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Facebook is easy to use, as well as being a robust tool. Grandparents can pick up enough to browse pictures of their grandchildren in a matter of minutes, while teenagers manage their entire social lives from the site. So why isn’t enterprise software more like Facebook? Read more »

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Moxie Software’s Spaces platform provides businesses with “online engagement spaces” for both employees and for customers. One such business is Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, which has built a community of employees, as well as vendors and other trusted partners, that can solve supply chain disruptions real time. Read more »


Running a meeting virtually presents some special challenges that you simply won’t encounter when you’re able to round up your staff from within the building. The more you can do to streamline the process ahead of time, the better your meeting will flow. Read more »

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Metrics can tell us how close we are to our projected timeline, if we’re meeting our quality expectations and measure how well a project is proceeding. In fact, many tools and systems now have built-in analytics to help us more easily track and understand those metrics. Read more »


One way to help to keep everyone up-to-date with the project is to use an internal blog to share information with your team members. It can mean a little extra work, but being being able to keep everyone on the same page can be invaluable. Read more »


n most large organizations, email is the communication tool of choice. It provides a virtual “paper trail,” doesn’t require the recipient to pick up the phone and is accessible in most places. For some organizations, though, that reliance on email can be problematic. Read more »


The trouble with evaluating small business collaboration is that SMBs differ in their needs. The variation between small businesses and their needs are far more dramatic that those of large companies. A small business could be an individual freelancer, or a business with 50 employees. Read more »


Many project management applications have reporting tools built in. The problem is that those reports don’t always match up with the sort of information that you need to be able to provide to the different levels of an organization, which can make your processes inefficient. Read more »

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Collaborating isn’t just a matter of sending Word files back and forth: most organizations routinely need to use diagrams and flowcharts to get a good idea of what needs to be done. LucidChart is a graphically-rich web application that makes collaborating on diagrams easy. Read more »

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There are plenty of chat tools out there, but using one that is purely meant for internal business communication has its benefits — at least, your team won’t be distracted by friends and family. HipChat is a group chat tool built specifically with companies in mind. Read more »


Glass makes sharing websites — along with some useful context — a matter of clicking a button in your browser. It’s based on a browser plugin, available for Firefox and Chrome, that essentially creates a secondary information “level” for a website when you turn it on. Read more »


When choosing the tools your organization relies on, there are many issues to consider. But one is easy to overlook: communication. After all, your team probably has plenty of communication tools already at its disposal. But a variety of communication tools can actually be a problem. Read more »


At first glance, web-based collaboration tools can seem cheap: Basecamp’s price of $49/month sounds good in comparison with $599.95 for Microsoft Project 2010. However, 12 months on Basecamp is $588. You need to dig a little deeper in order to consider all of the costs. Read more »

Spanning Backup - Back up Google Calendar, Contacts, and Docs to the cloud

Google Apps is an easy solution for managing email, calendars and documents. It can be rolled out in a matter of minutes and requires little training. But one of the biggest dilemma that Google Apps users face is how to appropriately back up their data. Read more »


Tools like ActiveCollab or web2Project require you (or your IT team) to set them up on a server, but once you’ve got everything installed, your team members can access your tools from anywhere. The question is whether self-hosted tools are the right choice for your organization. Read more »

I’ve been an enthusiastic Evernote user for quite a while, but until recently I didn’t think of it in terms of a collaboration tool. However, the web-based notebook tool’s evolution has made it far more useful as a base for collaboration than anyone might expect. Read more »

One of the complaints about certain project management web applications is that they were built by people who are, first and foremost, web developers. But the team behind Fellowstream is actually a pair of project managers. That led to a system that’s ideal for small teams. Read more »

It’s very easy to wind up with very different tools for tasks like project management, customer relationship management and team communication. That can mean spending time copying information from one tool to another, and constantly having to switch from one tool to another. Read more »

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