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While some may say that Generation Y are slackers, I think they’re just waiting around for the next crop of interesting jobs. Well, good news, 20-somethings, the new fall line of jobs is here! You’ll note that most of these jobs center around one thing: data. Read more »

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Happiness and Excitement

It can be too easy to slip into the daily routine without thinking about what you love to do. What do you really want to be working on? Here are a few suggestions for finding ways to do what you love, and still pay the bills. Read more »


I keep meeting web workers who, citing personal preference, fatigue, or lack of time, fail to bother with certain new sites or services. I’ve met web workers this year who thought Twitter was a waste of time, electronic newsletters were dead and blogging was for teenagers. Read more »


ambition, n.: an earnest desire for some type of achievement and the willingness to strive for its attainment

Thinking about ambition reminds me of Steve Jobs’ 2005 commencement address at Stanford. The words “stay hungry” have followed me ever since reading them. Read more »

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Solvate, a company that matches businesses looking for resources with professionals looking for work, today announced the launch of its “Talent Engine.” It’s basically a search engine that is designed to enable small businesses to query Solvate’s index of independent professionals and connect with appropriate matches. Read more »

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Online community management careers are particularly well-suited to web working, since it’s possible to manage an online community from any location with a stable Internet connection. I thought it would be fun to take a look at a day in my life as a community manager. Read more »

Bill Gates’s announcement earlier this year that he will give at least half of his fortune to charity raises numerous questions. Aside from the issues of wealth redistribution, Gates’s declaration has made many ordinary people reconsider their position on charity. Read more »

So, you’ve just been offered what seems like a dream telecommuting role. Congratulations! But before you sign on the dotted line, now’s a good time to make sure that both you and your potential future employer are clear about the role and your work process. Read more »

According to a new report released today by DoNanza, — a search engine that aggregates project postings from online freelance jobs markets — demand for HTML5 skills is soaring, noting a whopping 474 percent increase in demand for HTML5 in Q2 this year. Read more »

I’ve found that embarking on an online job hunt takes more than just a great resume, time, and resilience. Personally, I find the whole process pretty strange, but the characteristics of web-based recruitment set particular challenges for the independent web worker. Read more »

In this two-part post, I’m going to talk about managing “busy-ness,” or what Timothy Ferriss describes in “The 4-Hour Workweek” as “working for work’s sake.” As your business grows and your workload increases, it becomes more and more important to manage “busy-ness.” Read more »

Rather than simply bowing out of a job when something better comes along, it can be more rewarding and satisfying — and better for your reputation and future prospects — to design your own exit from the company. Read more »

Small business owners are still optimistic and confident, both in themselves and in their businesses, and if you were to ask any of them, they would each have unique lessons to share, things they know for sure. Here are some things that I know for sure: Read more »

At the beginning of a new project, it’s easy for the freelance remote worker to leave the decision-making about the project to the client. Often, I find myself thinking, “Well, they know what they want; I’ll let them explain it.” Read more »

The prevailing Twitter wisdom is that we should avoid tweeting about ourselves too much, and post information in which others are interested. But about those “others,” those people who watch your tweets crank past, ticker-like, each day: How do you know what’s of interest to them? Read more »

I’ve been working on several big projects in recent months, and after the whirlwind started settling down, I realized how important it was to take time off. How can we ensure that we get enough time away from our work before burning ourselves out? Read more »

You probably made a few resolutions yourself. We all know how easy it is to forget the plans we’ve made, and, seeing as we’re about half-way through the year, now’s a great time to take a look at those plans and see how you’re tracking. Read more »

The Creative Finder is a service from the people behind the TAXI design network that aims to help connect businesses with creatives. Creatives can promote their portfolios using the site, and businesses can use the site to search for creatives to fill their needs. Read more »

I just finished one of several big projects I’ve been working on lately. It was probably one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done, and several times throughout the project, I could easily see why most of us don’t take on big challenges at all. Read more »

I’m one of those people who takes advantage of telecommuting and flexible work hours to make sure that I am as productive as possible. I’ve managed to find a pretty good balance between work and life by making adjustments to the typical 9-to-5 day. Read more »

A lot of small business owners feel that there’s a cringe-factor associated with marketing. It is possible, though, to create buzz-worthy promotional events around your business that not only get you in front of your target audience, but might even be fun to coordinate. Read more »

While corporations can learn from web workers, I think that the reverse is also true. As someone who has worked recently on both sides of the fence, I thought it would be interesting to think about what web workers can learn from corporations. Read more »

I’m not going to let myself off the hook with this one by saying that I have no regrets; that all my mistakes have led me to this point. There are lessons I’ve learned; if given a do-over, there are things I would have done differently. Read more »

A recent Fast Company article highlighted the issues surrounding the language BP has developed in response to its oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. That article begs the question: how is your personal brand impacted by the words you use to respond to negative feedback? Read more »

If we put all the rhetoric of elevator pitches, unique selling propositions, authenticity, standing out from the crowd and personal branding together, mix it up and boil it down, this is what it comes to: What makes your approach different from anyone else’s? Read more »

The reality sets in once you start getting busy. What once what once seemed like a badge of honor starts resembling a ball and chain. Even if you thoroughly love your work, you can see the billable hours trap you’ve set for yourself. Read more »

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