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GameHouse, the casual games division of RealNetworks, has announced plans to push further into the social space with its Fusion platform and Facebook app. Craig Robinson, VP of product management at Real’s games division, then talked with us about how Real envisions the future of gaming. Read more »


Taking screen captures in OS X is pretty simple and powerful. Today I’ll explain how to use the built-in screen capture functionality, the included application Grab, and a couple of third-party options that offer extra functionality. Read more »

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I’m cuckoo for Chrome. It’s super fast, it’s Webkit, it’s got some nice developer tool options that aren’t available in Safari and it’s combo Search Box/Address Box is so intuitive it’s completely ruined me for any other browsers that still split up those two elements. The […] Read more »

Hey, merry Christmas! To celebrate the day, we at NewTeeVee have taken a little time to share what we think of when we think of the holidays — through an online video filter, of course. Janko Roettgers: Cookies, presents, a tree with real candles and an […] Read more »

Smith & Tinker, a Bellevue, Wash.-based game company, today announced it’s raised $29 million from Alsop Louie Partners, DCM, Foundry Group, Leo Capital Holdings, and Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital. The money will primarily fund Nanovor, an ambitious kids’ game that will extend across multiple platforms, from […] Read more »

Play Sushi, a gaming portal, has attracted 3 million visitors less than three months after launching, reports site owner Future Ads, yet another example of the explosive growth taking place in the free online gaming space. Sites offering free games clocked 87 million U.S. visitors in […] Read more »

When the Rock Band Network — essentially an App Store for musicians who want to upload and sell Rock Band-playable versions of their songs — opens for business later this year, it has the potential to transform the music industry by giving musicians large and small […] Read more »

Mochi Media is adding a virtual currency/microtransaction system to its network of online Flash games today. Players can use Mochi Coins to buy in-game upgrades for 16 titles from its game developer partners. Want a “tactical chain saw” in SAS Zombie Assault II>? (And really, who […] Read more »

Much like every other aspect of our lives, Moore’s Law, the growing availability of broadband — both at home and on our mobile phones — and new web technologies are disrupting the video game industry. In his new GigaOM Pro report,”Virtual Worlds: Trends & Opportunities,” contributing […] Read more »

UMPC Portal notes something that I’ve been watching for months. The trend for searches using the term UMPC is in vast decline. As a mobile technology community, this can’t be surprising to any regular readers. As much I as enjoyed the three UMPCs that I purchased, […] Read more »

The Social Gaming Summit kicked off in San Francisco today, bringing together developers, investors and bigwigs from social networks like Facebook and MySpace. Below are four of my favorite takeaways gleaned from the first few sessions: Facebook Social Games Migrating Off Facebook In the opening talk, […] Read more »

When it comes to MMOs, freemium worlds for kids are enormously popular and lucrative; for the most part, however, the major game publishers have done little to pursue this market. That changes this month with the launch of Free Realms, a colorful virtual world from Sony […] Read more »

While everyone in the game industry was following the latest news from GDC last week, I happened to notice an MMO milestone happening on Facebook: a casual virtual world called YoVille passed 5 million monthly active users. Launched in May of last year, YoVille’s user growth […] Read more »

Will Nintendo be able to sustain its dominance in the rapidly changing handheld game console market? That’s the main question I was looking to get answered when I attended today’s Game Developers Conference keynote from Nintendo President Satoru Iwata. And while Iwata announced a roster of […] Read more »

Last year, a small Mac game developer called Pangea Software ported one of its titles to Apple’s iPhone. Pangea’s Brian Greenstone didn’t expect to make much from the iPhone version of its arcade-style game Enigmo; he expected that the company might sell 10,000-20,000 units over its […] Read more »

A recent report by Screen Digest titled “Western World MMOG Market: 2006 Review and Forecasts to 2011″ has produced some bold predictions for one of the fastest growing segments in gaming. Some of the findings are obvious (World of WarCraft is the most popular subscription game), […] Read more » is pitching itself as “video games meet YouTube.” YouGame? Whatever the game, the company recently raised one million in venture funding for their ad-supported site. So does Kongregate live up to its ambitions, or did someone use a buzz word (read: YouTube) to raise some […] Read more »

Player X, a mobile media company, and Sky, UK based entertainment company, have partnered to produce Carol Vorderman’s Mind Aerobics. That may not be all that interesting on its own, but, according to Mobile Industry, the fact that the company has allotted a six-figure marketing budget […] Read more »

Dick McVengeance (which I’m pretty sure is not his Christian name) of Japanator reports that an MMO based on Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball anime series is set to hit Japan in 2008. He sources an article on DBMania, which is written in Japanese. Dragon Ball (along […] Read more »

How do you make a game viral? Gamasutra, gaming industry business website, has published a new article today on five ways to market a game more, er, virally. Jon Radoff, creator of Space Empire Elite, gives a few pointers on how to gain a following and […] Read more »

Cellufun, mobile game developer and gateway, received $3 million in funding from Longsworth Venture Partners. With this new funding, Cellufun is planning to further develop their offerings for the mobile market. Can the market support another gaming portal? With a bit of creativity and interesting products, […] Read more »

That’s the word from the Seattle-Post Intelligencer, reporting on FlowPlay, a Seattle-based startup from Derrick Morton, formerly an exec with RealNetworks. Aiming for a public launch in June, FlowPlay is described as a virtual world centered around casual games. The PI’s John Cook notes that Philip […] Read more »

Electronic Arts, publishing giant, has acquired 19% of Neowiz, a South Korean game developer that they’ve been working with since early 2006. EA paid over $105 million to acquire a stake in the casual gaming company. This purchase can mean a lot for both companies, but […] Read more »

Nexon America has announced that its inaugural MMO, MapleStory, has hit over three million registered users in North America. The game, developed by Wizet, is a side-scrolling action title that makes money for the company through microtransactions. It’s also proof that your game doesn’t have to […] Read more »

Electronic Arts, the mega-publisher behind the Madden and FIFA franchises, has opened a mobile portal for sports and gaming news. The new service currently offers RSS feeds for sports fans and a catalog of stuff to buy, such as ring tones, but what interests us is […] Read more »

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