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Reuters thinks independent games are the next big thing. That’s largely due, the article argues, to increasing game development costs for big publishers, and an explosion of digital distribution channels, where independent developers can find an audience. But does this mean it’s boom time for indies? […] Read more »

Cell phone content is all the rage nowadays, and the business isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Going farther towards proving that point than anyone else, Mobile gaming company, Gameloft, has reported its 2006 profits are up over 2005 and things are looking good for […] Read more »

As I recently discussed with Hovr, most cell phone games are too risky for most users. Either having never heard of the particular product, and/or being put off by the unusually high prices, people just aren’t interested in blindly paying for something that will likely get […] Read more »

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The Playstation Store, Sony’s online market for casual games and content delivery for the PS3, is kind of a confusing mess at the moment. With a relatively weak lineup of content so far, there isn’t really anything to get excited about or even make you want […] Read more »

The Game Developers Conference is all about big money games, but indy developers aren’t out in the cold: they’re getting a crash course in monetization today. At the low-key and neophyte Independent Games Summit, indy devs heard about distribution models, and found that online isn’t the […] Read more »

Motorola has just announced a new contest, looking for new developer talent. Between the Virgin Airlines developer contest and this new offering from Motorola, you’d think this is contest season. Either way, it’s apparently a good time to be an indie game developer who’s interested in […] Read more »

In-game advertising, while a sore spot for some people, is big business nowadays. Since more and more people are getting broadband and, once that happens, playing a lot of casual games, there’s ample opportunity to make them watch clips about Mountain Dew. Not wanting to be […] Read more »

As the year goes on, more casual game companies are reporting record sales for 2006. With the proliferation of new technology and heightened awareness of what’s out there now, sales are up across the board. RealNetworks, online media company and casual game producer/publisher, has reported its […] Read more »

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Casual games are such an interesting investment because the price for entry isn’t even remotely as high as normal game production but still reaches a huge market. That’s why it seems like everyone is getting into the casual games business lately. Not to be left out, […] Read more »

Though it hasn’t been officially discussed, there is no doubt that mobile gaming is coming to the iPhone. It’s just too perfect of a platform for gaming. Though not many developers have been clamoring to talk about their personal plans for the new Apple cell phone, […] Read more »

In the future, everyone famous will have their own world for 15 minutes. Not exactly a favorite of gamers or geeks, supermodel Tyra Banks has nonetheless joined the metaverse business via a virtual studio linked to her Warner Brothers TV show. If you had been lucky […] Read more »

Electronic Arts has been known to buy things on occasion. It’s what they do. So it should come as no big surprise that they’ve acquired another company, and this one is all about Karaoke. Could EA be gearing up to cash in on the American Idol […] Read more »

The IGF (Independent Games Festival) is a gathering of independent game developers to showcase their latest work, give workshops and enter competitions. Previous IGF winners include the makers of Cloud, who signed with Sony for PS3 development, and Darwinia, which is currently available on Steam. In […] Read more »

The mobile game market is completely overrun by movie properties. In fact, the most popular games are almost always related to a product endorsement. Because the market is made up of non-gamers, it seems that people usually prefer to pick something they’ve heard of. However, in […] Read more »

Greg Canessa is the man who’s responsible for one of the most interesting parts of the next-generation consoles: the XBox Live Arcade. From its inception, the XBox Live Arcade has served over 20 million game downloads. That’s why when Greg Canessa decided to leave Microsoft for […] Read more »

In a move that will be of great interest to analysts, the casual games industry has come together on its first ever industry-wide program. The program, which was instigated by the Casual Games Special Interest Group of the International Game Developers Association, would facilitate data-sharing between […] Read more »

This year is definitely shaping up to be a good one if you’re a fan of mobile games. According to Mobile Industry, Vivendi Mobile, the cell phone division of Vivendi Universal, has posted a list of games to be released in 2007. Among the releases are […] Read more »

Raph Koster and Linden Lab, man the mizzens! Scuttlebutt is Three Rings, the casual online game studio behind the cult hit Puzzle Pirates is about to storm into the user-created MMO space. Word first surfaced on 3pointD, which caught wind of Three Rings co-founder mentioning their […] Read more »

