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Monday, Amit Singh and team announced the release of MacFUSE 2.0 at a Google Open Source Developers speakers series. MacFUSE 2.0, based on the FUSE (filesystem in userspace) project that is popular with the Linux crowd, is a major update to the framework that provides support for […] Read more »

Today, boxee is releasing their latest alpha build for the flexible media player. The big news for this release is the tantalizing Netflix support and new custom interfaces for various channels like Hulu, CNN, Flickr, Picasa, and YouTube. There are a few new content sources as […] Read more »

On Tuesday, Apple sent out emails reminding everyone that the “best shopping event of the year” is coming up in the United States this Friday after Thanksgiving, traditionally referred to as “Black Friday” by retailers. Past Black Friday deals at the Apple Store have been limited […] Read more »

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The video encoding and transcoding tool, Handbrake has been updated to 0.9.3. This latest release brings a number of substantial changes to this excellent video utility. The two most fundamental changes make Handbrake more flexible and also more limited. First flexibility — Handbrake will now accept […] Read more »

And there was much rejoicing! I noted in my Apple TV 2.3 article that the latest Apple update broke boxee, but now the official boxee blog explains that they have got it working again. It took a little longer to get the USB Creator updated to […] Read more »

Black Friday sale prices are coming a little early for those of you looking to buy VMware Fusion this month. Our readers report that VMware is sending out emails with a 25% off coupon. Get 25% off automatically when you purchase VMware Fusion online, using the […] Read more »

Late on Wednesday, Apple released the Apple TV 2.3 software update. This update adds a few refinements to Apple TV, but doesn’t offer any breakthrough new features. If you read my post about boxee and installed it on your Apple TV, you’ll want to wait because […] Read more »

Yesterday, Apple released Safari 3.2 for both Windows and Mac (Tiger and Leopard). As usual, Apple’s normal update announcements are a little short on details. This update is recommended for all Safari users and features protection from fraudulent phishing websites and better identification of online businesses. […] Read more »

One of my personal gripes with iTunes 7 and earlier versions was that the “retention” rules for podcasts were global. You could choose to keep all episodes, all unwatched episodes, the 5 most recent, etc. but that choice would be applied universally to all your different […] Read more »

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Check out our list of 9 iPhone apps for your car-related needs. Each app links to a full review, so you can get more information on the features and cost of each app. Enjoy! Fuel Consumption / Efficiency: AccuFuel Maybe you’re into hypermiling, or maybe you’re […] Read more »

I used to always fill up my car completely so I could do a quick MPG check against my trip meter, but with the price of gas lately I’ve been reluctant to spend $60 or $70 at the pump. I needed a tracking log so I […] Read more »

One of my first tickets ever was on a road trip in college to visit friends in another state. A highway patrol car was parked behind an obstruction right where the speed limit on the interstate dropped from 70 to 55. While I didn’t slow down […] Read more »

In addition to fuel costs, some people are religious in tracking their automobile repairs as well. I keep a file of service receipts, but I hardly ever do any analysis of this information to try and figure out how much I’m spending on repairs or how […] Read more »

There’s nothing worse than finding the perfect car, negotiating a fair price, and then getting totally worked over by the finance manager when you go to get a lease or a loan. To help you compare financing options, iLeaseMyCar provides a simple iPhone loan calculator. There […] Read more »

I once spent almost 3 months trying to track down a song that I had heard a few times on the car radio while commuting to and from work back in 2000. I was pulling my hair out because I kept missing the DJ to catch […] Read more »

While the price of gas has been dropping from $4.00 down towards $3.00 in recent weeks, I still pay attention to which stations offer lower prices when I go to fillup. I’ve found differences of up to 20 cents per gallon between stations that are just […] Read more »

As we pointed out last month, Carticipate offers some simple hope for those that are looking for ways to reduce their car usage and spending on gasoline. The promise of Carticipate is to bring people together that are looking for ridesharing by helping you identify other […] Read more »

For my day job, I do a fair amount of driving around town. For tax purposes, it’s really important that I track the miles I drive for work, and to do it right I need to record the odometer readings. In the past, I’ve used a […] Read more »

The latest alpha release of boxee, released today, has added support for streaming shows from Hulu and CBS. In fact, I’m watching the season opener of Heroes on my Apple TV right now. Very cool stuff. If you haven’t seen it yet, boxee installs on your […] Read more »

Along with all the other technology that Apple announced today, there was quite a bit of time devoted to showing off the innovative manufacturing process in the new 15″ MacBook Pro. Previous versions of the MacBook Pro were made from pressed aluminum parts held together with […] Read more »

Filemaker announced Bento 2.0 yesterday. It’s been a while since we’ve seen any updates to Bento (1.0v2 was released in February) but version 2.0 shows some big improvements. I’ve had a chance to spend a few days with this latest update and it looks like a solid […] Read more »

The new MacBook Air, announced this morning, is a significant upgrade to the ultralight portable from Apple. The machine retains the same appearance, but the technology inside has been updated with some of the new features of the all-new MacBook and MacBook Pro. The MacBook Air […] Read more »

Grocery IQ by Free State Labs was recently Apple’s App Store Pick of the Week, and for good reason. While there are other grocery list apps, and plenty of generic task list apps, that can help you remember to bring home milk and eggs, Grocery IQ has a unique […] Read more »

I adore my Apple TV. Really, I absolutely would not want to give it up. My love affair with the Apple TV began when it gave me access to my entire (50+ GB) music collection on my “big” sound system. Then there’s the little things like […] Read more »

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