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I’ve recently been thinking about how Google Voice, Google Wave, and Google Buzz joining the full Google Apps lineup would make it a budget-friendly teleworking platform. Organizations can literally purchase themselves a “telework in a box” solution. Read more »

Nozbe, the online Getting Things Done (GTD)-based project management tool, announced integration with Evernote last week. This is yet another worthy third-party integration where a service benefits from the power and flexibility Evernote offers. Read more »

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Zoho recently launched an update to Zoho Show, its online presentations tool. This new update ups the game against SlideRocket, Google Docs, Presentations, and the soon-to-launch Microsoft PowerPoint Web App by adding 30 slide transitions, and improved import and export of PowerPoint presentations. Read more »

Lately, I’ve depended on Evernote’s web clipping tools. After writing about the Cliqset’s integration with Evernote, iCyte came to my attention. It’s a new social bookmarking tool that enables you to capture Cytes (web pages) for later reference. Read more »

On Friday, Google announced that its had launched the Google Wave Extensions Gallery. You can now click on “Extensions” in the navigation pane to access the Extensions Gallery. It’s been added to provide users with an easier way to discover useful extensions and gadgets. Read more »

After you put your first corporate telework program in place, you’ll find that the actions and inactions of management, workers staying in the office, and teleworkers all have an impact on the success of the program. Managing these stakeholders and the politics they bring into play is integral to the success of teleworking in your organization. Read more »

Microsoft SharePoint is an accepted enterprise standard for online collaboration, but unfortunately many organizations don’t use it to its fullest potential. If you’re preparing a telework pilot program, ensure that your SharePoint implementation is set up and optimized to support and assist your teleworkers. Read more »

SpreadsheetLIVE Beta is a new entry into the web office applications space, currently dominated by Google, Microsoft and Zoho. Pagos is targeting corporate intranets, but also has a hosted version that could fit some web worker requirements. Currently, this hosted version is available for free. Read more »

When a new Mac user asks my advice about which task management app to choose, I usually steer them towards TaskPaper. So I was happy to hear about the release of TaskPaper on the iPhone, with the same usability I enjoy in the Mac version. Read more »

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While I have some doubts as to whether I need yet another research tool, the neat packaging of content I sent in from Cliqset resulted in cleaner reference material than the web clippings I usually capture during my online research. Read more »

Making the move to corporate teleworking may seem simple from the web worker’s perspective. However, the introduction of teleworking can have an impact on many facets of an organization; careful planning is a must if your organization is considering allowing its employees to work remotely. Read more »

I have a keen interest in portable apps from my time spent working on client sites. Having a suite of productivity applications on a USB flash drive has come in handy many times in my consulting career, especially when I’ve needed a graphics application. Read more »

Notes themselves are often quite personal. For example, when I go into a client meeting, I am there from a technical documentation standpoint, and my notes reflect that. The result is that “knowledge islands” can form as everyone hoards their own notes. Read more »

Many corporations rely on Project Management Offices (PMOs) to centralize project management activities. Just as organizations have to change some of their processes to accommodate web working, PMOs have to be at on the forefront of those changes to manage organizational projects to successful delivery. Read more »

Drawings and diagrams are playing an increasingly important role in creative, marketing and technical communications. If you are an independent web worker who needs to create diagrams, you need to choose your drawing tools carefully, especially if, like me, you are not a skilled artist Read more »

In looking towards some potential 2010 project opportunities, remote access to one or more of the Macs in my home office could very well become a requirement for me. Even if these potential projects hadn’t hit my radar, enabling remote access to my primary Mac machine […] Read more »

Yesterday, Evernote 3.5 for Windows became available for download. I covered the beta release back in September and was happy with the direction it took the client, especially since its user interface began to look more like its Mac cousin. Since I use Evernote across Windows, Mac and iPhone I welcome […] Read more »

My recent writing for WebWorkerDaily about project management applications has been focusing on productivity, and the need for the democratization of project data to make it accessible to audiences who may not understand (or want to understand) the ubiquitous Gantt chart. In this post, I’m going to […] Read more »

Recently, I spent some time reinstalling OS X and the applications on one of my Macs. Before reinstalling Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac (which really isn’t up to the standard of its Windows counterpart), I thought I’d consider the alternative Mac word processors available. The word […] Read more »

