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Yojimbo, the personal organizer for the Mac, has been updated this week alongside the introduction of a new companion app, Yojimbo for iPad. Yojimbo now lets you sync over Wi-Fi with the app for iPad, so you can view all your Yojimbo items on the go. Read more »


Apple SVP of Worldwide Product Marketing Phil Schiller was on hand at today’s event to demonstrate the new features of iPhoto ’11. Full-screen interfaces, improved printed books and slideshows, and brand new ways to share photos online and via new Letterpress cards were among the highlights Read more »

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Both the iPhone and the iPad versions of Filemaker Go were updated to 1.1 today. The update adds some nice features, including barcode scanning, thanks to third party integration with other apps. It’s a sign of exciting new things to come from the app for businesses. Read more »


Marketcircle has just launched its latest business app for Mac and iOS devices. Billings Pro builds on the award-winning Billings 3 for Mac and Billings Touch for iPhone applications to provide a multi-user time tracking and invoicing system for small businesses. Read more »

There have been several articles written about the possibility of a future update to the Apple TV that is based on iOS. These rumors have taken on a life of their own, in large part because everyone desperately wants them to be true. Read more »


The iMac lineup was updated this morning along with the Mac Pro and the new 27″ LED Cinema Display. The iMac now sports faster processors, memory, and graphics chips across the line and some new options like SSD drives that make them even faster. Read more »

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Filemaker has now brought its signature database solution to iOS devices. Filemaker Go for iPhone and Filemaker Go for iPad can run databases locally or act as a client to Filemaker databases that are hosted on the desktop or server version of Filemaker Pro. Read more »

While Apple has been releasing fancy new products recently, like the iPad and the iPhone 4, this last week something brought my thoughts back sharply to some products that have been languishing for some time without an update. Read more »


Apple has a new display to go with all the snazzy new features of the iPhone 4. The metaphorically named “Retina Display” sports 4x the resolution (double the pixel density) to provide a noticeably crisper and more detailed image. Read more »


The theme for WWDC is all about the iPhone. When Steve takes the stage, we can expect to hear a lot about the next release of iPhone OS and the next generation hardware. But what else can we expect to hear about during the keynote? Read more »


When Steve Jobs introduced the iPad several weeks ago, one of the key announcements was that the new tablet device would feature an e-reader. I have spent the last couple of weeks using the iBooks app and shopping in the iBookstore to see how it works. Read more »


Before Steve Jobs moved into the details of iPhone OS 4.0 today, he paused to share some of the positive news about the iPad release from last weekend. Apple sold quite a few iPads on launch day and customers have responded to the device by downloading lots of apps and e-books. Read more »


Well, unfortunately Apple got my shipping address mixed up with David Pogue’s again and I did not get an iPad to review early. Fortunately, Pogue, Andy Ihnatko, Walt Mossberg and a lucky few others were able to talk about their experiences with the iPad starting today. Read more »


Just days before the iPad lands in our hands, Apple has updated iTunes to version 9.1 so that we can sync content onto the new device just as soon as we post our unboxing photos to Twitter. iTunes 9.1 provides the ability to sync books from the iBooks app and adds some improvements for managing Genius Mixes. Read more »


A year after the launch of FileMaker Pro 10, the Apple-owned database company is back to debut the latest version of its franchise product. FileMaker Pro 11 introduces long-awaited features and builds on the interface and engine improvements to create new capabilities. I have been taking […] Read more »


This past Thursday Apple announced sweeping changes to the Developer Program. The old Select and Premiere programs have been replaced by a $99/year Mac Developer Program that is similar to the iPhone Developer Program. The old ADC programs were substantially more expensive ($499 and $3,499) and […] Read more »

I saw some great products at the recent Macworld expo. Here are a few items that grabbed my attention. Navigon for iPhone: The latest release of Navigon MobileNavigator for iPhone has added a new panorama 3D view that uses terrain elevation data from NASA. The feature […] Read more »


I wrote a review of GroceryIQ just over a year ago and I have continued to use it frequently. The new GroceryIQ 2 expands on the original concept by taking advantage of the power of a connected mobile device that can tap into the cloud. These […] Read more »


I spent the last week or so playing with a copy of the new Quicken Essentials for Mac from Intuit and I can make this review really short for you. If you’re a die-hard Quicken user, you will hate (I mean really loathe and despise) the […] Read more »

In the first year that Macworld Expo San Francisco did not see Apple attend, the speculation leading up to the show was centered on what Macworld Expo would be like without its best known exhibitor. David Pogue gave us a look at the world without Apple, […] Read more »


I clearly remember the moment I knew I would never buy another physical CD and would buy all my music online. Since then, I’ve been waiting for the moment when I would know that I could buy all my movies online. In November, Apple announced that […] Read more »


Just before opening the show floor to the 2010 Macworld Expo, the editors of Macworld and Matt Marsahll, the founder of VentureBeat, announced the winners of this year’s Macworld Expo Best of Show. The winners this year heavily favor the iPhone or hardware solutions with very […] Read more »

Macworld Expo 2010 kicked off without the traditional Apple keynote on Tuesday morning. The iPad event last month and the Aperture 3 announcement yesterday highlight the difference between years past and this year’s Expo. Without Apple on the floor the show is a bit smaller, but […] Read more »


We all know that you want an iPad. You haven’t even touched one yet, but you have read every word published on the device since before it was announced on Wednesday’s event. You’ve been up all night dreaming about surfing the web, and looking at your […] Read more »


AT&T has amended the terms of use for the iPhone and now allows Apple has apparently updated its iPhone SDK to allow VoIP applications to run over 3G data networks. Previously, VoIP applications were only approved for sale in the App Store if they were limited to […] Read more »


The new Apple iPad, as widely anticipated, will have an e-book reader built-in to the device. The iBooks app displays a bookshelf of all your titles alá Delicious Library or the Classics iPhone app. When you tap a book to read, you can tap on the […] Read more »

Terry McGraw, the CEO of McGraw-Hill confirmed in an interview today with CNBC that he has seen the Apple “Major New Product” to be announced tomorrow and that it is in fact a tablet device based on the iPhone OS. You can watch the interview below. The […] Read more »

Is it possible that the Mac is making inroads with Enterprise IT? Intel Capital announced at CEO Summit that it is leading a Series A investment round in Active Storage of Torrance, CA, which builds high-performance storage solutions for the Mac platform. Other investors in this round include […] Read more »

The iTunes App Store has reached its first birthday. This event deserves a moment of reflection on what Apple has achieved in its first 12 months of operating the App Store. Tens of Thousands of Apps, Billions of Downloads Apple celebrated the download of 1 billion […] Read more »

This past Saturday, July 11, marked the 1-year anniversary of the opening of the iPhone App Store. In that time Apple has simultaneously redefined the expectations of what a mobile phone can do, and fundamentally changed the way that software for smartphones is delivered to consumers. […] Read more »

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