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Seems everyone’s talking about netbooks these days. So I will, too since I’ve seen so much punditry of late that says Apple can’t charge their usual prices anymore, the economy is in the dumps, netbooks rule, Apple can’t ignore the market, etc.  Yes, we see a […] Read more »

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Below is a partial snapshot of MacDailyNews’ home page as of 18:00 PT on December 4. These two AT&T headlines, one immediately after the other, struck me as kind of funny:  Not sure if we should consider AT&T as “defying an economic slump” when it’s laying off […] Read more »

The latest numbers from Net Applications’ Operating System stats are available, and they provide a nice epilogue to last month’s numbers. In October the Mac’s share was down, and Vista’s was up, prompting some to write about the apparent anomaly. I countered that notion with my own writeup that […] Read more »

I was surprised when I first learned that the Blackberry Storm would not have Wi-Fi. This was especially surprising to me since the other recent new Blackbery, the Bold, does have Wi-Fi.  It seems more and more of the upper-tier smartphones include this feature, and it […] Read more »

Engadget, Gizmodo, and 9 to 5 Mac seem to be puzzled about an app called BDEmailer, and why it’s allowed on the App Store. I think this is because they’re giving the app more credit than it’s due. Engadget says Apple “violates its own policies” because the […] Read more »

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The Blackberry Storm will be available on 11/21 in the U.S. It’s getting some early reviews and they’re a mixed bag. Will this be an “iPhone killer”, will it have similar problems that the Bold encountered, or at the end of the day is it just […] Read more »

Recently MacLife magazine reviewed Apple’s MobileMe service. My problem with the review is that it lists something as a negative that continues to spread misinformation:  Doesn’t “push” your email instantly, rather every 15 minutes. This is wrong. In this article I’ll touch on what gets synced […] Read more »

In a previous article I described the abundant tutorials and tips Apple supplies online for their various software products. In this article I’ll examine two other ways Apple provides learning tools for their software. Resources Apple’s resources pages contain numerous links to information on a particular […] Read more »

I read a lot, and have been very impressed with Stanza for the iPhone as an ebook reader. Like many, however, the idea of Classics was appealing, and upon release I purchased the app. So how does it compare to Stanza? Would I recommend it? The […] Read more »

Whether you’re new to the Mac or have been using one for some time, there’s usually always something new you can learn about it to make your workflow, personal projects, or fun time a little easier or more enjoyable. To that end, Apple makes plenty of […] Read more »

There’s been a lot of commentary on the Apple/Psystar case, though I believe most of it is based on misunderstanding of the legal process and the normal dance steps that take place before trial. In such cases a “loss” on either side is really not a loss at all, […] Read more »

Ars Technica wrote an article about Macs and Blu-ray drives. That’s fine, but they did so under a misguided premise:  In the third quarter earnings call in July, Apple warned investors about an upcoming product transition that would eat away at the company’s cushy margins. However, in the intermediate, no new or […] Read more »

Fortune’s Philip Elmer-DeWitt comments on the latest Internet market share numbers from Net Applications. Seems Vista got a bump in October while the Mac went down, and he’s curious as to why.  It’s important to note that, as Philip himself explains, these numbers are an inexact […] Read more »

In a previous article I explained how in the last year I’ve moved the majority of my data to the Cloud. By utilizing MobileMe’s syncing mechanisms, I’m able to do this without sacrificing the “comfort” and “safety” of having all my data local. This not only […] Read more »

If you own an iPhone and a Mac you can easily create ringtones within Garageband. I love music, but am not a music maker, so I don’t really use Garageband at all. Luckily, you don’t have to know much of anything about the program to easily […] Read more »

When Bill Gates mentioned in January, rather arbitrarily, that Windows 7 may ship “next year”, a general consensus was that a more reasonable delivery would be 2010. With that in mind, many expected it would then “slip” to 2011, as Microsoft’s deadlines are known to do. I was, […] Read more »

There’s been some discussion about the possible “dangers” or problems of Cloud computing. Some of it, though not all, stems from Richard Stallman’s recent comments about the Cloud initiative. The primary concern is that one may lose control of one’s data, or be at the mercy of (or […] Read more »

We’re beginning to see companies announce their memory upgrade kits for the MacBook and MacBook Pro models. In this example, the cost is $139. Apple wants $150 when you order a system, so it appears that they’re finally only charging a slight premium. This isn’t bad […] Read more »

Fellow TAB writer, Charles Moore, wrote a great article about why it’s a good idea to seriously consider the “mature technology” of a refurbished Mac as soon as a new generation is announced. I won’t recount the details in that article, but his reasoning is very sound, […] Read more »

Much is being made of the lack of FireWire in the new MacBooks. Seems like everyone’s weighed in on this topic, myself included. Even more recently, an email response to one irate customer set off more controversy. In this email, Steve Jobs himself is alleged to […] Read more »

If something like this was even hinted at for the iPhone, the tech pundits and analysts would be pulling their hair out claiming it’s the end of the world. Heck, I’m sure Thurrott would have written a few articles on all his Windows sites about it […] Read more »

Based on reported preliminary figures from Gartner, Apple is set to show incredible PC growth in the US compared to the industry. I’m not so concerned with the figures themselves so much as my belief that to properly calculate Apple’s growth compared to the industry you must remove […] Read more »

This is where I’m supposed to write a bunch of stuff about who I am and why you should read my articles until your eyes bleed. You can read something about me on my author’s page, but here is much more detailed and specific information: I […] Read more »

Notably absent from today’s laptop announcements regarding the new MacBook line was the 17″ MacBook Pro. Well, it wasn’t truly absent, because it was refreshed. The new configuration is definitely sweeter than before; for the same price as yesterday’s base model ($2,799) you now get:  A […] Read more »

New rumors keep cropping up about Apple’s event tomorrow. First, some new pictures have surfaced on Engadget of a supposed new 15″ MacBook Pro. A few other sites have picked these up, but AppleInsider has taken it further with information about a possible new display that […] Read more »

OK, I’m just going to throw this out there: I understand all the talk regarding Apple’s event tomorrow is about hardware (rightfully so, Apple has said the spotlight is on notebooks), but there’s a lot more to Apple’s value equation than just high-quality hardware. Think back […] Read more »

With the entire Mac world seemingly focused on the next-generation MacBook and MacBook Pro models, I’d like to put in my $.02 regarding screen sizes. For all the hope and pie-in-the-sky dreams of new models incorporating some touch screen or tablet characteristics, the latest rumors would seem […] Read more »

Many analysts and tech pundits spend a lot of time wailing and gnashing their teeth over the supposed demise of Apple, should something happen to Steve Jobs. I find it especially amusing that many of them seem to be the same ones who give Jobs little […] Read more »

Norway has taken their two-year fight against iTunes and Apple’s FairPlay DRM to its next step, and will now ask the government to force Apple to open their iTunes music to other devices besides the iPod.  As background, this all began when Norway’s consumer ombudsman, Bjorn Erik […] Read more »

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