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From David Isenberg’s SMART LETTER:: For almost a year Bharti Telecom, India’s second carrier, has been sending me feelers through third parties about visiting them. Bharti was on the trans-Pacific tour until the Fail Fast Letter (see hit the Internet. The very next day the […] Read more »

Red Herring:: Did you expect perfect handwriting recognition from the new Tablet PC laptops? Fuggetaboutit. But that doesn’t mean there’s no value in the Windows XP Tablet PC operating system from Microsoft (released in early November)–just make sure the machine running it doesn’t rely solely on […] Read more » ::WorldCom Inc.’s former finance chief, Scott Sullivan, has given federal prosecutors a broad outline of discussions he had with Bernard Ebbers, the company’s former chief executive, about the company’s fraudulent accounting practices, according to people familiar with the matter. But people who have been briefed […] Read more »

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Strategy Analytics thinks that the “debt Loads to force Consolidation with T-Mobile US top of List T-Mobile’s new management will find the pressure to divest non-core assets irresistible. T-Mobile & Cingular will merge to provide Cingular with coverage and spectrum relief and a realistic basis for […] Read more »

RED HERRING :: Baby Bells, the one bright spot in the telecom sector, will be hit hard with declining or flatlining sales in 2003. They’re under pressure from numerous threats, including cable operators, which are doing well selling high-speed Internet access in the lucrative consumer and […] Read more » :: WorldCom, which is in bankruptcy, said Tuesday that six board members who oversaw the company in the years it racked up more than $9 billion in accounting problems have resigned, leaving three recent appointees. Read more »

Denver :: At post-merger Qwest, aggressive new culture led to questionable deals. Read more »

Tablatronic.NET :: It is a shame we missed this one! Last year-and-a-half New York has been buzzing about this hot new group called I-I-O (pronounced “eye-eye-oh”) and their smash hit single, Rapture. Well like others we loved the tune but forgot to notice that the lead […] Read more »

Tablatronic.NET :: Swami’s BhangraDotCom (Essential Bhangra Remixes 4 Ur Mind, Soul & Feet) is out on Nation Records. This is one of the new albums from Swami of Nu Skool Beatz fame. We have not heard the album but are told that this is one of […] Read more »

Tablatronic.NET :: It is not often that one does come across a talented and ambitious young singer in New York who happens to be of South Asian origin. I stumbled upon Reshma at one of the desiparties in New York a few months ago. She had […] Read more »

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“The Scene” can be defined as an underground niche of young adults who have a common culture. Within this setting, some of the most admired and high profile individuals happen to be the Disc Jockeys who play our music. Within just two years, Sandeep Kumar has […] Read more »

SEVENTEEN :: Check out the November issue of Seventeen Magazine for an excerpt from BORN CONFUSED as well as this month’s YM Magazine for a book review (on stands now). Interviews with Tanuja Desai Hidier up at Seventeen online and as well as BORN CONFUSED […] Read more »

Wall Street Journal :: Leo Hindery, a former chief executive of Global Crossing Ltd. and well-known cable veteran, is fighting to force the fiber-optic carrier to award him $708,000 in back pay and more than $100,000 in rent for a lavish Manhattan apartment. Read more » :: Asians males are becoming increasingly involved in the trade of MC’ing. We talk to upcoming top British Asian Mike Controllers, Sunil Sharma (MC Smokey) & Vikesh Dhokia (MC Sniper). Read more »

Bollywood Bound :: :: No one can dispute the fact that Bombay has the biggest film industry in the world, with 800 films emerging every year. The movie industry permeates through every cell of Bombay, a reality made quite clear in Nisha Pahuja’s latest documentary […] Read more »

BBC Online :: If you thought owning and running an Indian restaurant, cooking curry both in the domestic kitchen or as a professional chef and even talking about Indian food as a learned practitioner, is strictly the domain of Asians, then think again. Read more »

New York Times :: Ebbers Made $11 Million on 21 Stock Offerings ::Bernard J. Ebbers, WorldCom’s former chief executive, made more than $11 million in four years on 21 hot stock offerings he received from Salomon Smith Barney, according to documents released yesterday by the House […] Read more »

IndustryClick :: If you ever wanted an encapsulated account of the rise and fall of the telecom market, you have come to the right place. Other than the recently revealed fraudulence of WorldCom and company–which after all can be found in ALL industries and businesses–the […] Read more »

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