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Etsy, the “eBay for crafts,” has raised a new $20-million round of financing — its fifth — according to several reports, as sales at the user-generated site continue to grow rapidly. The funding round is from a group of venture capital funds led by Index Ventures. Read more »


Though every street corner in San Francisco seems to house a startup incubator these days, Y Combinator is at the top of the heap. Tonight, Silicon Valley prince Facebook bestowed its endorsement on YC, announcing a relationship with the program to mentor its startups. Read more »

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Social Networks For 2009 That Web Workers Need To Pay Attention To

Groupon says it expects to end the year with as many as 25 million subscribers and $400 million in sales. Chief operating officer Rob Solomon also says the company’s promotional campaign for The Gap was so successful it has been fielding calls from other national advertisers. Read more »

It’s fascinating to watch enterprise adoption of Apple technology given its apparent disdain for this market. According to The Wall Street Journal, businesses are tripping over themselves to justify iPad purchases, just a few years after they resisted the rise of Mac and rejected the iPhone. Read more »

Motorola has bought tiny startup 280 North for $20M. The acquisition is a pointer to Motorola’s future when the handset business is spun off. It is also Motorola’s attempt to capture the Apple magic and a way to stand out in a sea of Android phones. Read more »

Foodspotting, a startup that allows users to share photos of their favorite dishes with friends and other food-lovers, has landed a $750,000 seed round from a series of investors led by Aydin Senkut and Dave McClure’s 500 Startups fund, as well as Google executive Steve Lee. Read more »

Americans: Addicted to Mobile Email

Yes, Flowtown is yet another social media marketing company, but it’s not just another tool for monitoring customer feedback through their tweets. Flowtown helps small businesses engage with existing customers through email and social networks. Today it is announcing $750,000 in seed funding. Read more »

Networked lighting startup Digital Lumens pulled back the curtain for the first time on one of its installations, announcing a project in Conklin, N.Y. that the company says has slashed lighting-related energy use at the facility by as much as 87 percent. Read more »

Adding mobile apps to ride-sharing options will open up the services to all those car poolers that just don’t want to plan in advance. On the other hand, maybe that’s not such a good thing. Read more »

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Telecom Back from the Dead, but Check the Pulse

Topsy says it now has the most comprehensive index of Twitter content available online, having recently indexed its 5 billionth tweet and its 2.5 billionth link from the network. The company has launched a new architecture that it says can handle up to 100 billion updates. Read more »

Camino 1.5: Brisk, Better, Best

As Facebook tries to take the idea of location-based services mainstream with the launch of Places, other services are looking to add value by using location data to make recommendations for users. Two startups who have their eye on this prize are The Hotlist and Hunch. Read more »

Dimdim — a provider of well-designed web conferencing tools that we’ve covered previously — yesterday rolled out DimDim Business, an edition of its software designed for small and medium-sized businesses. It provides a web conferencing solution that’s scalable to thousands of participants. Read more »

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Social gaming powerhouse Zynga has acquired yet another game development shop, this time Cambridge, Mass.-based Conduit Labs, it announced this morning. The deal, which will turn Conduit into Zynga’s Boston studio, was an all-stock transaction, according to’s Scott Kirsner. Read more »

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Redbeacon is just a year and a half old, until recently was bootstrapped, and has deployed its local services marketplace in only one region. But something about what it’s doing makes people think the company’s on to something big. CEO Ethan Anderson explains the appeal. Read more »

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SlideShare, which allows users to upload and share PowerPoint and other presentations and slideshows, today launched a series of premium Pro accounts that have added features for businesses, including the ability to generate leads from within a presentation and to create a customized branded channel. Read more »

ALTe, a startup founded by former Tesla Motors executives and managers, takes the goal of converting vehicle fleets to run on electricity literally. The company aims to take used models and give them new guts to run as extended range electric vehicles. Read more »

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In the debate over apps versus the web on smartphones, apps are winning, says Gowalla CEO Josh Williams. There’s hope from companies like Opera and Google that the web will surge ahead as HTML 5 becomes more widespread, but Williams has his doubts. Read more »

Greentech has become a big subject in corporate conference rooms over the past year. Large companies have been among the top investors so far this year, and the latest example came from Samsung Electronics. Read more »

CouchDB, the open source database that is part of the NoSQL movement, is now available on Google’s Android., the company behind the open source software, today announced CouchDB SDK for Android.  Palm, a division of Hewlett Packard, has already announced that the next version of […] Read more »

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Women are underrepresented in venture-backed startups, according to data released today by a firm called CB Insights, which notes that only 8 percent of venture-backed startups have female founders. That and some data released by Illuminate Ventures has me wondering if there’s a female-focused funding model. Read more »

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When I first read about Callvine, a company that makes an eponymously named group calling and texting application for iOS 4, I remembered what New York Yankees legend Yogi Berra once said: it’s like déjà vu all over again. Read more »

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Still hoping to plan a last-minute summer getaway? There’s no lack of great web and mobile travel tools, like Kayak and TripIt, but here are a couple of new ones you might find worth checking out: TravelPost’s new Q&A feature and Tripline maps. Read more »

Skype today filed to raise up to $100 million through an initial public offering. Last week saw Demand Media file for an IPO and NXP, a semiconductor company, actually go public on Thursday. Is the technology IPO back, or is this a false start? Read more »

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Bump Technologies recently released a shinier and faster version of its Bump application for the iPhone. As a result, the company has seen almost 150 percent growth in the number of people who bump and times they bump their devices. Read more »

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Demand Media, the paid-content company started by MySpace founder Richard Rosenblatt, has filed documents with the Securities and Exchange Commission that are the first step on the road to an initial public offering of shares that is expected to hit the market later this year. Read more »

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Quora, the question-and-answer startup founded by two former Facebook employees, has opened its database up to search engines today. Facebook, however, prefers to keep the information from its recently launched Facebook Questions service to itself, saying it has no plans to be indexed by search engines. Read more »

Can Silver Spring Networks produce enough smart grid gear to keep its utility customers happy? That was a question repeated by Maryland’s regulators on Thursday as they grilled a Baltimore Gas and Electric official over the utility’s proposal to build a smart grid using Silver Spring’s equipment. Read more »

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Solariat today launched an advertising platform for forums, social media and Q&A sites called AdLib, which uses linguistic analysis to automatically generate sponsored replies to users’ questions. It’s a twist on search-style contextual advertising to seem more native to online communities and conversations. Read more »

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Rapportive this week announced $1 million in funding from a long list of angel and early stage investors including Dave McClure, Paul Buchheit and Jason Calacanis. The startup makes a Gmail plug-in that gives dynamic social web profile data about the people with whom you’re emailing. Read more »

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Amidst widespread discussion and fear of collecting personal data for ad targeting, one of the leading marketplaces for such audience data has raised a big round of venture funding. New York City-based eXelate today announced a $15 million Series B round led by Menlo Ventures. Read more »

OneRiot laid off seven employees Friday, dropping it to a total of 23 with the intent of sharpening its focus on building a real-time ad network. The Boulder-based company elevated president Tobias Peggs to the role of CEO, and moved him from San Francisco to Colorado. Read more »

There’s been plenty of debate about whether small VCs are better than large ones, but angel investor Dave McClure says that the big problem isn’t size. He argues that most VCs, big or small, are simply approaching the consumer Internet market in completely the wrong way. Read more »

Looking for a simple task management app for your Mac? Check out Anxiety. It’s a lightweight to-do list app that can integrate with iCal and Mail. Unlike many of the more full-featured task managers, it’s relatively unobtrusive, taking up a tiny amount of screen real estate. Read more »

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