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Flickr is a wonderful resource, with millions of images online. Like many vast resources, finding that perfect image can be a real challenge. I regularly search for images of products on Flickr, and a utility I use to expedite those searches is Viewfinder for the Mac. Read more »

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The Lenovo ThinkPad Edge is a good compromise between the enterprise focused ThinkPad line and the consumer market. In the video I give a tour around the notebook and show how solid a performer it is at normal tasks such as web browsing and video playing. Read more »

Acer Ferrari One

It’s not often you get to say Ferrari in a notebook video review but that branding is what makes the Acer Ferrari One special. The sexy design coupled with decent performance for an ultra-portable sets the Ferrari One apart from the crowd. Read more »

iPad Apps thumb

There are already thousands of apps available in the App Store and I have been testing quite a few of them. There are a few apps I am using the most on the iPad and in the video I show briefly how each one looks running. Read more »

iPad Agony thumb

Like thousands of you, this week of waiting for the magic of the iPad is a horribly slow time. Buck up, it won’t be long now. This video commiserates with those dealing with this almost unbearable waiting for the iPad to appear. Enjoy this tongue-in-cheek video. Read more »


The Viliv S10 Blade is a thin convertible netbook that redefines the term “sleek.” You’ll know what I mean once you view the video. Combining a multitouch swivel screen with augmented netbook components, Viliv has produced the smallest 10-inch netbook with a full keyboard. Read more »

ThinkPad X100e

The 11.6-inch high-res screen on the ThinkPad X100e is a nice touch for an ultra-portable, and the attention to detail is present throughout the design. The inclusion of an AMD processor is a concession to pricing, and I discuss my findings due to that design choice. Read more »

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The HP Mini 5102 netbook is as good as any netbook available. The metal casing and long battery life make the 5102 a great traveling companion. If you’ve been waiting for a good look around the 5102, your wait is over. It was worth it. Read more »


Toshiba’s Satellite U505 notebook runs on the new Intel Core i3 processor. I’ll see how this $799 configuration performs, but for now, here’s a short video overview of the device. The range of ports is impressive, but the multitouch trackpad leaves me wanting more. Read more »

Devour thumb

The Motorola Devour is the latest Android phone appearing on the Verizon network in the U.S. The Devour has a QWERTY keyboard and a unique side-mounting battery, plus the Motoblur social network aggregation and UI technology. Here’s a look at the phone. Read more »

I recently told you about the utility Cinch for the Mac, a $7 shareware utility that brings the Windows 7 Aero drag features to OS X. I’m still getting contacted by people not sure how it works so I figured the best thing is to show […] Read more »


Finding a useful utility is a great thing, and when it’s free it is even better. That’s the best way to describe T3Desk – it is incredibly useful and free. What T3Desk does is very simple, it allows you to minimize windows to thumbnails on the […] Read more »

The HTC HD2 is a brilliant piece of hardware, as you will see in this video. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 1 GHz processor does a masterful job handling the processing and providing fluid graphics on the giant 4.3-inch screen. In the video you will get an overview […] Read more »

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