting story and interesting observations about what went wrong (and right) from a User Experience standpoint with the new Yahoo Mail. Read more »

Apple is looking to hire a couple of dozen Mac Geniuses, for its expanding retail chain network, according to a search on SimplyHired and The jobs are spread pretty widely, geographically speaking. However the listings are for new locations, like Louisville, Kentucky. The news of […] Read more »

Richard Bloor of Symbian One on the recently concluded S60 Summit in Madrid: Blogging, like reality TV and soap operas, is essentially about living vicariously. The closest an outside observer could get to that, for the S60 Summit, was on flickr where ohl@work and Benoit.darcy were […] Read more »

Byte Level Research has put together a list of most global sites. Google tops the rankings, followed by Wikipedia and Cisco Systems. HP, Seagate, Microsoft, and American Express are also on the top ten list of global sites. Google has become a regular in the number […] Read more »

Digg fans are getting their own Wayback Machine type mashup for locating lost Digg stories. DuggBack is a site that helps you find removed stories using a mix of mirrors and caches. The service uses the Digg API, and mirror services from DuggMirror, Coral CDN, Wayback […] Read more »

Google has added ticker symbols on news in Google News. Users who have searched for public companies on Google News can now see the relevant ticker symbol(s) displayed at the end of the news cluster ( example). The ticker leads the user to the corresponding company […] Read more »

Hundred dollar laptop backer Nicholas Negroponte says the laptops will actually cost $175 and will have an options for running Windows. The realities of manufacturing and designing mass market products has set in, but the result is still pretty good, don’t you think? I saw a […] Read more »

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Online storage options for Windows XP users are dime a dozen. Many of the popular ones don’t love the MAC as much. However, today Mozy launched the mac version of its product which according to Web Worker Daily is pretty good, and can compete nicely with […] Read more »

When do you know it is time to whack an idea that is not working? Entrepreneur’s Dilemma! My latest on Found+READ Read more »

It’s not officially announced yet but one-number provider Grand Central now has support for mobile devices, allowing Grand Central users to see their in-box, set preferences, etc., as long as your mobile device supports an Internet browser. Read more »

With the FCC set to issue the first set of rules for the upcoming 700 MHz spectrum auction, there was plently of interest in today’s open meeting. However, the monthly FCC gathering, scheduled to start at 9:30 a.m. East Coast time, has yet to begin. At […] Read more »

Folks at Pingdom have put together a nice little map of the top 20 DNS servers in the world, and have one conclusion: US is king, with only two of the top 20 DNS servers outside of the US. Interestingly, they point out that DNS servers […] Read more »

Georgia and Iowa will soon join ten other states including Texas, California, Kansas, Michigan, Indiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, New Jersey and Missouri and implement new video franchising rules – ones that allow state wide franchising instead of community-level franchising. This is a bonus for […] Read more »

Akamai thinks YES it is, and has put together this really nifty little utility which compares traffic performance on their network versus the public Internet. Interesting twist on marketing – take a look! Read more »

30 Boxes has just updated Power Twitter, a plug-in for Firefox (get it here) that lets you do cool stuff, like add shared urls, video and photo embeds. Check it out. Read more »

Ikanos, known for VDSL and VDSL2 chips, has introduced a new super chip, the Vx180, that has 2.7 GHz of processing power, and can handle most new services like Voice over Internet Protocol with relative ease. The chip, designed for a four-pla world supports VDSL2, ADSL2+, […] Read more »

PhotoShelter, an online archive and marketplace for professional photographers, is offering one terabyte of redundant storage at a cost of $1,000 per year. You can also get 500 gigabytes of storage space for $600 per year. (Press release.) Read more »

In more than one of the discussions we’ve had with folks about the Vonage-Verizon patent fight, there has been out-loud wonderment that some prior art hasn’t yet surfaced to invalidate Verizon’s claims. From VoIP Watch blogger Andy Abramson (and his radio cohort Ken Rutkowski) comes a […] Read more »

