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Having easy ways to share information with your teammates is absolutely crucial when your office is wherever you happen to set down your laptop. Various tools have emerged that let you share a dashboard of sorts with your teammates. Many of them have the ability to […] Read more »

Last month, I made the switch to Google Quick Search Box from Quicksilver on my Mac. While Quicksilver improved my efficiency and cut the time I spent searching for files, Google Quick Search Box has upped the ante even further by adding in the ability to […] Read more »

Twenty-six letters aren’t enough for many of the projects I work on. I need accented letters, symbols and all the characters that make up a full character set. I also need a way to easily use those characters that don’t appear on my keyboard. Not all […] Read more »

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When you’re working on your own, setting up appointments can take you away from more important tasks. Even if the appointment itself is something crucial — a meeting with a client to go over a new project’s specs, say — the back and forth of trying […] Read more »

It seems hard to improve on a standard screen capture, right? You want a copy of whatever happens to be on your screen, so you take a screen cap. But Aviary, which already has an impressive array of online photo-editing tools, has come up with a […] Read more »

When it comes to collaborative projects, there’s one area where I’ve found it particularly easy to trip up, especially if you’re working with a team you never see in person. As you put together the initial research for a project — maybe interview notes for a […] Read more »

For many freelancers and other web workers, referrals are a vital part of business. And sending referrals can be just as important as receiving them. When we can’t take on every aspect of a project ourselves, it’s good business to be able to direct clients to […] Read more »

As a web worker, I’m typically attached to my laptop. But there are times when using the computer isn’t particularly practical, like when I’m driving. Checking my email on the road is significantly easier if I don’t have to type anything — such as with Voice […] Read more »

I’m not a lawyer and I don’t keep one on speed-dial. Just the same, though, there are often legal documents — such as contracts — that I routinely need for my work. Between consulting agreements, non-disclosure agreements and other legal documents that have become standard parts […] Read more »

Editor’s note: With this post we welcome Thursday Bram to the WebWorkerDaily team. Thursday is a full-time writer who has written on topics ranging from small business to kitchen appliances — and yes, that includes the kitchen sink. She’s based in Laurel, Maryland and focuses most […] Read more »

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