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Solar Frontier project in Germany

Solar Frontier, the largest manufacturer of copper-indium-gallium-selenide (CIGS) solar panels, announced Wednesday that it’s shipped 13.2MW to NRG Solar, which is evolving from being a buyer of solar power projects to a developer. Read more »

Uni-Solar 4_1_GM_Zaragoza

Solar thin film maker Energy Conversion Devices held on for much longer than what some industry watchers had expected, but at the end, the Michigan company couldn’t resuscitate its downward spiral and on Tuesday announced it’s filing for bankruptcy. Read more »


It’s been painfully apparent that many of the well-funded startups building next-gen solar tech have yet to ship solar panels in any large volumes and have missed their targets. And even the folks in the solar industry are starting to take each other to task. Read more »

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Solar Firm Amonix Piles On $129M, Backed by Kleiner Perkins

Both job creation and layoffs are particularly sensitive topics during a weak economy, let alone an election year, so the big layoff at Amonix’s solar factory in Nevada raises questions about the health of the Kleiner Perkins-backed company and its promise to bring many jobs Read more »


A trade complaint filed against Chinese solar makers, accusing them of benefiting from illegal subsidies, has drawn a line in the sand for the U.S. solar industry. Now the Commerce Department has issued a finding that tilts the case in favor of the petitioner, SolarWorld. Read more »

ZeaChem Breaks Ground On Next-Gen Ethanol Plant

The long-promised but perpetually fledging biofuel industry still remains a big focus of government support. The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced Thursday that it has made a conditional commitment for a $232.5 million loan guarantee to biofuel maker ZeaChem. Read more »


Asia, with its rapidly growing number of car owners and large pollution problems, could very well be the biggest market for biofuels and green chemicals one day. LanzaTech, which announced Monday it has raised $55.8 million, is certainly finding more willing customers and partners Asia. Read more »

Electric grid substation

In the telecom and Internet worlds, it’s standard to re-route data over different lines when one path is overloaded. But not so much, when it comes to the power grid. However, a newly-emerged startup called Varentec, backed by Khosla Ventures, is looking to change all that. Read more »


If you follow solar news, chances are you’ve heard of Dow’s solar shingles — a more aesthetic way to put panels on rooftops. Well, according to the founder and CEO of thin film solar startup NuvoSun, Dave Pearce, NuvoSun is the latest producer of Dow’s solar shingles Read more »

First Solar 14.4% efficiency

First Solar has broken its own record. The company announced Tuesday that it’s able to produce a thin-film solar panel that can convert 14.4 percent of the sunlight that hits it into electricity. The new record exceeds the 13.4 percent it achieved last year. Read more »

Sungevity mobile

Solar service provider Sungevity under went some serious expansion in 2011 as it began to target the East Coast and overseas, and lined up Lowe’s as an investor and partner. Now following that growth, the startup has started raising a new funding round of $40.8 million. Read more »


PowerGenix is counting China as its first auto market: the company spent the past year hunting for a partner in China and announced Tuesday a joint venture with China City Construction Corp. to produce nickel-zinc batteries for microhybrid vehicles. Read more »

Better Place Israel

The United States has no shortage of government and private funding for electric car innovations and charging networks. But it’s missing one thing that can really make it a big electric car market: expensive gasoline. That’s why Better Place is focusing on Europe. Read more »

solar panel

The turning of the new year didn’t make the solar industry any easier for solar manufacturers. Power electronics maker, Satcon Technology, announced Wednesday that it’s laying off 35 percent of its workers and shutting down its factory in Canada. Read more »

BYD energy storage 36MWh in Hebei

As the grid energy storage market develops, we will see more projects being completed that boast to be the world’s largest. They often use different metrics, making it hard to compare. We are here to show you how to make the right comparison. Read more »

Ray Lane's Fisker Karma

Fisker Automotive should have ended the year on a good note – after several delays, the startup finally began delivering its first-ever car the Karma, to customers in the second half of 2011. Instead, the company is recalling 239 Karmas over faulty batteries made by A123 Systems. Read more »


Solar tech companies have suffered in 2011, and a speedy recovery in 2012 doesn’t seem likely. But the market holds huge potential for growth, and this dark time shall pass. Here is our look at solar trends to watch for in 2012. Read more »

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