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Temple in Gujarat India

As promised, First Solar will see its solar panels installed in India next year. The company announced Thursday a deal to ship 15 megawatts of its cadmium-telluride panels to ACME Tele Power by March. Read more »

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Solar panels in LA

Hundreds of solar panel manufacturers are peddling their offerings today – how can project developers and consumers make the right choices? A new program is underway to provide independent product reviews, and the results of the first batch of tests will be published early next year. Read more »

SunPower T20

In the past two years, a large electricity generator has emerged to be key booster of solar energy in the United States. NRG Energy is continuing its acquisition spree with an announcement Tuesday that it plans to buy a 250-megawatt project by SunPower. Read more »

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Desert tortoise

Did California regulators move too hastily to approve a series of solar power projects to put massive glass, steel and concrete on thousands of acres of desert land? That question hangs over one such project now that the California Energy Commission has withdrawn its approval. Read more »

light switches

It’s no secret that some energy retrofits can save consumers significant money, but how to conduct those retrofits and how much should they cost are two big questions. The government’s answer: standardize the process of getting home energy audits and loans. Read more »

Solar panels in LA

The U.S. market isn’t just attractive to solar energy equipment makers from China, it also is drawing project developers from the country. GCL Solar Energy, owned by a Chinese silicon wafer maker, has lined up over $100 million from Wells Fargo. Read more »


Both Google and the government have taught us one important lesson: data rules. On Friday, U.S. officials said they will develop what they called the “first-ever, comprehensive and up-to-date database” of satellite images that will show land-use changes around the world. Read more »

Facebook CEO

Facebook has been called out by Greenpeace for not doing enough to promote renewable energy, so what is the company going to do with this public relations dilemma? Launching its own Facebook page and joining groups to demonstrate its green cred, of course. Read more »


This year just hasn’t panned out for Solyndra. The company will close its first factory, delay expanding its gleaming new factory and lay off dozens of employees in order to cut costs and compete with low-cost solar panel makers, mostly from China. Read more »

wave energy san francisco

A project that could’ve helped to advance wave energy development is now under the water. At least for now. The Pacific Gas and Electric Co. has suspended a 5-megawatt project off Northern California coast primarily because it’d cost too much. Read more »

No money

New flash: Consumers aren’t so quick to embrace electric cars. After creating a flurry of news reports and test drive videos to get the word out, the carmakers, media and the government haven’t convinced the masses that alternative-fuel cars are the more environmental-friendly choice. Read more »

Solar panels in LA

Solar energy accounts for less than 1 percent of the U.S. electricity sources, but $100 billion of private investment and continual government subsidies could push that to 4.3 percent by 2020, according to a new report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Read more »

Startup 1366 Technologies Launches Solar Tech Aimed at Higher Efficiency, Lower Cost

Silicon wafer production has been in existence for decades, yet there is stil room for improving the process. That’s the thinking behind a new venture undertaken by 1366 Technologies, which has raised $20 million to take its new technology out of the lab and into the factory. Read more »

Solar shingles

This week in Los Angeles the solar industry filled a convention center with the latest in next-generation solar panels, concentrators, and various gear. Called SPI, the show offers the first look at some of the really bleeding edge solar tech. Read more »

PHOTOS: SunPower Factory Tour, 25 Years to 1 GW

The solar industry will take over the LA Convention Center via the Solar Power International (SPI) event this week to showcase the latest technologies and discuss regulatory and financing trends. Here are five hot topics that you will no doubt hear about during the show: Read more »

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Cogenra has developed a concentrating PV system with a heat harvester to produce electricity and heat water. The company is one of a growing number of hybrid system developers vying for generous incentives from states such as California. Read more »

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