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Yesterday, Om reported that Etacts is to be shut down. While that’s bad news for users of the social CRM service, fortunately there are plenty of alternatives available. Here is a selection of the more useful social CRM tools that have been reviewed on WWD: Read more »

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No matter what other presences you may have on the web, your own website is still a must. Professionally-designed websites should, of course, look good no matter what browser a user has. But it’s surprisingly tough to test all the ways that your site may look. Read more »


Facebook is easy to use, as well as being a robust tool. Grandparents can pick up enough to browse pictures of their grandchildren in a matter of minutes, while teenagers manage their entire social lives from the site. So why isn’t enterprise software more like Facebook? Read more »

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Following the success of the MacHeist offerings, time-limited bundles of software seem to be popular these days. The Fusion Ads Holiday Bundle includes a number of programs that may be of interest to Mac-using web workers. The collection includes the following software: Read more »

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The news that Yahoo is planning on shutting its popular social bookmarking service Delicious is concerning, particularly if you’ve used it to store a large number of bookmarks. Fortunately, Delicious makes it really easy to make a backup of your bookmarks as an HTML file: Read more »

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According to a leaked presentation, Yahoo is planning on shutting down Delicious. That’s bad news for users of the social bookmarking tool, but fortunately there are several excellent alternatives. While none of them is an exact like-for-like replacement, they offer a selection of useful bookmarking features: Read more »


I don’t know about you, but I often get to the end of the day and wonder where the 40 bucks I had in my wallet disappeared to. At LeWeb, I came across Toshl, an expense-tracking app that I might actually use because it’s so simple. Read more »

smartQ - workflow visualization, task management, team collaboration

Just as I was lamenting not being able to find a tool that helps me visualize the development and work process, a new tool launches, almost as if somebody read my mind. SmartQ is a web-based “visual project board” from the makers of 5pm. Read more »


Over the weekend, the servers of Gawker Media were hacked. Account data, including usernames and passwords of blog commenters, have been stolen. If you have an account on a Gawker blog and use the same password anywhere else, it’s imperative that you change those passwords immediately. Read more »

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WorkWyze is a team-based task management app that’s designed with the needs of team leaders in mind. It has a simple workflow that makes it easy to delegate, track and prioritize tasks, and makes it clear who owns each task and what its status is. Read more »

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Moxie Software’s Spaces platform provides businesses with “online engagement spaces” for both employees and for customers. One such business is Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, which has built a community of employees, as well as vendors and other trusted partners, that can solve supply chain disruptions real time. Read more »

Shorten & Share | | a simple URL shortener

When I noticed that had a Pro version that enables custom short domains and that it was free, I just had to try it out. You have to submit your email address to be “considered” for the beta; I just received my access information. Read more »


Gmail’s Priority Inbox feature — a smart feature that learns which of your emails are the most important and displays them in a separate inbox — now provides feedback on why it considers particular emails important and has a tweaked algorithm that should mean it learns faster. Read more »

Screen shot 2010-12-06 at 12.46.39

My favorite Mac clipboard management tool is Jumpcut, an open-source app that makes it easy to rapidly select previously copied items via the keyboard, but if you prefer a more visual, drag ‘n’ drop approach, you should check out Ayluro’s Corkboard. Read more »


Virtual Office Pro 2.0, from telecoms company 8×8, is a web-based suite of communications services. It includes phone, fax, web conferencing, call recording and chat, and has functions that are standard with many VoIP systems, such as call forwarding and three-way calling. Read more »

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Meetzi is an app that helps make meetings more focused, actionable and on time. You can use it to build and distribute agendas; keep your meetings on track using its built-in timer tools; and then use it to share notes and after the meeting has finished. Read more »

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