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Wired magazine editor-in-chief Chris Anderson, author of the book “The Long Tail,” has written a provocative piece for the magazine about how the “web is dead.” But while the rise of task-specific apps is a reality, the web is far from dead — it is evolving. Read more »

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Most website users prefer logging in with a Google sign-in, but Facebook is a close second, according to new data from Janrain. Close to 40 percent of users preferred to sign in with a Google ID, while 24 percent chose to login with their Facebook profile. Read more »

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In answer to a question on Q&A site about what it’s like to work at Google vs. Facebook, an engineer who worked for Google for four years and now works at Facebook describes his take on the different cultures and approaches of the two companies. Read more »

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SlideShare, which allows users to upload and share PowerPoint and other presentations and slideshows, today launched a series of premium Pro accounts that have added features for businesses, including the ability to generate leads from within a presentation and to create a customized branded channel. Read more »

Traffic to the website more than doubled last year, according to the latest results from comScore, with more than 92 million unique visitors visiting the site in June 2010. The fastest-growing market was Latin America, where usage of the social networking service more than tripled. Read more »

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Demand Media is feeling the glare of the spotlight as it prepares for an IPO expected to be in the $1.5-billion range. Its financial statements have drawn some red flags, there are concerns about its web traffic, and the quality of its content is being criticized. Read more »

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Digg is close to announcing a new CEO, according to current chief executive Kevin Rose. The Digg co-founder also says the company has annual revenue in the “double-digit millions” and has had several break-even months, and doesn’t feel that it needs to raise any additional cash. Read more »

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Google’s problems aren’t just a result of its huge size — its global ambitions and the impact it has on so many aspects of our lives has given it a whole new class of problems. In many ways, the company might as well be a nation-state. Read more »

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Facebook is talking with AOL about an advertising partnership, according to a report in the New York Post. Although it is still just a rumor, the idea that the social network and the web portal might be looking to work together isn’t that far-fetched. Read more »

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Facebook’s entry in the location-based sweepstakes is coming soon, sources have told CNET. But while CNET says the new feature will integrate existing “check-in” information from other services, it’s likely that Facebook Places will be about far more than just adding location data to status updates. Read more »

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A program called Digital Mirror analyzes your email and calendar to show whom you pay attention to in your social circle, which co-workers you usually ignore, which ones send a lot of “buck passing” emails and even what topics or users cause you to respond negatively. Read more »

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Medialets, a mobile advertising startup that specializes in interactive ads, has closed a Series B financing round of $6 million from its original backers The Foundry Group and DFJ Gotham, along with a series of new venture backers that includes Dave McClure’s new 500 Startups fund. Read more »

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In its IPO filing with regulators, paid-content producer Demand Media raises the possibility that Google could decide to use its knowledge of keyword ad trends to compete with the algorithm-driven content company. Google recently received a patent that relates to generating content based on search results. Read more »

Despite repeated attempts, Google has failed to make much headway in the world of social networking. Now the search giant is said to be working on a social network based around casual gaming, but will doing so give it enough momentum to compete with Facebook? Read more »

Image (3) stock-ostrich.jpg for post 78653, a Washington-based experiment in online hyper-local journalism from Allbritton Communications, creators of the political news site Politico, launched this morning with much fanfare. Whether the new startup’s blend of local reporting and blog aggregation can win it an audience remains to be seen, however. Read more »

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Demand Media, the paid-content company started by MySpace founder Richard Rosenblatt, has filed documents with the Securities and Exchange Commission that are the first step on the road to an initial public offering of shares that is expected to hit the market later this year. Read more »

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Quora, the question-and-answer startup founded by two former Facebook employees, has opened its database up to search engines today. Facebook, however, prefers to keep the information from its recently launched Facebook Questions service to itself, saying it has no plans to be indexed by search engines. Read more »

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Hunch, the hot startup from Flickr co-founder Caterina Fake and angel investor Chris Dixon, has redesigned the service to focus on recommending products such as magazines and books, rather than answering questions about specific topics. But the new focus could put it squarely in Facebook’s sights. Read more »

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Plenty of observers have been happily gloating about the failure of Google Wave, the real-time collaboration tool that the company has said it is shutting down due to lack of interest. But shouldn’t we be celebrating the fact that Google is willing to try new things? Read more »

Just over a year after launching it at the company’s developer conference, Google has decided to shut down Wave, the real-time collaboration tool that was designed to be a cross between instant messaging, group chat and email, saying it failed to gain enough support from users. Read more »

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After warning analysts its financial results for the latest quarter would be disappointing, AOL still managed to underperform, thanks in part to a massive writedown on the value of Bebo, the European social network it unloaded earlier this year. Advertising revenue at the company also plummeted. Read more »

Image (1) bees.jpg for post 76049 has closed a $1.4-million financing round that it plans to use to take its open-source microblogging software into the enterprise market. The funding came from a group led by New York venture fund FirstMark Capital, and FirstMark partner Scott Switzer will join the company’s board. Read more »

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Reports of a Google blockage in China led to a storm of media coverage, but the reports turned out to be wrong. Does that mean the rush to report such events is misplaced? Not at all. Real-time news is a process, not a finished product. Read more »

There’s been plenty of debate about whether small VCs are better than large ones, but angel investor Dave McClure says that the big problem isn’t size. He argues that most VCs, big or small, are simply approaching the consumer Internet market in completely the wrong way. Read more »

Russian investment fund Digital Sky Technologies is expected to go public sometime next year, according to reports. The company owns stakes in several of the hottest Internet companies around, including Facebook, social-game maker Zynga and group-buying site Groupon, as well as several leading Russian Internet companies. Read more »

Social-game maker Zynga has signed a joint-venture deal with venture fund Softbank Capital to bring its casual-gaming services to Japan, and Softbank has also invested $150 million in the company, whose Farmville and Mafia Wars games are among the most popular on Facebook. Read more »

All startups want to find the magic recipe for achieving Facebook scale, but former Twitter engineer Alex Payne says it doesn’t exist. And focusing on speed can not only send you in the wrong direction, but leave you high and dry when you need it most. Read more »

The Wall Street Journal has added fuel to recent reports that Google is working on a gaming-based social network as a way of competing with Facebook, saying unnamed sources have confirmed to the newspaper that Google is working with several game developers, including market leader Zynga. Read more »

Amazon has launched a new feature that connects users to their Facebook profiles, and then makes product suggestions based on their “likes” and other activity. But the online retailer also stresses that it will not share any of the data it has about users with Facebook. Read more »

According to a recent survey, fewer than 5 percent of U.S. online users have ever used a location-based application such as Foursquare on a mobile device. And almost 85 percent of those who responded to the survey said that they were not familiar with location-based services. Read more »

The number of Americans who say that newspapers are an important source of information continues to decline, according to a new survey. Only 56 percent of those surveyed agreed, compared with 68 percent who chose television and 78 percent who chose the Internet. Read more »

Anyone who has tried to track dozens of Twitter streams or hundreds of Facebook updates simultaneously knows the social web can be an intimidating ocean of information. A startup called Swift River is trying to find ways of filtering and understanding that ocean in real time. Read more »

Flipboard, a new content-browsing app for the iPad, raises many of the same thorny copyright issues that Google has been dealing with for years on Google News and Google Books. Is it a value-added service that content publishers should be thankful for, or a copyright-infringing parasite? Read more »

Chris Dixon, co-founder of, says there is more than just one kind of social graph — he argues there are actually half a dozen different graphs, relating to things such as location and recommendations. But one thing is clear: Facebook wants to own them all. Read more »

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