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Investors loved the wind energy sector, and they showed it by blowing the most investment dollars that way in 2010. They also were most busy with energy efficiency deals, the number of which surpassed other cleantech categories last year, according to a U.S. market report by Peachtree Capital Advisors. Read more »


Did the proprietary wireless technology Z-Wave just do a leap frog move into the smart energy home over a more standards-based approach like ZigBee? Verizon confirmed with me late last week that its inaugural smart home energy pilot will initially be based around Z-Wave. Read more »


Will 2011 bring recovery or retrenchment for the greentech industry? We’re tracking both the leaders and up-and-comers in the solar power, smart grid, biofuel, green vehicle and energy efficiency sectors, to discover the role that old-school energy industries are going to play in the greentech evolution. Read more »

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Which gadgets on store shelves are the greenest right now? From the show floor of the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Greenpeace says that would be gadgets from Asus, as well as HP, Acer, Sharp, Sony Ericsson, and Samsung. Read more »


Each year we’ve brought you the greener — and not so green — sides of the massive annual Consumer Electronics Show. In 2011 we’ll continue with the tradition. Here’s the green guide for what to see, do, complain about, watch for, and test out at CES 2011: Read more »


Greenpeace says its seeing gains in electronics energy efficiency, companies taking financial responsibility for the life cycle of their products, and companies also offering more opportunities for convenient and free take-back of their electronics in most regions of the world. Read more »


Stealthy startup Soladigm has landed $30 million to help build a factory to start churning out its self-tinting glass in 2012. It’s in a race with rival Sage Electrochromics, which just got $80 million for its factory. Read more »


The future of work is distributed, made up of employees scattered across the globe connected via broadband networks. My company calls this phenomenon “the human cloud,” but to me, the human cloud is another example of how broadband can make our systems more energy efficient. Read more »


While some consumer electronics companies are taking solid steps to green-up how they produce, package and recycle their gadgets, the industry still has a long way to go. Which is why we need more educational pieces like this animated video created by Annie Leonard. Read more »


Both Google and the government have taught us one important lesson: data rules. On Friday, U.S. officials said they will develop what they called the “first-ever, comprehensive and up-to-date database” of satellite images that will show land-use changes around the world. Read more »


We’ve been following solar, wind and even the idea of offshore wind-powered data centers … but trash-powered data centers? That’s the aim of a Colorado Springs, Colo. developer who wants to build a data center campus with servers powered by waste and wood. Read more »

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