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Shrib is a no-signup scratch pad for storing notes and jottings online. It’s dead simple to use: Type out your notes, give them a name and hit the “Save notes” button. You can then share your notes with anyone else by sending them your URL. Read more »

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Perch, an ultra-lightweight CMS, has just been updated with some nifty new features, including the ability to preview changes to pages before committing to them, and multi-level undo. These two new features, in particular, should be handy for sites being updated by less tech-savvy users. Read more »


Among the minimalist writing apps for iPad, two have come out on top: Hog Bay Software’s PlainText and Information Architects’ simply-named Writer. Here’s a look at some of the differences and major features of both apps so you can decide which one better fits your needs. Read more »


For iOS developers, two very important things happen during the holiday season. The first is the App Store freeze, where Apple essentially stops accepting and reviewing app submissions and freezes chart rankings, and the second is big sales increases. Here’s how developers deal with both. Read more »

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Aviary’s suite of nifty online Flash-based editing tools have been covered a few times here on WWD, but the company has now announced that its added an HTML5-based photo editor, codenamed Feather, to the lineup. That’s great news for people who can’t (or won’t) install Flash Read more »


Online performance review tools are designed to make the oft-dreaded review process more “efficient” but often have a dehumanizing effect. It doesn’t have to be this way. A new type of people management software can free us from these bonds. Here’s what it looks like: Read more »


Apple released a fresh update of its iPad productivity suite iWork yesterday. This update supports core iOS 4.2 features such as AirPrint and multitasking. The update also brings better PDF exporting, and provides some fixes for font issues that arise on export. Read more »

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Dooity is a free lightweight online task management app. It’s simple, written in HTML5 and is very fast. It also has a few neat features, like tagging, keyboard shortcuts, an API and offline access, that make it worth checking out. Read more »

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There’s been a lot of fuss generated about “social email” lately, particularly in the wake of Facebook’s Social Inbox announcement. is a family of products that aims to bring that kind of concept to the enterprise and drive user adoption of SharePoint and Google Docs. Read more »


With Gist for Firefox, you get a Gmail widget that brings up information about all the individuals mentioned in the “To:” or “Cc:” fields of an opened email. You can choose to view their social media feeds, their profile, interaction stats, and notes. Read more »

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Smartphones and Wi-Fi-enabled devices are without a doubt essential business tools for many of us. With mobile communications and connectivity comes security issues, though. How can we share and manage sensitive documents over the airwaves? WatchDox, a document management and security application, is one solution. Read more »


Metrics can tell us how close we are to our projected timeline, if we’re meeting our quality expectations and measure how well a project is proceeding. In fact, many tools and systems now have built-in analytics to help us more easily track and understand those metrics. Read more »

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If you like the idea of online scheduling tool Tom’s Planner but find that’s it’s a bit basic for your needs, you might like to check out Ganttic. It’s collaborative, has a similar Flash-based drag-and-drop interface and more robust project management features. Read more »

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The Pomodoro Technique is a productivity methodology that helps you to stay focused on a task by breaking up your day into 25-minute work stints followed by five-minute breaks. Here are a selection of free apps that can be used to time your pomodoros: Read more »


QR codes are popping up everywhere in the U.S. They link digital information like URLs to real world objects. You’ve probably seen them on movie posters, in magazine ads, or even on business cards. Here are some great free QR code scanning apps for your iPhone. Read more »

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Launched at the weekend, new “social browser” RockMelt promises to make it easy to share and keep up with your friends. It caused quite a lot of discussion after Om wrote about it. I’ve had a chance to take it for a quick test drive. Read more »


How do you get your contracts signed? Are you faxing them back and forth or using the mail? Today, there are affordable online digital signature services. EchoSign let you upload a document requiring a signature and email it to the person who needs to sign it. Read more »

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In most companies, a lot of project communication occurs via email. That can cause problems, because issues that are supposedly “flagged” via email often end up getting lost in people’s inboxes; there’s no central place to track them. That’s why Webyog created its new project, IssueBurner. Read more »

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