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Version 12 of the Filemaker Pro database line for Mac, Windows and iOS is out. This new version introduces some key enhancements that will make the business software even more appealing to organizations with large databases and those using iOS devices for mobile access to Filemaker solutions. Read more »

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One of the new features of OS X Mountain Lion, coming this summer, is Messages for Mac, which replaces iChat. Apple’s iMessage service is available as a beta version to download for use with OS X Lion today. Here are our first impressions. Read more »

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While the target audience for Macworld | iWorld is your typical consumer, there are a few vendors in attendance that are focused on reaching developers. If you’re a developer yourself, or work with developers, you might want to stop by the following vendors during the show. Read more »


The iPhone 4S is an improvement over the iPhone 4 in several ways — faster A5 processor, better 3D graphics performance, even a better antenna design. But the camera is arguably the best change, and we’ve got the side-by-side photos to prove it. Read more »


One of the many traditions of Apple’s WWDC is the presentation of Apple Design Awards (ADA) for “excellence in iOS and Mac OS X app design and development.” This year, the winners include some familiar names, as well as some you probably won’t recognize. Read more »


We’ll be providing coverage of WWDC today for those who couldn’t be there. And If you couldn’t make it to the conference, the next best thing might be to attend one or more of the other iPhone and Mac development conferences in the U.S. and abroad. Read more »


iCloud is mostly being looked at as a potentially ground-breaking consumer cloud service suite. But Apple is introducing it at WWDC, where it shows off new tools for developers to use in their apps. iCloud, then, could be a huge deal for developers, too. Read more »

5th Avenue Apple Store

On the 10th anniversary of Apple Retail, it is amazing to consider the great success that the company has had with a program many thought was doomed to fail. A big part of the secret to that success can be attributed to Apple’s openness to change. Read more »


Karelia Software released Sandvox 2.0 Tuesday, a major upgrade to its website building software for the Mac. I had a chance to get a walkthrough of the new release from Dan Wood, president of Karelia Software, and the new capabilities are impressive. Read more »


Among those who have tried OS X Lion for the first time, there is near universal dismay at the “reverse scrolling” behavior in the Apple-provided applications. It’s a big change in the way we use computers, but has the scrollbar’s time passed? Read more »


In my recent post about pairing SSD and HDD storage in a Mac, I used a little-known command line feature to redirect some of my user folders between the drives. I’m talking about symlinks, which can be a very powerful tool for Mac users. Read more »


Today is Worldwide Backup Day, when we celebrate taking precautions so as not to lose data. The best backup strategies take a layered approach to provide different levels of protection. I’m going to focus on three layers for protecting your Mac: online, nearline, and offsite backups. Read more »


Macworld 2011 raised a few important questions for the Mac community. These are the questions I was asked by Mac-loving friends who couldn’t attend this year and people on Twitter. You’ll notice that the effect of Apple’s continued absence at the show is a prevailing theme. Read more »

ActiveSAN perspective

On the eve of Apple’s cancellation of the Xserve, Active Storage, makers of the ActiveRAID storage system, announced the ActiveSAN appliance to provide an upgrade path for Xsan users. The ActiveSAN appliance uses Intel Nehalem hardware and utilizes Linux and the Quantum StorNext SAN file system. Read more »


I flew into San Francisco yesterday to get ready for my annual pilgrimage to the Moscone Center, to gather with other like-minded individuals and explore all things Apple at Macworld 2011. The Stevenote is long-gone, but the show still offers plenty to get excited about. Read more »


I had a chance this week to talk with a few developers about the Mac App Store and what the launch yesterday means for their business. The general feeling is one of optimism, and even excitement, at the opportunities that the store presents. Read more »

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