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Thanks to a housing crisis and the ensuing economic meltdown, many U.S. cities decided to back off their original Municipal Wi-Fi plans. San Francisco, however, was seen as the epicenter of the municipal revolution. Unfortunately that never happened and all we have is a handful of […] Read more »

The Federal Communications Commission is looking to overhaul itself, hiring more technically astute people and entrepreneurs. It’s also trying to become an agency for the people, and as part of that attitude change, has launched a blog: Blogband. In a press release (and the first blog post) […] Read more »

It’s no secret that the iPhone App Store is a walled garden. Mobile platform developers like Apple have several ways to control what can run on their devices: Prohibit plug-ins like Flash, cripple the Java they run, or simply limit the installation process. But HTML 5, […] Read more »

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Wi-Fi is, once again, the new hotness as netbooks and Wi-Fi-enabled phones proliferate. AT&T bought Wayport, expanding its Wi-Fi network to more than 80,000 worldwide. Verizon partnered with Boingo, bringing Wi-Fi networks to its FiOS and DSL customers. Cablevision’s Wi-Fi network has been very popular with its cable customers. […] Read more »

Remember that article I wrote about AOL’s upcoming life-streaming platform? Well it has come to market as Socialthing, which was incidentally the name of a social media aggregation startup AOL bought last year. It’s more than just a life-streaming platform — it’s a way for AOL […] Read more »

10 Ways to Power Up Your Firefox Search: Make your browser search better by learning its native capabilities, customizing it for your needs, and installing extensions tailored to how you work. Continue reading. Meet Your Truman Show, Web Talent Agent: Personal video sharing will have another […] Read more »

Ever wondered why the downloads charts of your average Torrent tracker site are so remarkably similar to box office and DVD sales? Sure, everyone likes Spidey. But the truth is that it’s awfully hard to find niche content on P2P networks. The Dutch BitTorrent client Tribler […] Read more »

A little political pressure has worked – at least for now – and is going to keep the Internet radios blasting through 2010 without many changes to the royalty structure if a deal can be put in place. SoundExchange, the trade group that has been pushing […] Read more »

Sony unveiled a new 80GB PS3 model today, scheduled to launch this June in the broadband-pervasive South Korea. The news comes amid slow sales of the pricey console and just one month after pulling the cheaper 20GB version from North American shelves. “At this time there […] Read more »

WebWorkerDaily: How to crank through your GMail, and get some email sanity back in your life. NewTeeVee: My HD is better than yours: Lawsuits are flying between cable and satellite TV companies, each one arguing that their Hi-Def is more pixel perfect than the others. NewTeeVee: […] Read more »

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Update: I had promised myself that I would take one day off – today that is – trying to de-tox my mind, unwind, and simply refresh the brain. Well its not going to happen – since the beat never stops… here we go…. 8020 Publishing, a […] Read more »

Weebly, a San Francisco-based web publishing start-up and a YCombinator alumnus, is throwing its hat in the hosted-blogging arena, challenging existing players’ SixApart’s TypePad and Automattic’s offerings. The company also announced that it has raised $650,000 in angel funding by a group of angels that […] Read more »

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