It looks like Nokia is officially stepping out of the realm of rumors to confirm the release of the new N-Gage technology. According to a Nokia run blog, Future Watch, the new N-Gage technology is due out later this year. With that announcement, Jaakko Kaidesoja, head […] Read more »

There’s nothing quite like being sealed into a metal tube, with a bunch of strangers, for several hours at a time. Thanks to all sorts of cool new tech toys, flight entertainment isn’t just about flipping through SkyMall anymore. Nintendo’s DS and Sony’s PSP are a […] Read more »

Super-duper-mega production house, Electronic Arts, finds itself in a rather interesting position. Though the company experienced a drastic drop in third-quarter sales, EA still managed to beat Wall Street earning expectations. How does that work? By nickel and diming us to death, of course! Read more »

One of our favorite topics here at Giga Gamez is the mobile industry, and for good reason, it’s a booming industry. Mobile and casual gaming companies are reporting huge revenue increases, and there’s more action than ever before. In fact, according to analysts, by 2011, the […] Read more »

It’s true that this generation of kids is the most technologically advanced, as have been generations before. I know I’ve had to set the time on many a flashing VCR, but today’s kids are pretty savvy, and Nickelodeon seems to be aware of that. According to […] Read more »

Some people in the mobile gaming industry believe that they should focus on the more hardcore players. Why? Mobile gaming, at its heart, is all about casual games. No one buys a cell phone or mobile messenger because it has cool games, and if you think […] Read more »

Casual gaming is on the rise for one simple fact: there are more gamers than we think. According to a study by Forrester Research, about 51% of people over the age of 30 play online games. That’s why larger companies spent over $150 million advertising on […] Read more »

Seems like there are a lot of new and interesting game companies showing up lately. Especially companies that are taking a different approach to the online business model. Twofish, a Lee Crawford company, has been raising venture capital since last year and are currently operating in […] Read more »

Ever been somewhere that just completely bored you, like a doctor’s office or stuck in submarine with a madman, and wished that you had some cool games on your cell phone? My phone came with a crappy Bride of Dracula game and I STILL play it […] Read more »

When the XBox 360 launched, it came as two different SKUs: the premium and the core. The premium system comes with a hard drive, wireless controller and hi-def cables, whereas the core system is only the console and a wired controller and isn’t even remotely as […] Read more »

Lately, we’ve spent a lot of time talking about game sales in the States and the U.K., but the rest of the world is also flourishing. We took a moment last week to mention online gaming revenue increasing in the Asia/Pacific area, led by Japan and […] Read more »

Casual games have great appeal, and few companies do it better than Pogo. Pogo Games, an Electronic Arts owned company, is one of the most visited sites by broadband users and accounts for quite a bit of casual gaming traffic. Using a Pogo design, EA and […] Read more »

What you’re looking at on the right is, in the opinion of some of its most reputed developers, an interface that will throttle their branch of the game industry. It’s the game menu for Microsoft Vista, and it allows parents to block access to select games, […] Read more »

Console game development can be an expensive, and risky, business. In fact, Gears of War cost $10 million to develop, and it came in on the cheap end. Looking at the cost of getting a game into the hands of consumers and then what gets cut […] Read more »

For the game industry as a whole, it’s a small news item, but I believe it’s going to have repurcussions that will last years: the Slamdance Guerilla Gamemaker Competition (an offshoot of the popular indy film festival) pulled an entry called Super Columbine Massacre RPG from […] Read more »

Flailing around madly is becoming quite popular nowadays… just ask any Nintendo Wii owner, or the collection of hapless souls who have broken their TVs and skin with the use of the Wii Remote or the Remote itself. Heck, even Sony has gotten into the game […] Read more »

Shopping has become less of a chore nowadays. With the Internet being readily available, it’s now possible to do shopping research and check for availability without having to pick up a phone or even get out of your chair. It’s so easy to find anything you […] Read more »

When the alternate-reality game, I Love Bees, first started, people were completely engrossed. Hours were wasted combing the website for clues and trying to piece together the mystery. Of course, we know that I Love Bees was a marketing campaign for the best-selling XBox game, Halo […] Read more »

If anyone asked me why I play games, I would have a hard time putting it into words. The easiest and most obvious answer is to just say “because they’re fun.” Sounds about right, doesn’t it? Sure, but that answer is a complete cop-out. What is […] Read more »

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