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The promise of a completely open-source enterprise is near, but the nagging question remains: Will it work as a business for the technology industry? On Sept. 29, about 75 entrepreneurs, executives and investors will gather at the GigaOM San Francisco offices to discuss that very question. Read more »

Travelers know that trips abroad can go much smoother when you can convey your needs in the local language. Phrase books have been popular for years but an electronic version that sits in your phone would be just the ticket. ConveyThis, which offers simple translation into […] Read more »

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It’s been almost a month since I broke up with my iPhone and switched to the new T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve 8900. And while I sometimes yearn for my iPhone’s awesome sleekness and its admirable browser, the new BlackBerry Curve is proving to be a worthy and admirable replacement. Instead of boring you with details about the innards of the device, let me stay focused on what matters most to typical BlackBerry owners: usability. Read more »

It’s been about five days since I ditched my iPhone and made the BlackBerry Curve 8900 my primary device. There are many things I miss about the iPhone, such as surfing the Internet with a full-blown browser. More importantly, I miss Facebook Mobile. And I am […] Read more »

Amazon unleashed its second-generation Kindle device as expected today, and it doesn’t fail to please in the looks and specs department. There’s seven times more memory, advanced eInk capabilities for 16-color grayscale and faster page refreshing, plus an updated design that addresses some of the original […] Read more »

There are enough signs that Apple’s iPhone, the fast-growing mobile device from the Cupertino-based consumer electronics and computing giant, will give the still-emerging business of mobile video a turbo boost. Here’s why: Read more »

If I believe the music industry, the Internet and ISPs enable illegal downloads and that has singularly led to the downfall of the music business. Given these apparent facts, I am doing a political flip-flop and will actively support proposals to have governments force ISPs to disconnect users suspected of downloading illegal content. I love listening to music and apparently there is no other way to save it. Right? Read more »

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