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The winds are still strong but not as ferocious as they have been since last night so we’ve been able to begin a very preliminary assessment of the damage that Ike inflicted.  I’ve mentioned the uprooted tree in the back yard, it may be salvageable I […] Read more »

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It’s past midnight and there will be no sleeping in our house tonight I’m afraid.  The winds are blasting the house and make a constant fearsome noise.  Rain is falling in waves, sideways at times.  We still have no power as I figured we wouldn’t but […] Read more »

Centerpoint Energy tells us that the damage causing our power outage is being repaired already. They claim it will be back on within the hour which if true is incredible.   The storm is not really here yet so this is phenomenal.   Fingers are all crossed on […] Read more »

Ike is not expected to make landfal for another 4 or 5 hours but our power has already failed.  We’re in for the long haul now.  Thank goodness for battery powered laptops and Verizon EV-DO.  May be a while before I update again.  Peace out. Read more »

I am getting asked a lot why we didn’t consider evacuating and running from Hurricane Ike instead of riding it out at home.  It’s a fair question but one that has no easy nor correct answer.  The fact of the matter is that the coastal regions […] Read more »

Authorities are expressing amazement at the level of storm surge that is already hitting the Gulf Coast due to Hurricane Ike.  Galveston Island is experiencing a 5 – 7 foot surge with an estimated 15 feet of additional storm surge expected at landfall in over 12 […] Read more »

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