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Wikileaks has given the cleantech world ammunition to show how our sector offers a solution to the extremely unstable world problems, and national security issues. We are bankrolling the same enemies we proclaim to be fighting in the battle against fundamentalist Islamic terror groups. Read more »


Since influencers are what makes the greentech industry world go round, we thought we’d bring you the 10 individuals that we think had the biggest effect on the greentech sector this year. From corporate bigwigs to policy wonks, these are the people changing the sector. Read more »

Engineering Interns from the districk go back to high school

We’re all going to need to become a lot more energy literate if we’re going to fight climate change. Now the DOE has started working on a collaborative Energy Literacy document that will help guide energy education in schools, as well as federal policy and funding. Read more »

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Wayne National Forest Solar Panel Construction

Everyone knows that California was the brightest shining light in the oppressive darkness that descended on the clean energy world on Nov. 2. While clean energy hopes were being snuffed out across the country, California went the right way towards a sustainable energy future. Read more »


The first week of the U.N.’s climate change negotiations has kicked off in Cancun, Mexico and not surprisingly, there are low expectations of any meaningful agreement coming out of the talks. What will likely provide some needed optimism will be the greentech and green-leaning business community. Read more »

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Could 1.7 billion processor hours put a dent in the fight against climate change? That’s what the DOE is hoping, and this week unveiled a program to donate computing power from two super computers for dozens of projects working on energy innovation. Read more »


Even though the U.N. climate negotiations in Copenhagen last year, COP 15, were a bust, this year’s COP 16, kicking off in Cancun on Monday, could provide some progress to reaching a treaty on how to cut world carbon emissions. Here’s our greetech guide to the talks. Read more »


A public official with a sense of humor is seriously refreshing. The DOE’s Chief Steven Chu sings praise for a particularly funny article in The Onion entitled, “Report: Global Warming Issue From 2 or 3 Years Ago May Still Be Problem,” on his official Facebook page. Read more »


More third quarter greentech venture financing numbers are out this morning, and yep, they’re still bad. According to Ernst & Young, greentech VC investments in the third quarter of 2010 were down 55 percent below Q3 2009. That’s one of the highest reported drops I’ve seen. Read more »

Off-shore wind turbine, Thames Estuary, UK

The UK government unveiled major spending cuts today, taking bites out of welfare benefits and other public programs while pledging to provide £2.2 billion pounds (about $3.5 billion USD) for renewable energy and carbon capture projects and preserving a feed-in tariff for solar power. Read more »

vz ipad

Apple will be adding a video angle to its advertising offerings, and will soon begin delivering in-stream ads to videos shown on iOS devices. A new video ad product, slated to launch early next year, could boost videos available on the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. Read more »

IBM today increased the scope of its internal cloud-computing portfolio with three new CloudBurst offerings. The most important of the bunch might be IBM’s Service Delivery Manager software, which has been decoupled so that it can run atop any standard x86- or Power-based servers. Read more »

EPH_Mike Splinter_Jan08_72

Applied Material’s CEO Mike Splinter writes: At a time when the U.S. and California need to redouble its leadership in mitigating climate change and its investment in building a low-carbon economy, Prop 23 would be a major step backwards. Read more »

The U.S. government will be using NoSQL database technology Cassandra for a 400-node cluster for intelligence mining. In addition, Riptano, the Austin, Texas-based Cassandra-focussed startup says now the open source NoSQL software is ready to run on Amazon’s EC2 service. Read more »


One of the most common questions often asked is how to get your app reviewed by the various iPhone blog sites around the Internet. While there is no guaranteed method,’s co-founder Ryan Johnson has a few pointers to help you build a relationship with reviewers. Read more »

RightScale, a Santa Barbara, Calif.-based cloud management software maker, has raised $25 million in new funds from Tenaya Capital, joined by DAG Ventures and current investors: Benchmark Capital, Index Ventures and Presidio Ventures. RightScale has raised a total of $42.5 million in three rounds Read more »

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