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Most collaboration tools focus on assigning tasks to the people on your team who will get them done. Teamly takes a different approach, encouraging your team to look for the priorities in your project and exercise a little autonomy. Read more »

It’s easy to overlook open-source projects when exploring project management tools. But a tool like web2Project can continue to grow with your needs. web2Project allows you to look to the future while still being able to get to work today. Read more »

As your team and your projects evolve, it’s easy to find yourself in a position where tweaking your tools would make life a lot easier. If you choose tools with APIs, you’ll have far more options in terms of tweaking down the road. Read more »

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When Google launched Wave last year, it was immediately obvious that it would be useful for collaboration. What was less obvious was whether it would be a good choice for enterprise-level collaboration. Wave is simplistic; when it comes to managing projects, bells and whistles are reassuring. Read more »

A collaboration tool that doesn’t allow you to work on all of these projects separately isn’t going to be able to keep up with your company. Glasscubes has solved the division problem by producing a collaboration tool that’s built around workspaces. Read more »

Maybe you’ve achieved inbox zero — that doesn’t mean you’ve actually sent emails to everyone you really need to. Etacts’ goal is to get you back in touch with everyone you know. Read more »

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Threaded conversations have become a popular way of managing information online: threaded comments and email make it easier to keep track of conversations. Threadbox takes that threaded structure and applies it to the process of managing projects and teams. Read more »

When you spend most of your day at the computer, the idea of speech recognition software certainly appeals. But most of the software available for the Mac seems to have been ported over from the PC as an afterthought. Read more »

There are some people who go to a tax preparer no matter how simple their taxes might be, just as there are people who spend hours preparing their own taxes every year, even though they aren’t tax professionals. The decision of whether to do your own […] Read more »

It’s absolutely crucial that I do everything I can to protect my information. I do my best to find trustworthy applications, but in the end, some of my security comes down to something I do for myself — choosing good passwords. Read more »

The free version of Phonebooth offers up a good variety of features: you get a local phone number for your business, an automated attendant to direct calls, voicemail-to-email transcriptions and other functionality that generally makes phone calls easier to manage. Read more »

Kate Lister has come up with some impressive figures about the amount of money that could be saved by switching U.S. employees who have jobs compatible with telecommuting to actually working from home. The bottom line is a potential total saving of $500 billion. Read more »

Following Brazen Careerist’s focus on promoting its members’ ideas, rather than their resumes, the site has rolled out a social resume tool. It creates an active resume that showcases ideas and can be updated just as quickly as you can write a new blog post. Read more »

As a web worker, I handle most of my communications online. My first contact with many of my clients is via email or, sometimes, phone. But I still have a big box of business cards sitting on my desk, and I think they come in handy. Read more »

Collaborating on PDFs or PowerPoint presentations can make a person crazy, especially if you’re coordinating the efforts of multiple editors. Even if everyone involved has the necessary software, trying to manage everyone’s different comments can be a recipe for disaster. Read more »

For many teams whose members are spread out across different locations, one of the biggest difficulties is finding a way to keep everyone in the loop. There’s no chatting around the water cooler; no way to stick your head into the office across the hall. Read more »

No matter what you do, social media is probably impacting your industry — especially if you do most of your work online. Even though we can all agree on the importance of social media, figuring out how to use it is not so obvious. Read more »

Two and a half years ago, the first edition of “The New Rules of Marketing and PR” hit the shelves. David Meerman Scott’s guide to using other online tools for marketing was a game changer. Last month, the second edition of the book came out. Read more »

Some online meetings seem to drag on forever. You can’t even start edging for the door to get the point across to a particularly long-winded speaker, since he’s not going to be able see that subtle gesture. Read more »

Whether you’re developing software, working in marketing or even a full-time writer, the odds that you’ll be asked to contribute to a blog at some point just keep going up, because blogs have become a key method of communication for many organizations. However, contributing to a […] Read more »

It’s easy to wind up with an overflowing toolbox, virtually speaking. There are web applications, widgets and plugins galore, all ready to make your life easier if you just sign up and start using them. But all that help can quickly turn into a problem. Read more »

Unless you’re actually able to walk into your clients’ offices, managing pitches remotely can be difficult. Email often can’t support the big files designers and other creatives work with, and other tools don’t provide real-time interactions at the level necessary for a pitch. Read more »

It can be hard to remember to routinely clean out your computer. That’s why having a day devoted to making sure that your computer is working well and that you can find anything you need on it is a good idea. Read more »

“Out of sight, out of mind” isn’t so much of a problem for an employee who doesn’t telecommute. But finding a secure telecommuting position is possible, as is creating job security within an existing position. Read more »

Managing meetings when you’re not actually in the same building as the folks you’re meeting with can be difficult. Not only do you have to determine a time that works for everyone, no matter what time zone they’re in, but you have to determine an agenda […] Read more »

In the last year, I had the pleasure to work with some amazing clients, bring out my first e-book and attend some great conferences. I saw my own blog grow and even if there was a disappointment or two, I managed to buy a house, so I think […] Read more »

We tend to spend all day popping in and out of our web browsers, often to do very repetitive tasks, like searching for something on Google. While we can’t escape those tasks, there are ways to speed up or automate those things that we have to […] Read more »

Considering how much time many of us spend on the computer, many web workers run risks of developing carpal tunnel syndrome or repetitive strain injuries. But there are some steps you can take to limit the problems that come from using less-than-ergonomic keyboards, even if you […] Read more »

This week, I landed a big client. Emails flew back and forth and, finally, they sent me the final version of our contract. I digitally signed the PDF and emailed it back. No good — the contracts department for this particular company required that I send […] Read more »

If email is your main method of communication with your co-workers and clients, it can be impossible to get away from your inbox for even a few minutes. There’s always the danger that something important could land in your email while you’ve got that window closed […] Read more »

When you pitched your employer on the idea of telecommuting, you may have had ideas of working from local coffee shops, taking your laptop around to wonderful places, and generally working on the go. But the fact of the matter is that you’ll wind up working […] Read more »

If you’re on the go, there are several options for managing and synchronizing your files, but Nomadesk manages to stand out from the crowd with several handy features. The service uses a desktop application to manage files (available in both Windows and Mac flavors), although an […] Read more »

By our nature, web workers are dependent on online tools to do our work. Sometimes those tools become inaccessible, though. For example, recently a hosting outage took down 37signals’ Basecamp, an app that many web-based workers depend on heavily. These outages can quickly become crises. How […] Read more »

When you work with anyone, it’s important to keep good records. But documenting your work can be even more important when you’re telecommuting. With many employers, you’re required to document certain pieces of information, like how many hours you’ve worked. But keeping a few more records […] Read more »

A few of my local clients like to meet in person every so often. We usually go to a local coffee house — we’re able to take laptops along, if we need to double check something online and we can get coffee while we talk. But […] Read more »

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