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SunPower home installation
photo: Courtesy of Solarcity

SunPower is signing up residential solar leases at a nice pace in the U.S. while seeing a good demand for its highly efficient solar panels in Japan’s residential market. The company is still posting losses, though it’s doing better than in previous quarters. Read more »

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Gigaom Research


LED production has grown tremendously, accompanied by a significant fall in prices that will further propel the sale of this energy-efficient digital-lighting technology. But challenges remain on the road to widespread adoption. Figuring out ways to use power efficiently for lighting will be crucial for a future when the world’s population will likely be much larger. Read more at Gigaom Research »


Solar makers are getting squeezed in a difficult global solar market, but the growth of solar panel installations continues to soar. This should all make 2013 a very interesting year for solar startups. Here’s 13 solar startups to watch in 2013: Read more »


Clean Power Finance is releasing a federally-funded survey to quantify the challenges solar installers face when they try to get all the necessary permits to construct solar electric systems and connect them to the local grid. Read more »

Mount Fuji

Five months after Japan kick-started a clean power incentive program, the country is seeing a boom in solar power project installation. That’s good news for solar manufacturers who are seeing a decline in mature markets such as Germany and hungry for new territories. Read more »

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