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Solar Frontier 10 MW Komekurayama

In the wake of one of the world’s largest nuclear power disasters in history last year in Japan, the country is re-thinking its energy policy and looking to provide incentives to boost clean power starting this July. Our charticle: Read more »

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Now that solar inverter maker Enphase Energy has ended a solar IPO drought by making its public market debut on Friday, it’s time to look at how well the investors did, at least on paper. Read more »

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SolarCity isn’t content with being just an installer of solar panels on rooftops. The company, which reportedly has plans to go public, has expanded beyond solar to a broader set of energy-related services, including upgrading air conditioners and insulating air ducts. Read more »

China Sunergy shows off a prototype bifacial solar panel that captures sunlight on both sides of the cells.

The inaugural PV America West solar trade show, which took place in San Jose amid a big trade dispute involving Chinese manufacturers, offered novel solar equipment designs and robotic technology as well as an interesting mix of marketing and politics. Read more »

BYD batteries microgrid

Chevron Energy Solutions and political dignitaries gathered on Thursday to unveil a microgrid at a county jail east of San Francisco that features solar, wind, fuel cell and a lithium-ion battery system. The equipment generates and bank power to keep the jail self-sustaining for up to 8 hours. Read more »

solar panel

Utilities don’t often invest in new tech manufacturing, but then, California’s PG&E isn’t your average utility. PG&E has requested state approval to enable it to invest $9.9 million of taxpayer money into a solar engineering and manufacturing service center run by commercialization startup SVTC Technologies. Read more »

The Hyperion Machine

Cutting down on silicon used in solar panels has been a hotly pursued goal for solar startups. And now a new player is entering the ring: meet Twin Creeks Technologies, which is launching a machine that will dramatically cut the use of silicon in solar cells. Read more »

Thin Film Solar Underdog MiaSole Looks Ahead to New Plant, Solar Shingles

Solar thin film maker MiaSole is fighting for survival in a solar market that has seen many manufacturers shutter factories over the past year. The startup announced Wednesday that it’s raised $55 million to help it enter a new market and boost its sales staff. Read more »

The 2013 Chevrolet Silverado that runs on gasoline and natural gas

Spurred by recent support from the U.S. government and rock-bottom natural gas prices, the big auto makers appear to be getting on board with natural gas-powered vehicles. Read more »

Abound Solar 1

The past year has been difficult for solar panel makers as many of them shuttered factories and filed for bankruptcies. The latest sign of this bleak time comes from a Tuesday announcement by Abound Solar, which is now suspending production and letting go of 180 workers. Read more »

Honda Civic GX

President Obama wants more natural gas development, and with it he wants to see more natural gas powered cars on American streets. He announced Thursday a $30 million R&D fund to develop technologies that will make natural gas cars cheaper and safer to drive and refuel. Read more »

Solar Frontier project in Germany

Solar Frontier, the largest manufacturer of copper-indium-gallium-selenide (CIGS) solar panels, announced Wednesday that it’s shipped 13.2MW to NRG Solar, which is evolving from being a buyer of solar power projects to a developer. Read more »

Uni-Solar 4_1_GM_Zaragoza

Solar thin film maker Energy Conversion Devices held on for much longer than what some industry watchers had expected, but at the end, the Michigan company couldn’t resuscitate its downward spiral and on Tuesday announced it’s filing for bankruptcy. Read more »


It’s been painfully apparent that many of the well-funded startups building next-gen solar tech have yet to ship solar panels in any large volumes and have missed their targets. And even the folks in the solar industry are starting to take each other to task. Read more »

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