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Pop quiz: what secrets were revealed at the Apple-Samsung trial? Who shunned Microsoft’s mobile software back when it mattered? What had folks tweeting up a storm this year? Find out below. Read more »

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Steve Jobs knew that design was the foremost element in translating computing advances born of the clunky world of engineers into something for the average human. But not all design breakthroughs need to stop the world: sometimes, thoughtful incremental improvements can be just as profound. Read more »

iPhone 4S

To live and work in the technology industry is to be obsessed with the possibilities of the future, and to not spend very much time thinking about the past. But there are some historical events that deserve reflection, and we at GigaOM are proud to present […] Read more »

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After a month dominated by Apple’s introduction of iOS 6 and Microsoft’s reveal of the Surface tablet, it’s Google’s turn Wednesday at Google I/O 2012 to share a vision of the future of computing, and we’ll be providing live coverage from the keynote here. Read more »

cloud storage

The lightweight mobile or web application is the computing product of our time: users demand access to key resources while on the move. But the intense pressure on mobile developers requires solid tools to get the job done, and that’s what OneOps hopes to deploy. Read more »

Werner Vogels - CTO, - Structure 2011

It’s clear the cloud has arrived: but what impact will it continue to make on tech companies that help businesses across the world continue to reap the benefits of this historic shift? Today and tomorrow at Structure 2012, we’ll host a discussion about these vital issues, Read more »

WWDC 2012 Roundup post

Apple didn’t disappoint during its annual conference for software developers on Monday, unveiling a meaty new update to iOS, new MacBooks including a brand-new category of MacBook Pro, and a few new tidbits about Mac OS X Mountain Lion at the 2012 Worldwide Developer’s Conference. Here’s […] Read more »


Google isn’t doing itself any favors if it was trying to deflect attention away from a potential change in Apple’s mobile mapping strategy. Ahead of reports that Apple will dump Google Maps on the iPhone next week, the company introduced some minor upgrades and dodged questions. Read more »

Google Susan Wojcicki D10
photo: Asa Mathat | All Things Digital

Google’s Susan Wojcicki defended the search giant Thursday against the newest claims from the content industry that it has amassed a fortune partly on the back of pirated content, made the previous night by “superagent” Ari Emanuel at the D: All Things Digital conference. “I think […] Read more »

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photo: Asa Mathat | All Things Digital

It took Spotify seemingly forever to launch in the U.S. after making its debut in Europe, and while the licensing discussions were complicated, Apple played a role in holding up Spotify’s U.S. entrance, according to company backer Sean Parker. Read more »

Apple CEO Tim Cook D10
photo: Credit: Asa Mathat | All Things Digital

It’s an impossible act to follow. No, not the gospel choir and high-school marching band that preceded Apple CEO Tim Cook’s appearance at D: All Things Digital. Rather, it’s the legend of Steve Jobs that Cook will be forced to confront in nearly every public appearance […] Read more »


One of the biggest trials in the recent history of the tech industry is in full swing, as Oracle and Google debate whether or not Google improperly used technology from Oracle’s Java when developing Android. Here’s what happened during Week 2. Read more »

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