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Smith Electric Vehicles Revs for Acquisition, IPO

Smith Electric Vehicles was hoping to raise capital through an initial public offering, but called off that plan and will turn to private capital instead. It’s the latest cleantech company that hasn’t been able to go public in 2012. Read more »

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BrightSource energy storage

Over the past year, BrightSource Energy has touted the importance of using energy storage for its solar power plants. And no wonder. California regulators are looking at approving three of five deals between BrightSource and a utility partly because they will benefit from using energy storage. Read more »

Renmatix sugar

Finding new and profitable ways to recycle the trash it collects has guided the investment strategy of Waste Management, which recently put money into a startup that can turn some of the garbage into sugars for making plastic and other products. Read more »

SunPower home installation
photo: Courtesy of Solarcity

SunPower, which makes solar panels and develops power generation projects, has seen quick growth of its residential solar lease program since its launch last year. The surge reflects the growing popularity of solar leases in California and elsewhere. Read more »

San Francisco Looks to Finance Clean Power and Energy-saving Upgrades

Buying and selling renewable energy credits has helped to build New Jersey into a major solar state. That has enticed a San Francisco startup to start offering a credit trading service, which it launched on Tuesday, to help installers finance residential projects. Read more »


A smart grid needs a good defense against cybersecurity breaches. N-Dimension, which recently raised an A round, says it’s got the software to protect a utility’s operation to fend off data thefts and other attacks. Read more »

The first Model S customer is driven off

Tesla Motors needs to make a profit and is counting on the Model S to get it there. The electric car company began shipping the sedan last month, and it has collected about Model S 12,200 reservations now, compared with roughly 11,500 by the end of June. Read more »


Counting emissions accurately — from carbon dioxide to methane — in the air and soil has long been the domain of academia. But Silicon Valley startup Picarro is hoping to turn that practice into a booming commercial business by wooing the natural gas industry. Read more »


The path to winning over solar customers is through integrating data. San Francisco startup Genability began knitting together a collection of complex electric rates from utilities across the country, and its customers use the data to show how much could be saved by going solar. Read more »

PrimeStar Solar Array

GE was set to become a major solar manufacturer when it announced a 400 MW factory in Colorado last year. Over a year later, though, it’s putting that plan on hold for 18 months or more while it works on coming up with more competitive technology. Read more »

solar panel

Are people who don’t own homes being left out of the solar energy revolution? A bill making its way through the Legislature in California will expand the public’s access to solar energy by making it easier for renters and others to buy electricity from clean power. Read more »


The vast majority of solar cells today generate electricity by facing the sun, but what if you could engineer their backside to make use of reflected light as well? That’s the idea underlying the technology of bSolar, an Israeli startup who recently launched the so-called bifacial solar cells. Read more »

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