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Apple has reportedly made settlement offers to Samsung and Motorola in their disputes over whether Android phones infringe on Apple’s patents. Should those offers actually turn into agreements, it will mark a noteworthy change in both Apple’s negotiating strategy and the mobile industry in general. Read more »

Google Play Android Phone

Google has decided to overhaul the way it presents all of its digital content–apps, music, movies, and books–by changing the name of the Android Market to Google Play, in hopes of increasing interest in its content wares and simplifying the experience. Read more »

SessionM mobile advertising

Mobile users are spending more time glued to their smartphones, but advertisers have yet to figure out the best way to engage with those users. SessionM, a new startup from one of the founders of the company that led to Apple’s iAd, has a new idea. Read more »

Android undergoing repair

One of Google’s core principles for Android was that app developers couldn’t access personal information unless they asked permission before the user installed the app. Turns out that Android doesn’t extend that protection to some of the most personal data on a phone: photos. Read more »

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Google chairman Eric Schmidt

Google chairman Eric Schmidt is a passionate advocate for technology, and he laid on the charm in an hour-long appearance at Mobile World Congress that was part Chrome commercial, part techno-utopian vision, and part high-brow version of Reddit’s Ask Me Anything. Here’s what he said. Read more »

Evi running on iOS

Every now and again, Apple reminds the mobile world that developing for iOS includes going through the harrowing and sometimes mystifying App Store review process. Evi, a voice-recognition search app, thought it was a goner for coming too close to Siri until Apple changed its mind. Read more »

iPad 2 store shelf

The legal tennis match over smartphone patents is still dragging on, and it was Apple’s turn Monday to claim victory in a dispute in Germany. A court ruled that Motorola can’t enforce an injunction that would have banned the iPhone and iPad in Germany, although Apple still faces a problem involving a different Motorola patent. Read more »

Adobe Photoshop Touch iPad

If you’re making software for tablets, you simply have to be on the iPad. Months after releasing a tablet-oriented version of Photoshop for Android, Adobe will follow through on plans to release an iPad version of its famous photo-editing tool at Mobile World Congress. Read more »

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