Experian Group announced today it had bought online metrics provider Hitwise for $240 million in cash. Hitwise has done an exemplary job of packaging and marketing analytics by hooking them onto relevant happenings on the web. Read more »

A report from Digitimes (via Engadget) says the Google phone is coming from HTC, as early as the end of 2007. If that’s really true, I’m not sure which I want more, iPhone or Google phone. Read more »

There is nothing like having the top job at a phone company. Whether your stock goes up or down, you still make millions. In fact you make way more than say CEO of GE or Pepsi. * In 2006, Richard Notebaert, CEO and Chairman of Qwest […] Read more »

According to Prince & Cooke, over 38% Argentinean companies are now using VoIP based phone services. In comparison, 31.1% were using VoIp three months earlier. The recent number is in sharp contrast to 2004, when only 4.8% were using VoIP Read more »

Qualcomm has bought the mobile WiMAX assets of TeleCIS Wireless for an undisclosed sum. Qualcomm tells Unstrung that it bought the company’s engineering resources for its “mobile broadband system knowledge and System On a Chip design experience.” Though, perhaps Qualcomm is also hedging its bet in […] Read more »

OK, maybe Ma Bell will push back from scarfing down that tasty plate of telecom pasta: According to the NY Times, the telecom giant backed down from its previous continental expansion plans Monday, perhaps due to political pressures. Read more »

Vonage apparently confirms what some patent-watchers had guessed — that there is no technical workaround to the patent claims from Verizon that Vonage is alleged to be infringing. More on this one later! Read more »

Cisco and Intelsat are working together to put routers in to orbit, as part of Internet Routing In Space (IRIS) project. The idea is that the U.S. military could use internet protocol for their voice, video and data needs. “IRIS is to the future of satellite-based […] Read more »

Portfolio magazine says party is on … again in San Francisco. Slide, an unmarked club near the Clift Hotel, is partially owned by Friendster founder Jonathan Abrams. Mighty and Vessel are two other nightclubs where Web 2.0 companies’ finest, or at least most ambitious, can be […] Read more »

Mozilla and eBay apparently have teamed up to build a new auction extension for the Firefox browser. In case you are interested, sign up for their Alpha test. From what I hear, Mozilla partner Glaxstar did the initial work on this extension. Read more »

Indian incumbent BSNL is planning to roll out a giant WiMAX network, once the spectrum policies around WiMAX become clear, reports say. The network could cover a 1000 cities, and the tender should open in July 2007, if Department of Telecommunications gets its act together. Network […] Read more »

Qualcomm says hell no to Nokia’s $20 million attempted payment in a press release today. Qualcomm says that payment is a fraction of what Nokia agreed to and a fraction of what Qualcomm patent portfolio is worth. Check out our timeline of how the companies reached […] Read more »

A LEGO based MMO. Now that’s nice. Even an old fogey can get into that! Read more »

Iliad, neuf Cegetel and Noos-Numericable – three independent broadband service providers are bidding for T-Online France (Club Internet), an ISP that has been put on the block by its German parent, Deutsche Telekom (DT). Club Internet has 600,000 subscribers and could fetch betweeen 250-to-500 million Euros. Read more » Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft Live Search now autodiscover Sitemaps. The new open-format autodiscovery allows webmasters to specify the location of their sitemaps within their robots.txt. More information at, and blog. Read more »

Mobio Networks, a startup with a mobile application for web-based lifestyle content, is officially opening up its service on Wednesday. I’ve checked out the free app at DEMO, which has widgets for movie times, event listings and other info about what to do when you’re out […] Read more »

In a deal the companies say is worth millions ( millions! ) of Euros, Ericsson announced Tuesday that it will supply and manage the spare parts needed for Vodafone’s mobile networks. The deal covers both 2G- and 3G-flavored networks, the companies said. Read more »

Disney Mobile, a MVNO, which has been in business for a year, says nearly 30% of its subscribers use GPS location-tracking services once every other day, and about 70% come from the handset. 56 percent of Disney Mobile subscribers are adults … I like that… who […] Read more »

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