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Eric Zimmerman, CEO of Gamelab (creator of the million unit-selling Diner Dash and the upcoming titles Work and Out of Your Mind) shares his thoughts on the year that was, and the year to come: The big casual gaming news for 2006: “PopCap’s announcement of a […] Read more »

As I’ve mentioned before, the Burger King games have sold very well. In fact, they sold over 2 million total copies via the Burger King drive-throughs. Why did this ridiculous scheme work? How did Burger King manage to make people not only want, but buy, their […] Read more »

Someone needs to keep their eye on the newest, most interesting companies out there, and I think I know just the person. Our friend Liz Gannes over at New TeeVee pointed me in the direction of Dan Primack, a savvy financial blogger and esteemed Editor-at-Large for […] Read more »

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If you want a case study in the economics of casual games, look no further than Diner Dash, the game franchise which has sold, as of this month, a million units. No flashy effects or “game god” designers, just an inviting, easy-to-learn light game about a […] Read more »

Casual games have been on the rise over the last few years. The great success of games like Bookworm, by PopCap Games, and the game site Pogo have proven that not all gaming belongs in the basement. Further evidence of the growing popularity of cheap, casual […] Read more »

According to the latest Nielsen//NetRatings poll, 78% of all households in the U.S. are now using broadband for their Internet needs. This latest figure shows a drastic increase, 13%, over last years findings. Even more interesting is the fact that the number one usage of that […] Read more »

Last year, we saw IGF winners, such as the makers of Cloud, go on to sign deals with Sony for PS3 development, and Darwinia is now available on Steam. Past winner, Alien Hominid, went on to become a PS2 game. With the Xbox Live Arcade and […] Read more »

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