Microsoft Visio still reigns as the standard tool in diagramming for business, project management and technical communications. While you don’t have to be an artist to use Visio productively, in my experience a lot of users still very intimidated by this application. Like most of the […] Read more »

I’ve been on my fair share of remote writing projects, including technical writing, contributing to books and writing for publications. Working on such projects and hearing from clients and colleagues about successful (and less so) remote writing projects, I’ve come to see that actions of both […] Read more »

I recently wrapped up my first project with a client where we used Google Wave for document collaboration and wrote about the lessons I learned along the way. In this post I am going to look forward to some of the tasks that I see Wave being used […] Read more »

2009 was a challenging year for me professionally, but I learned a lot and am applying those lessons to have a successful 2010. Some good things happened in 2009, too, like joining the WebWorkerDaily team, meaning I am greeting this year with some renewed focus. Renewed […] Read more »

I recently reviewed Waveboard 2.0 for the iPhone, but I would be remiss in not mentioning that there is also a desktop version of the app: Waveboard Mac, available in both free and Pro ($13) flavors. Google Wave works pretty well in my browser, so I […] Read more »

While Chrome can’t yet match Firefox’s massive extension ecosystem, more useful extensions are becoming available for Google’s browser every day. Here are 10 outstanding extensions for the new Google Chrome user. Read more »

As a longtime user, I’ve seen that one of the biggest obstacles to users adopting Microsoft Project is the app itself. It’s quite a complex application, and so it’s due for a productivity makeover to help it become more accessible to users who aren’t PMI certified. […] Read more »

Just when I was getting ready to log off to go out and celebrate on Christmas Eve, lo and behold I got an early Christmas present from Evernote! Well, OK, it wasn’t just a Christmas gift for me, but for all Evernote users who use an […] Read more »

Like some of you, I woke up on Christmas morning to find that Santa had left me a netbook under the tree.  A black ASUS Eee PC Seashell 1005HA with a 10.1-inch screen, to be precise. So now I get to add outfitting my new netbook […] Read more »

Adobe recently launched Acrobat Connect Pro 7.5, the latest version of its web conferencing service, and I’ve been spending some time using it recently. We get a chance to review our fair share of web conferencing tools here at WebWorkerDaily, and the big differentiator for Acrobat […] Read more »

Like many web workers, I take a lot of notes in client meetings and on phone calls, but have yet to leave my yellow legal pads behind despite being a longtime Microsoft OneNote and Evernote user. The biggest reasons are that I am a slow typist, […] Read more »

Writing for WebWorkerDaily means I get to see a lot of web conferencing and collaborative tools. This experience can be useful as a lot more of my clients are looking to take advantage of these tools, which, in turn, means that I also have the opportunity […] Read more »

Working as a technical writer and writing for WebWorkerDaily mean I shoot a lot of screen captures to illustrate my documents and posts. I like my screenshot apps to offer flexible capture options and have a light footprint, but I hadn’t found a good one for […] Read more »

Through high school and college, I used to rail against having to use outlines because I saw them as stifling my creativity. It wasn’t until years later, as more of my own consulting work grew past just straight up technical writing of user documentation, that I […] Read more »

I am on record as wishing that Google Wave would become part of the Google Mobile App, but until that happens there is an alternative. WaveBoard 2.0 recently went live on the App Store (iTunes link, $0.99, or a free upgrade from the previous version) and […] Read more »

Now that Microsoft Office 2010 is in beta (as I noted here), I’ve been spending more time using the applications, especially OneNote 2010 beta. I have long used OneNote for capturing project information when I am working on one of my Windows machines, but its potential […] Read more »

After writing “6 Tips for Using Google Wave on Your First Project,” I’ve been learning more about Google Wave as my client and I use it for document collaboration and communication. Since I wrote the initial post, we’ve gotten a better handle on the features that […] Read more »

In my career as a contract technical writer, a project management pain point I’ve seen time and time again is in the communications of project schedules and status. The venerable Gantt chart is a project management staple, but stakeholders without formal project management training may find […] Read more »

While many of us love working in our home office or other alternative venue of choice there will often be times when your projects take you to a client site for an extended period of time. I’ve spent time on and off client sites for a […] Read more »

I’ve been pondering how new users can get up to up to speed on Google Wave since writing “6 Tips for Using Google Wave on your First Project.” Learning Google Wave right now is going to require a “hands on” approach, because the platform’s still at […] Read more »

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